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Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus Predictions 2011

Updated on December 20, 2011
KeithTax profile image

Keith Schroeder writes The Wealthy Accountant blog with 30 years experience in the tax field. He is the tax adviser of Mr. Money Mustache.

Everyone is so focused on 2012 they forget 2011 is the year the groundwork is laid and the battle lines drawn. There is reason for hope and concern and terror in 2011. Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce saw this future. 2011 is an important year, a year to prepare.

Below I will outline several areas of interest in 2011. Bookmark this page and refer back often so you remain updated on events before they happen. Notable areas of interest in 2011 are: the economy, environmental disasters and changes, terrorism and the newest and greatest threat ever to mankind, the stock market and other investments, and the first detonation of a nuclear device over a civilian target since WW II.


We will start with the better news of the year. The world economy will expand with only a small increase in inflation. North America and Western Europe will grow the most outside of China. Interest rates will rise modestly and unemployment will drop significantly. Using the United States as an example, unemployment will decline to 8.1% before spiking in the October Surprise. U.S. 30-year Treasuries will yield 5.21% in September 2011 and spike in November.

Driving the economy will be lower oil prices and massive wind and solar projects. Electric cars will sell faster than expected; auto manufacturers will not keep up. Electricity prices will free fall as too much electricity is generated and transmitted from alternative sources. More important than generation of electricity will be the massive updating of the North American grid largely built in the 1930s.

An old source of electric generation will become all the rage: thermoelectric generators. This technology is old and was well understood by the mid 1880s. What the general population will not understand is that the United States government’s rush into this form of electric generation is due to fear of an impending nuclear attack. Thermoelectric generators are the only generators not affected by a nuclear electro magnetic pulse. The federal government knows the only way they can continue functioning in a nuclear attack is with thermoelectric generators.


Environmental Changes

Planet Earth will fight back against short-sighted humans in ways predicted and in ways unimagined. Global warming will hit the tipping point in 2011. There is no going back now. Antarctic ice shelves and Greenland will melt and slide into the ocean. In a few years the arctic will be ice free in the summer.

2011 is the first year of the largest el nino Earth will ever experience while humans inhabit the planet. Temperatures will spike eight degrees higher worldwide with China, Western Europe and North America shouldering the greatest heatwaves. Texas will break all heat records in the state. The Texas economy will suffer from 97 straight days above 100°F and 22 days above 118°F.

Do you think these predictions came true in 2011?

See results

Environmental Disasters

Climate changes will be a small compared to the environmental disasters in store. The good news is that the world will enjoy calm until summer. Heat will be an issue by July, but not a deal breaker. Then, autumn arrives.

The October Surprise might have been averted if natural disasters arrived a few months sooner.

On November 2, 2011, a large amount of the Greenland ice sheet will slide into the Atlantic. The tsunami will devastate the east coast of North America. Ocean levels will rise 11 inches. Then, the Ross Ice Shelf will collapse allowing large amounts of land based ice to slide into the Antarctic Ocean. In total, the ocean will rise 19 inched before the end of 2011.

Yellowstone will experience a small eruption by Yellowstone standards as a result of the vibrations caused by a large quake in Japan early in the year that destabalize the magma chamber. The ash plume will lay up to 8 inches of ash over the heartland of North America. Scientists will become concerned about Yellowstone in mid November. Yellowstone will erupt Christmas Day. By January 1st, 2012, millions will struggle to live as winter cold sets in.

The one area unclear is volcanism. It seems a mega eruption should take place in Southeast Asia, but it could be confusion with the Yellowstone prediction. Any way you look at it, be prepared in late 2011.


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    • freelanceauthor profile image

      freelanceauthor 6 years ago

      Only few are correct. The large quake in Japan is accurate though.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I agree with most of it except for global warming which is just a cover for Sea Floor Volcanic Eruptions and Polar Shift. One does not need to read prophecy, just pay attention and learn to read between the lies.

      Americans are conditioned to think what they are told to think, as critical thinking is almost non-existent.

      Coming soon will be the large amounts of refugees world wide due to flooding, straining an already depressed economy, transportation will be difficult inside and outside all countries, food and water shortages will create a new currency.

      Your borrowed predictions are already coming true but the censorship, disinformation and suppression tactics have kept most of America in the dark as the comments on this page clearly show.

