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Economic Tea-rrorists

Updated on August 7, 2011

Mission Accomplished?

This was supposed to be a piece on how I though that, despite the way Beck, Limbaugh and the other mouthpieces of the corporations and their 'Tea Party' allies, that they could end up on the losing end of this. I still believe this is possible, but damage has been done.

The obvious point of damage is to America's faith in the government. Polls show the opinion of Congress at near all-time lows, much of this likely from how a group of 'Tea Party' backed freshmen in the House basically held their party, and the process, hostage. Their demands forced Democrats to make compromises that angered their progressive, activist, base. This idea, to try to make Obama seems weak and ineffective, and make the people who were his 'ground team' stay at home in 2012, should be obvious to anyone who's not swallowed that corporate 'Tea'.

But there may have been a second goal at play, and from what happened on Thursday and Saturday, they may have for now, accomplished their goal. The 'Tea Party' and it's masters like the Koch's know that the only real chance they have is to create economic ruin. But I think Democrats can respond to this, and get their base going again. Voices like Beck and Limbaugh will stir the pot with accusations that this is Obama's fault, and that only giving more power to the corps is the way to re-invigorate the economy.

An effective propaganda echo chamber, sabotage, and hostage taking. Sound like anything we're familiar with?


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