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The Point of New Beginning~Hope~Part 2

Updated on April 10, 2015

Diamond Fountain Clean Up 2015


Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 9:52am



Meet at the Diamond at 11 am. Bring a wheeled trash can, garbage tongs and gloves (optional). I'll bring garbage bags. Some of us are going to go to Bricker's afterwards for pie to support downtown businesses. People can contact me via Facebook or


Patty Stumbo email: 330.383.2941

Betsy Miller

Jim Dawson

Tracy Hyatt

Mark Shuler

Ryan Stovall email: Cell:234-736-7232

Lias Moore Smith

Gretchen Dietz

Brian Kerr

East Liverpool Clean Up Information 2015

To date, there are several city wide clean up opportunities available for the citizens of East Liverpool.

The first to promote is from a member of East Liverpool Improvement Group:

Kim Doyle Smith: April 4th, 2015

Directly from Kim:

I'd like to start downtown at the Diamond and clean up all the litter in the main downtown areas, INCLUDING the alleyways. I figure if 4 people each take a section, they can have two on each side of the streets to pick up trash.

Here are the streets I'd like to cover for the 1st clean up. I'm aiming for Saturday, April 4th, weather permitting. We can meet at The Diamond around 11 am and probably be done by 1 pm.

1. 4 people to clean from St. Clair starting in front of The Oasis and stopping at 6th Street. This would include cleaning up Potters Lane.

2. 4 people to clean from from Broadway starting at The Oasis and stopping at 6th Street. This would include cleaning up the other section of Potters Lane.

3. 4 people to clean from the Diamond and going down Broadway, stopping at 5th street. This would include cleaning up Dry Avenue.

4. 4 people to clean 6th Street from St. Clair to Walnut Street.

We can converge on The Diamond and clean that area as well. This would only require 16 people and I KNOW that we had around 20 people the last time I did this a few years ago when we cleaned up St. Clair!

Kim will provide trash bags and coordinate with city for pick up. If you would like to donate trash bags, please feel free to bring them or contact us!

The second clean-up is organized by River Valley Health Partners:

Team Up for a Clean Up in the downtown area on 4-25-15 along with Heritage WTI.


Community Gardens


The meeting from the other night was one that highlighted the citizens desire to become a community again. To take pride in their surroundings and the city!

Some ideas and new projects that we would like to highlight:

*Community Gardens

*Community Watch Blocks

*Community Wide Clean Up and Beautification Projects

*School Drug Programs

All of these projects and ideas are great. The meeting was attended by nearly 30 people, all committed to reviving the city to its beauty and splendor...the new beginning.

Kent State Environmental Group 2015

Community Interests

It was amazing to hear about the enthusiam from the group meeting!

I believe many people are ready to move forward, with a group effort, to regain the city.

From the community clean up, to the block watch program, and many more in between, it is evident that this community is ready to start from the beginning...and now, is the start of a new beginning.


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