      I predict it is time for an update, I would be interested in reading what your views are now, consider life without an electrical grid or infrastructure.

      Yellowstone is a concern, but The New Madrid Fault Zone will spilt America into which side to you want to be on?

    • profile image

      Sabi11 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Sabi11 6 years ago

      Today's msnbc headline says : Texas Sets Record for Hottest Summer in US". The above prediction says that 2011 record heat in Texas will make headline news in July-August. Here ya go...

    • profile image

      SABI 6 years ago

      Don't know if you followed this but about three weeks ago the interview of an ex-CIA agent with Huffington Post has broken into a big scandal when he said that he knew Israel was going to bomb the Iran's nuclear facility in September. Israel denied everything. Iran took an advantage of the statement and began it own propaganda against Israel. This agent had drawn so much criticism from other CIA agents and Israel, that he immediately backed up, and said he was just speculating, and didn't know anything, for sure. Then, a few days ago, an Israeli political analyst said that from her own sources in the Israeli government, she could confirm that Israel was not going to attack Iran in SEPTEMBER...She would not say when it was planning to do so, but said many times - not in September. She added later, that the attack is imminent, though.

    • profile image

      AMY 6 years ago

      okay first the heat wave now the big market drop....let's hope the october surprise isn't true

    • profile image

      Baal 6 years ago

      More then this will happen. I am one of the speical new who know exactaly whats going on. Embrace the NWO and the AoR. If you feel as though you should be illuminated on all that happens. Drop a message to

      I know what they dont want to tell you. Just hope your heaven-sent and your Hell proof.

    • profile image

      countdown 6 years ago

      Russian Deputy FM says Bushehr power plant will operate in August

      Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ribakov has stated that Iran's first nuclear power plant in the Southern port city of Bushehr will launch operation in early August, Iranian “FARS” news agency writes.

      "The project has been completed and everything has been ironed out," Ria Novosti quoted Ribakov as saying.

      "If this happens in the first days of August, it will fully meet our forecasts and expectations. And if it happens a few days later, there is nothing terrible about that."

      Ribakov had also announced in May that the main reactor of the Bushehr power plant would be launched in weeks.

      "The final launch of Bushehr is a matter of the coming weeks," Ribakov said late May.

    • profile image

      etc. 6 years ago

      this is true or not?

    • profile image

      monica  7 years ago

      Texas sure has been a hot place this past month with temperatures in the high 90's but feeling like in the 100's

    • profile image

      Smogzilla 7 years ago

      2011 is a La Nina year.

    • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

      Corrie Lamprecht 7 years ago from Thailand

      This article was posted here at least 3 months ago; reasonable reason to accept. I would like to know original source if you care to reveal, please?

      Second major issue is now proven - temperature, USA floods, Canada, Europe, China and India climate:

      "2011 is the first year of the largest el nino Earth will ever experience while humans inhabit the planet. Temperatures will spike eight degrees higher worldwide with China, Western Europe and North America shouldering the greatest heatwaves"

      HOWEVER: I am fairly well versed with Nostradamus and none of the predictions here has any relation to any of his Quatrains. Would you please be so kind as to help me out from this devious circle of seeking how these are linked? NOT TO SEE this as an attack, but seeking understanding. Please!

      My compliments on your postings, very well done and presented.

    • profile image

      pierre 7 years ago

      predict that obama will do nothing for another year and if something bad happems he will blame bush but good job getting osama 10 years after the fact

      better late than never

    • profile image

      Sps 7 years ago

      May 13 - Explosion - China - 8 dead, 39 injured. Tracy not sure if it fits your dream. But eerily coincidental at least.

    • profile image

      jenny1 7 years ago

      either it's the end of days or all thats happening is the biggest coincidence since time began. How much proof do you need? TIME IS SHORT SO PREPARE!

    • profile image

      judy 7 years ago

      Dave, I read somewhere that the worlds population could fit inside Texas with 1 acre each. I don't know if that is true, but it is interesting all the same. If that be the case, it's hard to say we have a population density problem, unless you are meaning how people congregate in large cities and their suburbs. I believe, also that God can change things to come through prayer; after all, God did not create our problems here on Earth, that would be us humans who did that.

