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Efren, Lyda Unite in Fairy Tale Wedding

Updated on July 5, 2016

Tokyo, Japan - The romantic nuptials between Japan’s Count Efren and Lyda Tamahashi played out under the cool, sun-spotted skies, on Friday, June 14, 1943, with the couple exchanging vows before 350 guests at the Izumo Shrine.

30 years after the wedding of Efren’s parents, the dashing Count took the hand of Lyda, a foreign commoner with wealthy roots. According to the Royal Guard, “up to 150,000 people lined the streets of Tokyo” to witness the wedding.

Mr. Hiroma, the priest who solemnized the wedding attests that Lyda did not promise to "obey" her new husband in her vows, but instead said she will, "love, comfort, honour and keep", Efren.

In a press release, the Emperor expressed his approval of the wedding revealing that he was “deeply pleased”. He then blessed the couple saying: “May you be forever poor in misfortunes and rich in happiness.”

Not everybody was pleased with the wedding. Protesters outside the Decino (the Count’s residence) claim that the Count has “broken the ancient traditions of Japan” by marrying not only a “foreigner” but also a, “lowly commoner.”

Ms. Nijuta, the wife of renowned Colonel F. Nijuta,

was inside the Izumo Shrine to witness the exchanging of the vows, claims that throughout the ceremony Lyda, “appeared to be very angry” and was, “distancing herself”, and trying to, “avoid Efren at all times.”

This has aroused speculation that this was a forced wedding, designed only to bolster the coffers and influence of Japan in the Pacific through a strategic marriage between the daughter of the Filipino business mogul, Akida Tamahashi, owner and CEO of Tamahashi Corporation, and Japanese royalty.

As the war continues, Japan now has complete control over most of the Pacific, in part due to the monopoly Tamahashi Corporation has on the shipping and manufacturing industries. With the Pacific under its control, Japan is planning on expanding its control to mainland China.


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