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Easily available Self Defense Equipment for Women:

Updated on April 1, 2016

Yatra Naaryastu Puujyante Ramante Tatra DevataaH |

Yatraitaastu Na Puujyante SarvaastatraaphalaaH KriyaaH ||

This is a famous saying in Sanskrit which means "The divine are extremely happy where women are respected ;where they are not, all actions (projects) are fruitless."

Women all over - mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends, in whatever form they meet us, they bring the divine energy with them.

But in today's world the attitude of men towards women has changed drastically and all of the ancient beliefs and traditions have turned upside down. Women in some parts of the world are treated as personal property, slaves and objects.

Violence against women or girls is like a infectious disease that is spreading quickly across the whole of human race. Recent studies show that one out of every three women around the world is subjected to violence or otherwise abused in her life time. This violence can be anything from been rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, some traditional practices like honor killing, dowry violence, female genital mutilation, forceful marriages, etc. With rise in modern technology the crime against women has also gone technologically ahead from either forceful use of contraceptives or female infanticide to Cyber crimes and acid attacks. It is very alarming to know that in 80 % of the cases the abuser is someone known or relative of the woman.

The World Health Organization has categorized 5 stages in a woman’s life cycle. They are 1. Pre-birth. 2. Infancy 3. Girlhood 4.Adolescence and Adulthood 5. Elderly.

Surveys suggest a very scary fact that violence against women starts right from her 1st life cycle, i.e Pre-Birth and ends after her 5th life cycle stage, i.e elderly

Government and many NGO's come up with many ordinances and penalties to curb this growing crime rate but very little success.

For controlling crime against women, government's strict actions and regulations are necessary as they make the sources or paths leading towards the evil a bit difficult . However again there are many limitations that come in the way. Its up to the individuals to change themselves and to change their view towards women. For example as per the governments orders the police may take up actions like frequent patrolling at nights, closing of Parks a bit early, etc, However they cannot be at every place at every time. You can’t predict the intentions of each and every passerby on the road. They cannot enter each home and check if alls going on well inside.

Women have to stand out themselves and fight for their rights. They have to take every precaution once they sense any wrong doing. Rather than just ignoring things or keeping patience till the limits won't be a good solution. Making this world a safe and better place for women will take certain time, but till then women should start defending themselves against these social maniacs.

One basic thing women now have to learn is self defense. There are many ways by which a woman can defend herself in case of an emergency like learning karate, keeping pepper spray, calling on emergency numbers, etc.

Now-a-days there is an increase in rapes in cars and other vehicles.Women are either forcefully abducted and then raped or are sometimes raped by a known person with whom she may be travelling in car.

When it comes to cars, there is a very useful weapon already present in most of the cars which can be used by women. This weapon will be carried by the culprit himself in his car and the only need is to use it against him. That very important weapon is the “Cigarette Lighter”. Yes you read it correct “The Cigarette Lighter”

Cigarette Lighters are mostly present in each and every car and are located in the front panel of the car. They are easily accessible to anyone sitting in the front cabin of the car. Most of the women, even those women who drive cars daily hardly know how to use this tool. There is nothing much rocket science to it.

The cigarette lighter device needs to be pushed in. By this action the nichrome coil of the lighter get into an electric receptacle, allowing the current to heat the coil. The coil heats up and turns red. Once hot, a metallic strip bends away, allowing the device to pop back out for use. You just need to use this against the culprit. Press the lighter into the culprit’s body so that it burns him. Preferably attack should be made on the open skin like his face, hands, neck, etc.

Keeping presence of mind in a treacherous situation like abduction is not that simple, but still maintaining calm and a little bit of courage can definitely shun a terrible situation.

Keep safe and be strong !!!!

Cigarette Lighter

Cigarette Lighter Position in Car Front Panel
Cigarette Lighter Position in Car Front Panel
Cigarette Lighter Symbol
Cigarette Lighter Symbol
Cigarette Lighter Coil
Cigarette Lighter Coil


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