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      I think all of you that are talking about "prayer" to help our problems, WAKE UP! "prayer" and all the closed minded bigotry is what is propogating a large part of the problem. Where would science be and humanity be as a whole if you religious zealots didn't cause things like the dark ages and religious based wars. If you idiot religious zealots would wake up and smell the burning magma, and steam from the false causes we may have a better solution to energy and population density problems that you morons call "God's will". For thousands of years you idiots have crucified, burned at the satake and tortured anyone who had realistic solutions to societal problems simply because it conflicts with your closed minded creationist beliefs. Yes global warming is real, and as a species we are in grave danger due to this. Pray all you want, it certainly will not help.

    • profile image

      lindajk 7 years ago

      "the first detonation of a nuclear device over a civilian target since WW II". Well I believe we are seeing this happening right now. Anyone interested read this article:

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      I consider the disasters of the past ten years. and this mass hysteria over 2012. the prediction of the japan quakes increased violent weather in my own country flooding unheard of cyclone superstorms. Im really trying to shoot down every theory as utter crap. Recently im struggling.

      if yellowstone erupts christmas day. Im buying a gun some ammo a submaraine a helicopter disappearing into the Australian Outback and awaiting the outcome.

      1. the complete lack of mainstream information available concerns me.

      2. It seems to be a worldwide belief something's about to 'change'

      these two things really concern me.

    • profile image

      linda 7 years ago

      Wow im in Texas and 118 for the temp..... im gonna melt .... we will see

    • profile image

      Akiren 7 years ago

      @keith tax- how did you know that the article was published October 31, 2010?! hmmmm...

    • profile image

      eden 7 years ago

      ronnie its so much concern about what's happening in the world today...those predictions was suppose to be a guide for everyone to shift bad thoughts to good and to care and do good things for the humanity...we should care for all not just for our own,that's why its called a world coz we're just in one world and we are one...if we still have time,i think we should start it now before its too is good,this world is full of good things and wonderful experience that we dont want to end...but i think we're the one's pushing it to end...God listens to our prayers and to what is inside our hearts...there is miracle...God can do miracle

    • profile image

      Andre 7 years ago

      I agree with you Ronnie that the world should pull togheter and help Japan at this dificult moment.If you think all the american,british troups and other nations troups wich r fighting pointless wars all over the world,get togheter and help Japan get back on its feet.But no,humans are evil.As for the predictions the truth is somewhere in the middle.But 1 thing is for sure:The planet is on terrible state,war everywhere,earhquake all over the place,economy is down.I just hope John Lenon's song will come true 1 day:No religion,no country etc.. just everyone living pacefully on this earth

    • profile image

      Ronnie 7 years ago

      Ive read books and and had a huge interest of Nostradamus, and also Edgar Casey, just stumbled on this site tonight, because i have grave concerns about what has happened in Japan. My main concern from day one was the Nuclear reactors.My fears are proving true.Day by day the risk of nuclear radiation are putting our world as we know it at huge risk.With Japan having 52 nuclear reactors along their coast line starting to fail, with them not having any control, spells out a very dim view for the world.If the rest of the world doesnt pull together to help Japan get these under controll, we all have a very nasty death awaiting us.But on a better note i believe that we are all one, as our thoughts, if we all pull together and believe with our all we can beat this out come.People we have to believe that we are all one, thoughts are one, and we are safe. Believe...We Are!

    • profile image

      jessica 7 years ago

      some of the predictions happened already-hope those remaining are just predictions that will not happen 'coz it's so horrifying!-prayers can prevent those predictions to happen-hope everybody believes in prayer.....

    • profile image

      pandorafile 7 years ago

      ok...I AM - totally BLOWN AWAY and feel compelled to share:

      i just came out of an NYU film class in nyc - where an advance preview of the documentary "I AM", sub-titled: "The shift is about to hit the fan" was showcased this evening. Immediately followed up with personal interview with Tom Shadyac himself --- he is one of Hollywood’s most successful writer/director/producers... who created this film as part of his personal quest to address the CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD we live in. (...actually, it is a bit more complex than that...)

      I sat there in total astonishment as the film addressed multiple perspectives all centered around "what's wrong with the world" - and "what can we do about it".

      When you see this film, you will understand how it clearly can NOT be a coincidence that I saw THiS film this evening, after stumbling upon this site this just earlier today....

      Shadyac interviews scientists, psychologists, artists, environmentalists, authors, activists, philosophers, entrepreneurs: Bishop Desmond Tutu, Dr. Noam Chomsky, historian Dr. Howard Zinn, physicist Lynne McTaggart....

