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Effects of gun control laws on firearm industries

Updated on July 23, 2016

Gun control laws primarily entail firearms regulative laws that are aimed at reducing possible crime from the unregulated use of such weapons. Some of the crimes that are thought to have resulted in the restrictive use of firearms is supposedly the use of these weapons for terrorism activities e.g. the Boston Marathon attack in Colorado. Some of the minds behind the issue of gun control cite restriction as one among the mitigate measures around the possession and use of the firearms. For example, the relevant authorities cite a reduced crime rate. However, not all agree with the said restrictive measures as there is a perception that the restrictive nature of the firearms is more likely to result in crimes rather than curbing them down. There are various developments regarding the control of firearms by the different authorities. One particular development involves the impact of these regulative laws of gun control laws on the various firearms businesses or rather the manufacturers. Following the regulative practice on the firearms, there have been considerable responsive reactions from the relevant stakeholders who at large are composed of the firearms manufacturers and the related industries. The relevant stakeholders have often reacted in the affirmative regarding the regulative move by the authorities as means to monitor some of the crimes that are related to the use of these firearms.

Black Market trading

Following the different regulations on possession of guns, for instance, the restriction and the limitation of the high capacity magazines has increased the illegal trade of magazines. The nature of the transactions is that the illegal trade involves the sales and purchase of untaxed weapons. Since the issue is a new occurrence, little documentation have been done to address it. In California, where the regulation applies, the police have stepped up a keen follow up on the issue at hand. As a follow-up, the police attend out of state gun shows with an aim of prosecuting some of the Californians who engage in the out of state gun purchase. The undercover police literally look for individuals who arrive in such shows with Californian number plates and observe whatever they buy.

Kills investments

In some of the recently introduced gun-regulatory laws, there have been situations where certain incentives regarding certain firearms are reduced and this has often left certain shareholders such as the firearms manufacturers and the supply chain personnel to wallow in difficulties in their bid to invest, recruit including their struggle to develop better or rather safer firearms. One U.S. based gun retailer who also owns a firearms manufacturing company recently decided to distance their brand from the ongoing gun control that seem to spell tough economic consequences. Another supply chain firm, dicks sporting goods, which deals with firearms for sporting purposes has resorted to the suspension of the “modern rifle” and the halting gun sales and displays for compensational and as a consequence of the regulative measures on the guns.


Due to the regulative provisions concerning the possession and purchase of the firearms, various factors surrounding the regulation of the firearms pose uncertainties concerning the unusually high demand for firearms from the firearms manufacturers that exceed their manufacturing capacities. The resulting higher prices mean that consumers will waste their resources on unnecessary expenditure. Ostensibly, the industry may benefit in the short run based on their ability to meet the consumer demand and adjust prices to the consumer’s advantage that, in the long run, will have adverse impacts on the industry.

Cancellation of sporting competitions

Following the regulation on the guns control, there have been significant reactions to the various sub-sectors of the firearms industries. Apparently, certain occurrences in response to the gun control policies have impacted negatively on certain shooting competitions. Most of the cancellations are attributed to the rising concern over the legal meaning of the new firearm control laws. Apparently following the same policies in Colorado, certain organizers in Colorado resorted into the cancellation of a shooting event with the regard to the state regulative laws on the firearms purchase and implications. That three hundred competitors-event is now coping with significant losses. The Colorado’s three measures gun control policy has also seen the cancellation of another event, the Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Champion, by Ruger (a renowned gun maker)


The companies that manufacture sell and distribute the firearms and hunting equipment employ a considerable number of people. The industry also generates a significant number of jobs in the tertiary and supplier industries. Apparently, these include jobs in the supply companies and service companies to the manufacturers and distributors including the retailers. Now, the recent regulatory rules that have directly impacted the consumers including sporting and fishing events are likely to affect the parent industry’s economic spheres. Financial impairment may impact negatively on the recruitment and retention of certain employees in the company.


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    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 2 years ago from The Midwest

      Effects of ALCOHOL DRINKING on children: Thousands DEAD. Effects of ALCOHOLISM on the population - hundreds of thousands DEAD per year. Solutions offered by Brian who enjoys a cocktail at parties, or a glass of wine with his dinner: 0.

      I'd say he is a significant part of the problem, eh. Totally unwilling to give up his enjoyment of alcohol to save even one life.

    • B Brian Hill profile image

      B Brian Hill 2 years ago

      Effects of GUN PROLIFERATION on children: Thousands DEAD. Effects of GUN PROLIFERATION on the population 35,000 DEAD per year. Solutions offered by gun proponents: 0.