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Homelessness, Hunger, and the Continuing Bad Economy. Thanks Liberals

Updated on December 9, 2013

Global Elite don't care about those affected by this planned recession and crash is predicted!

Homelessness in America

Homeless man relaxing for a smoke.
Homeless man relaxing for a smoke. | Source

Homeless Populations Sharply Increase

Current accurate counts for the number of homeless in America seem difficult to find, since locating and finding all those who are homeless can be a difficult task. Estimates from the National alliance to end homelessness for January of 2005 were for 744,313 homeless individuals, with over 98,000 of those being families.

The National Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates for 2008 were that 2.3-3.5 million people were experiencing homelessness on any given night. These were before the economy and housing crisis wreaked havoc throughout the American middle class, putting many families out into the streets or living in their cars, after foreclosures on their homes or job losses. Just look around while you are out shopping at those living in cars at the edge of large parking lots such as Wal-mart, truckstops, and other places where they might not be so noticeable.

Most of us would rather not be made aware of the desperate plights of people around us, as long as we are still comfortable in our jobs, homes, income, etc.. Just like in the story of the good Samaritin, how everyone crosses over to the other side to avoid contact, whether out of fear of similar fates or just plain unconcern. Possibly, this is also a sign of the times, as Jesus said that the love of many will grow cold! Maybe if we avert our eyes quick enough, we won't have to acknowledge the coldness of our own heart!

This public disdain for those who are homeless is portrayed in the very laws we enact against panhandling, loitering, sleeping on a park bench, and other laws that are designed in a discriminatory fashion to keep the homeless out of the public view. How about when they arrest a homeless man for taking leftover food from a dumpster so that he can eat, as if he's actually stealing something that a business threw away.

There are even those who push for de-population in the UN and other elite groups that call for eliminating those useless eaters from the population. Granted, I'll be the first to admit that an overly aggressive panhandler doesn't get any sympathy from me. Neither does a drunk that trashes out his sitting spot with all the garbage from consumption for weeks on end. There are those who are lazy and addicted to wrong behaviors that don't deserve much sympathy, unless you consider the circumstances that may have pushed them into addictions.

The Bible even speaks to this issue stating that wine is for those who are grieving and strong drink is for those in severe pain or on their deathbed. While not condoning drinking alcohol in general or drunkeness, it acknoledges that there is times when it may be necessary. After working for several years with homeless and addicted persons on the streets of Tallahassee at Grace Mission Church.You can get a close up view of this ministry at

I know the great trauma and grief that many endure, enough to cast down even the strongest men and women. After seeing firsthand, hearing many truly troubling stories, I try not to judge in ignorance.

There are those who are troubled by all the difficult things that they did at war, while protecting our country from very real enemies. Those who are emotionally and spiritually exhausted by real traumatic events in their lives, to themselves or loved ones. Also, there are those who have made wrong choices, sometimes as simple as their chosen professions, or the loans they signed that recently got foreclosed.

Please, let us not judge a whole segment of our population with such a broad brush, as if to say that they deserve all that is devastating their lives at this moment. Alot more of us are only one step away from experiencing similar circumstances, if this country's economy doesn't recover shortly. Consider for a moment if you were to find yourself in a similar situation, those that you may have been quick to judge, may be the same ones reaching out to help you survive!

Of course, we are all used to the government propaganda spoon fed to us through the media and the gov. agencies as they reinvent new ways to present things such as the rate of inflation, unemployment rates, GDP, and other information. 

While many in government agencies brag about the unemployment numbers dropping as low as 8.2 in recent years and weeks, the real numbers that includes those who have given up looking for work in this dismal economy give the real perspective on Obama's domestic policies. The Bureau of Labor Statistic's puts the U-6 number at closer to 22% as of Jan. 2012, which is in sharp contrast to the reported number for the U-3 at 8.2. The u-6 number for unemployment includes those who have given up looking for jobs and those who haven't applied in the last four weeks.

Since this unemployment rate figure is such a manipulated number, let's look at the number of employed at actual jobs in the American business world.

Depending on which survey is used the number of people employed at jobs in November of 2007, according to the CES employer based survey was almost 133 million, while the number presented by the CPS household survey was almost 143 million jobs. While this is a difference of right at 10 million jobs, these two surveys do agree on one number. That from 2007 up to June of 2009, the U.S. has lost 5 million jobs according to a PBS report on the total people employed, in spite of new job hires. In other words, including the 2-3 million new jobs created since 2009 when Obama first took office, the total numbers of jobs is still 5 million less than in Nov. 2007.

As of May 24, 2012, the new weekly claims for unemployment benefits stayed at around 350,00 a week for the last 18-20 weeks, while we only had 115,000 new jobs for the month. That comes out to 1.4 million jobs lost during the month, with only 115,000 new jobs comes to over 1.2million net jobs lost. This has been a continuing theme for most of the last three years, with totals of 1-1.5 million jobs lost every month compared to new job hires of less than the 150,000 a month needed just for those now entering the workforce.

The week that ended on June 14, 2012, the number of new unemployment claims for this week was 388,000, with 386,000 for the prior week. These weekly unemployment numbers have consistently been above 370,000 for the last two months. 

Recent reports point out that the number of people in their fifties that are long term unemployed have doubled in the last five years. Many of these same people are also experiencing homelessness, whether in shelters, staying with family or friends, or out in the streets. How many of you know a friend or family member that is unemployed and homeless?

Then let me encourage you to be the good Samaritan and reach out to help them reestablish them to get back on their feet. Whether it's help getting a job, some truly needed help with a bill, or a shower, a good meal, and some words of encouragement.

Your reaching out in love and empathy may be what they need to turn it around and not give up, and will mean so much more than impersonal help from an outreach organization. If nothing else give to those organizations that do help, or go there and help serve a meal, your life will be changed for the better, and you might help change another's life. Thanks for reading this! SLC 

Signs of an improving economy?

While government agencies continue to "fix" their statistics to suggest that the economy is doing better. The real numbers tell a different story. From 2008, the numbers on food stamps have gone from 30.8 to over 47 million. The number of those below the poverty line have risen to over 49 million. With Obamacare and more government regulations going into effect, things are going to get much worse.

Hunger, inflation, homelessness, and unemployed are the new norm for America. Well, we were told that fundamental change was coming. See other signs of America's improvements at

Can America stand four more years of this?

Homeless in America!

Do you know family or friends that are homeless?

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