      The movie took 3 years to create - and this the project began well before the japan tsunami - yet, because of that catastrophic event - it seems even more RELEVANT and crucial that people become come aware of just how "interconnected" EVERYTHING on this planet is.

      I urge everyone on this chain to go seek out where it is playing - and experience for yourself how it impacts YOUR perspectives.

      I know I am still absorbing all of the film's messages and expect it will resonate within me for days / weeks / years to come...

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 7 years ago

      Things like this always are interesting reading. The prediction about Japan's earthquake was a safe bet since they always have earthquakes, but it should be interesting to see what happens as the year continues. Thanks for putting this together.

    • J Sunhawk profile image

      J Sunhawk 7 years ago from South Carolina

      I'm still waiting for Atlantis to rise from the ocean. When it does, I'm moving.

    • profile image

      aarontravis 7 years ago

      this predictions are just an imagination, there are no evidence, proofs to say that this things really going to happen... only God knows...

    • TravelinAsia profile image

      TravelinAsia 7 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

      Its the end of the world as we know it! So let us party like there is no tomorrow!

    • profile image

      pandorafile 7 years ago

      I don't freak easily, was merely looking for info on the Japan tsunami...merely stumbled onto this. This has lead me to seek additional info from CREDIBLE sources (there are a million sites with doomsday info, so let's not go there...

      Check this out - published 1/19/11 - on National Geographic's site:

      Obviously - there are major shifts occurring at increased intervals, and everything underground it interdependent.

      I would say - let's just keep an eye on this.

      That said, I would be most interested in reading and relevant info, from truly reputable sources.

    • profile image

      Belcoz 7 years ago

      Incase anyone didnt notice, the world as we know it is coming to an end wether the predictions were true or not. The best we can do is BE PREPARED. GOD HELP AS ALL.

    • profile image

      ozone11 7 years ago

      relax people. no one can predict the future. who knows if keiths article was edited, we'll see if he publishes my comment. this page is just like a blog, can be edited at anytime to add any information.

    • profile image

      Ali 7 years ago

      I'm kind of scared. This world was doing fine in the beginning plus no one expected anything, now we have disaters in one area, and North America is next, plus the whole world. Now all we have to do is Face it? Ohh boy, I wonder why Nostradamus never shared this information with the news people?

    • profile image

      Christmas Twin 7 years ago

      Wake up every1. Its real 2011 is heaven. however its also a time to get prepared 4 the years 2 come. I never argue with fools because other people may not know the difference. Stay safe world......

    • profile image

      SaintPaul UK 7 years ago

      My worry is that All this negative thought could develop into fact.

      It is shocking to see the problems the Japaness now face and the plight for democracy in north Africa - just when things were looking up, we now have to overcome these problems by bringing humanity together and think positive to bring these prodictions to an end!!

      This is not a film, we need positivity and faith in ourselves to overcome our fears!

      Be strong people & keep it real!!!

    • profile image

      CreepysFan 7 years ago

      Back in January a news article stated underground magma flows in Wyoming have increased, and ground around Yellowstone National Park has been rising 3 inches per year since 2004. Japan may not be the only prediction to hit the mark.

    • profile image

      Gabrielle 7 years ago

      Funny how Nostradamus made so many predictions about a country that was hundreds of years off being discovered, another case of Americans seeing themselves as the centre of the universe. Bollocks.

    • profile image

      Jose 7 years ago

      "nuclear device over a civilian target since WW II." Could this be those reactors that are failing?

    • profile image

      IndiFuture 7 years ago

      @Tracy: I am supposed to leave China on 13th May. Was it day or night of 13th May? I might prepone to 12th then ;)

      @KeithTax: Dude, i donno how you got "Japan + earthquake + early_in_the_year" right, but i am glad you never mentioned India or the Indian Ocean... ;)

    • MyMentalistMind0 profile image

      MyMentalistMind0 7 years ago from Planet Earth

      I'm worried about California now!

    • profile image

      Ruvir John Chui 7 years ago

      hi, ahhmm just want to ask if you added or edited this post just to make the prediction comes true? just wanna ask coz im so scared.....

      Did Nostradamus predicts about this nuclear power plant happen after the tsunami effects?

