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Economic Apocalypse China is the next Financial Bubble

Updated on December 24, 2010

Money being waisted.

Money being waisted.
Money being waisted. | Source

Destruction of a Nation..

It has come to this, in where once the most Super Powerful Nation now we rely on the decision and the pockets of nations once considered by us 3rd. world countries. Now as they say "they have us by the balls". The Nation(s) of China, Russia, Brazil and others hold the United States debts, Billions if not Trillions of dollars are in the hands of these nations. The 30 year bonds are always on the table of these nations, decisions-decisions. One day we are going to wake up to a financial nightmare worst than the one we're currently in.

The United States is no longer the land of opportunity thousand of people are moving from State to State in search of a better life or better living conditions, better pay and with minimal costs and expense. I personally know and it's a FACT that thousands if not millions are also moving abroad to every part the world, looking for work, following companies that have left the United States. Search as see for your self, U.S. companies hiring out of the country or have relocated. If we were to poll or search for how many visas are granted and giving by every country. I can assure you that, that amount of visas being requested by U.S. Citizens would be astronomical.

On December 21, 2010: Census shows slowing US growth. The Census Bureau announced Tuesday that the nation's population on April 1 was 308,745,538, up from 281.4 million a decade ago. The growth rate for the past decade was 9.7 percent, a slower pace than the 13.2 percent population increase from 1990 to 2000.

We hear that these nations China, Russia, Brazil and others, will not have the money to continue to buy our debts and that at any time they can and will pull out. The world will see a "COLLAPS" that has never been seen, in any years pass or any years present.

"Moral Hazard" A famous term use by the financial crowds. Our government is being very careless and gambling with our money. The United States, is turning a blind eye and trying to convince us that the economy is doing well. And that we should continue to trust their decision for what's to come. They are hoping that we also turn a blind eye and we don't start to digging and find out what a devestation they have created.

Search of every term you use "The world's new superpower" of however you want to search it. It states the samething of whats to come, here's a link of a current article:

Video by Steven Moore, of the Wall Street Journal. Sr. Economic Writer.

A look at the GLOBAL economic development.

A look at economic developments around the globe

Related Quotes

Symbol Price ChangeMCO 26.37 0.00^GSPC 1,254.04 +6.96^IXIC2,666.55 +16.99 By The Associated Press The Associated Press– 1 hr 10 mins ago

A look at economic developments and activity in major stock markets around the world Tuesday, December 21, 2010:





Hong Kong's Hang Seng index added 1.6 percent. South Korea's Kospi advanced 0.8 percent and Australia's S&P/ASX 200 gained 0.8 percent. China's Shanghai Composite Index jumped 1.8 percent, but it doesn't mean that it will continue to go up, it's just a matter of time when it will duplicate the problem that the Western suffered.

WASHINGTON — The Fed Chairman just extended enough money for the U.S. government could keep operating pass March 2011. So there's troubles in the House that are coming and are for scene, but pushed under the table for Senator's Owens gains. We are in financial turmoil and its juts getting worst.

BERLIN — The European Central Bank's chief economist defended a program to buy government bonds which is meant to ease the debt crisis and some top officials within the bank have criticized the program as potentially dangerous, to what they forecast that might be on its way.


MADRID — Spain raised nearly 4 billion euros ($5.3 billion) in an oversubscribed auction of 3- and 6-month bonds, as Parliament prepared to pass an austere 2011 budget designed to shore up public finances, they are moving ahead to make sure that this continues and that no problems arise such as the ones of the United States. Finance Minister Elena Salgado insisted that Spain will have no financing troubles next year, aiming to quell market fears that Spain might follow Greece and Ireland in needing a bailout. The government also released figures showing its deficit-reducing austerity measures and tax hikes are working.


BERLIN — German consumer confidence has slipped slightly from high levels amid expectations that the country's strong economic growth will ease in the coming months, according to a survey. They still believe that the economy is stable and that where they want to maintein it. The GfK research group said its forward-looking confidence indicator for January stood at 5.4 points — down from 5.5 in December.

A subindex measuring consumers' expectations for the next year slipped after six months of sharp gains.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California:
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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