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Education For Money, For Knowledge or Both?

Updated on February 1, 2016

Education In Our Modern Days

Just like what Mr. Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

This powerful sentence alone shows how important education is. In the times before ours, people study purely to gain more knowledge, to know the world. It is hard to get information and people learn from other who had first-hand experience in schools. People in the past are more driven and motivated to learn.With the technologies getting more and more advance, people seem to be lesser motivated and keen on proper school system education.

How many kids, children or even adults go to school is just for the sake of getting the paper certification?

How many of us attended school because we just love to learn and gain more knowledge?

How many of us want to score well academically just because to get a job with a higher pay?

How many of us follow our passion and study it so that we can have a career we truly liked?

In these days, most of the kids and their parents hold on the belief that study is to make more money in the future. Our society enforces this concept strongly in this modern world as well. The intention of most people who attended school is just solely to get the certification. In the past, people who could graduate with a Diploma could find a decent paying job easily.

Slowly, Diploma certification is no longer enough, people tend to work towards a college Degree after that. Up to now, there are so many degree holding graduates in the world. However, many of them couldn't find a decent paying or a job they liked. Furthermore, employers often use grades as one of the main criteria for admission. BUT, Is this even a good judge of a person's ability and intelligence?

So having higher education is it really better? Can it helps to make more money? Ironically, many millionaires does not have such high qualifications but they can make more money and even hire high education people to work for them. Isn't this contradict the belief we hold on for so long?

So many questions that make it questionable if education is really as important as it perceives. To a third world country or those developing countries, education is a gift and it is important to everyone especially the kids. Through their eyes, you can feel how different and desparate education it is for them compared to us.


It doesn't mean that education is no longer important in developed countries. It is how education evolves from the past till now. It has become totally different to us. Students drag going to school everyday, learning has become a burden as many kids have depression because of academical stress, we went to school in order to make more money and even schools are getting more and more commercialize nowadays. Everything about education is about money.

It is pretty sad that people no longer feel the joy and satisfaction in gaining, sharing and giving knowledge, right now everything is mostly about money. The tuition fee is getting ridiculously high each year, books and necessities along with it and additional tests (such as GMAT, GRE, SAT) are pretty expensive as well.

Right now, students are afraid to go to school or even detest to go to school. Students need to work part time regularly to support their tuition fee. Stressing over the exams, school work load, peer pressures and especially the money has been a very common phenomenon.

With such an unpleasant experience, seriously who would look forward to school? With all those commercialize purposes, education might has lost its real meaning. Personally, I saw many cases of people who are interested in a certain field (for example, Psychology), however due to finance issues, they were not able to focus on their undergraduate study as much as they want to. This is because they are work part time in order to pay for the school fees, and in the end their grades are below average. To be in a niche field like Psychology, a PhD is required. Even with strong passion and interest in Psychology, such students normally would not be consider to be taken in for graduate study.

This makes me ponder how many such passion has been killed by their grades. A person ability to perform is not only about grades, it is about how they live their live too. Many people who manage to get a PhD might not even know what they want in life. They get the degree so that it looks good in the resume and they are able ask for a higher pay.

They might be able to practice in the field, but their objective could be wrong, as in they are money-driven instead of sincerely on helping others. Some people might excel in academic but they do not understand the way of life around him especially working life.

Would you as an employer want to hire someone who scored well in academic but don't understand how this world works? I wouldn't. The best way for people to have the best of both worlds might be they have to work after their undergraduate degree for a few years before considering of a higher education.

Gaining the knowledge of how life works is much more complicated than learning from books itself. It is through people and people interaction that you will be able to learn and appreciate things such as individual differences, human behaviors and simple life. Our belief and perception system shape our own instinctive behavior towards situations leading to our believing that our thinking is always true. Therefore, it is important to maintain an open mind in order to learn beyond books and gain more than you can imagine.

Time capsule of our ever-changing classroom

In some countries, the chance of getting proper education is so sacred, especially for the poor and girls. Some countries facing poverty have no proper schools, no education system and no idea what school is.

People from these countries does not understand the the power of education, to them to survive in their country is to make money. You can see young kids along the streets trying to make a living by selling trivial items like newspaper, tissue paper or even begging.

Due to the lack of education, they are often exploit in order to make more money. This is one of the biggest issues in eliminating child prostitution. Selling their own body is the easiest way to earn more in shortest time.

In some countries, education for girls are a taboo. It wasn't allow and to them girls are used only for their sexual gratification and to bear children.

This is pretty depressing, these children deserve to have a normal and happy childhood, instead they are force to deal with the cruelty of life since they were born.

Fortunately, charity organizations have been getting more and more active in helping such children and getting them in school, in hope that they can have a better life later on.

Malala, the latest Nobel Prize winner on her view of overcoming the odds in getting education for girls in her highly traditional country where she was born.

Next, let us look at the statistic of education around the world.



Education is one of the important ways we gain new knowledge. This knowledge can be used either as a weapon to harm others or a cure to save others. It should not be taken for granted, neither it should be a tool to make more profit for the greed of people.

A person's grade should not be used fully as the criteria to determine a person's ability. Many of the famous CEOs (examples, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs) are high school/college drop-outs.

Sometimes other than test scores, college professors and admission committees may be should consider seeing the true passion in the person to consider their admission too.

Education situation is very different between people in developed countries vs people in third world countries. Education in developed countries is being used as a tool to make more money by commercializing and branding of the schools, whereas education in developing countries is considered as a privilege and luxury to the people.

As sacred as it is, education should not only be for the rich. Sometimes it is the passion and thoughts that counts. Education is one of the tough challenges in life, however, only with education, then it can change your life.


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