      Ruvir Chui @ Internet Marketing Training

    • KeithTax profile image

      Keith Schroeder 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Tess, the article was published October 31, 2010.

    • profile image

      Tess 7 years ago

      when was this article published/posted?

    • profile image

      efrencito leyson 7 years ago

      i think japan's quake and tsunamis hit the prediction.

      but we could not predict God's plans.

    • profile image

      wyo_ruffneck 7 years ago

      lol well if Yellowstone goes up i am screwed well guess i need to buy a bigger truck like a snow plow lmao

    • profile image

      Charlee 7 years ago

      Wow...this is scary, he really hit the mark with the prediction of the Japan earth quake..

    • profile image

      startos 7 years ago

      keep dreaming

    • profile image

      Tracy 7 years ago

      Had a terrible dream that is still bothering me that a massive explosion happens in China on May 13th I am still effected by this dream What does it mean???

    • profile image

      javababe 7 years ago

      "Yellowstone will experience a small eruption by Yellowstone standards as a result of the vibrations caused by a large quake in Japan early in the year that destabalize the magma chamber"......... Hmmmn I was trying to search if someone was able to predict Japan's Tsunami and this is what I read from where, it almost hit the mark. LOL

    • profile image

      shally pachnanda 7 years ago

      hope earthquake prediction is only true.....

    • profile image

      shazz 7 years ago

      wow that japan earthquake had me wondering now

    • tony0724 profile image

      tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

      2011 sure has not gotten off to a good start has it ? I know only God knows the hour , but I gotta feeling the hour is getting uncomftorably close.

    • profile image

      Just a Girl 7 years ago

      Large quake in to see if there is an eruption at Yellowstone on Christmas Day

    • profile image

      Jeremy 7 years ago

      Looks like he was right about Japan and the quake in NZ and the storms in OZ lets see if the other predictions turn out to be true also

    • profile image

      patt 7 years ago

      if nature predictions are true or false.

    • profile image

      christie 7 years ago

      this is so scary what is happening to this world. i dont like true predictions...

    • profile image

      Marcus 7 years ago

      The earthquake prediction was pretty accurate

    • profile image

      lara 7 years ago

      oops you said it aloud.

    • profile image

      gdog 7 years ago

      Nice prediction on the earthquake, hope its the only thing your right about lol

    • profile image

      jpm 7 years ago

      its true,a larged quake in japan.....

    • profile image

      JG 7 years ago

      Here is a prediction for ya, the rich will get wealthy and the wealthy will get more powerful in the coming year. The poor will get scraps and the middle class will merge with the poor, a sort of Upper poor class. Governments will send there people to die. Call the presses, the world turns with or without you.

    • profile image

      Umbra 7 years ago

      The World reserve currency will change due to the debt by the American Government.

      This debt is what will worry the Nation's history in the future. An inflation in the economy doesn't necessarily mean the debt is forgiven.

      The debt will increase with interest, and soon America will lose the World Reserve Currency. When this happens, Gold with become a Universal currency and America will use it. This explains the dropping American dollar and the 422% spike in gold within the past few years.

      Economic recovery won't save the american debt problem. Soon the interest will pile-up so high that even if the American Government taxed 100% of every citizens income.. they still won't be able to pay off the interest.

      A recent billionaire invested 2 billion dollars of his assets to buy GOLD!.. That 2 billion dollars is ALL of his assets. If there isn't a return on the assets, he will lose everything... His name? "Thomas S. Kaplan". Such billionaires as William Gates, The Walton Family, are investing into the gold market also.

    • KeithTax profile image

      Keith Schroeder 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Yes nellieou, it is a joke, as all prediction is. The idea of prediction is fun. If I hit one square the world will call me a genius for a day. Then ...

    • profile image

      nellieou 7 years ago

      Is this SERIOUS? World economy will improve with only a modest increase in inflation? Really? Is this why food prices have hit a record high along with oil? Is this why people are rioting around the middle east and north Africa because they can no longer afford the price of food to feed their families because of the inflation we created through printing so much money? This is the most RIDICULOUS prediction for 2011 I've ever seen. I predict you will be wrong on every account. Economy gets better??? Lower oil prices and electric cars will sell faster than expected? Electricity prices will free fall as too much electricity is generated and transmitted from alternative sources? HAHA!! You've got to be kidding, right?


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