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Earthquake Preparedness And Safety Measures

Updated on October 26, 2011

Among natural calamities, earthquake is considered to be the most devastating one. The magnitude of destruction caused by a powerful earthquake is enough to wipe out cities from the face of the earth. Statistics shows that almost 1656 earthquakes having magnitude of 5 on Richter scale and above occur every year.

Predicting an earthquake is an impossible task. One can never pinpoint the exact location, time and magnitude of an earthquake.

There are certain ‘Hot Spots’ where more earthquakes events take place as compared to other places but an earthquake can occur almost anywhere and anytime. So the best way to minimize casualties of unsuspecting people is through safety measures employed by many countries and parts of the world where earthquakes are common.

Let’s start our discussion with the following safety measures:

Earthquake Proof Building Materials

Common sense tells us that if a person is standing in an open field a possible earthquake won’t affect the person unless the person is standing at the epicenter of the quake. Buildings tend to collapse during an earthquake causing serious damage to its inhabitants. This is one of the major reasons which cause the deaths of many people.

The best solution to avoid all this lies in the building materials used in the construction of buildings. The use of fortified concrete reduces the risk of collapsing buildings moreover scientists have developed a method to build earthquake proof buildings. 

The material used in these buildings is a combination of reinforced steel, concrete and other light weight materials which helps the building gain its composure after vibration from a strong earthquake.

These building materials save the lives of thousands of people every year, becoming one of the most crucial aspects in minimizing earthquake damage.

Safety Measures Awareness In Your House

First of all every member of the family has to have awareness about earthquakes. This includes knowledge of do’s and don’ts during the event of an earthquake e.g. every member must know how to use a first aid kit.

People living in tents after an earthquake.
People living in tents after an earthquake.

Great consideration must be taken into place when decorating your house. Heavy furniture like book cases must be firmly fixed with the wall. Heavy mirrors and paintings must never be hung near your bed. Check your rooms for safe spots e.g. heavy table under which a person may take shelter during an earthquake.

Safety Measures Awareness At Your Workplace

Like your home your workplace must be prepared for an earthquake. Your workplace must have a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and emergency fire exit (for bigger buildings). Furniture must never be placed near windows. During an earthquake your workplace must be evacuated immediately. Electrical connections must be strong enough  to withhold earthquake tremors.

Safety Measure During An Earthquake

During an earthquake the most important thing is to keep your wit. Try to relax yourself and always think twice before making a move because a only calm mind can make the right decision and a decision like that can sometime make the choice between life and death.

During an earthquake the first instinct should be to get out of the building as fast as possible and move towards open ground. If you cannot reach open ground in time you should take shelter beneath a desk, staying away from windows at all times. Electrical wires must be avoided at all costs.

Awareness At National Level

Awareness about earthquakes is very important without it no precaution or safety measure is of use. Rural areas demand equal attention as urban areas, which are more organized and better prepared for natural calamities.

Emergency and crisis centers should be built near rural settlements making people aware about natural disasters and how to face them especially in places where earthquakes are common. First hand knowledge must be given in school and colleges to create awareness amongst youngsters. As evident as it is, more awareness saves more lives.

Above discussion gives a brief idea about the destruction caused by earthquakes and few counter measures to minimize its danger.

Following them will reduce the risk of casualties and damage caused by earthquakes. But try as we might we can never get the upper hand over earthquakes because of its unpredictable nature. So it’s better to be prepared for any disaster and calamity and hope for the best.

Earthquake Preparedness


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      reallly fabulous video in which also tlling bout how earthquakes cn comme ..........

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      dude the animations in this vid are funnyyy



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