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Egypt's Democracy Sours and America is Again, Satan

Updated on August 11, 2011

Wow, this is a real big surprise. Sure, didn't see this coming....NOT. Now that the Egyptian military is in charge, they have been using America as the reason for all of their problems related to change. They blame the US for the dismal economic problems, sectarian strife by stating it is the USA using foreign infiltrators that are funded by America that are creating change. The frenzy is real among the natives because many foreigners there, whether tourists, reporters or business have been rounded up by the frenzy public and taken to police stations and military checkpoints. Just think, a tourist on their way to the Pyramids on a bus that is halted. Idiot Eqyptians take the foreigners (maybe the whole bus) to the local police station. Much to their own disillusionment, most of the foreign captives are released after passports are checked. How fun. I think it was safer when Mubarack was there.

I guess this is what we get for our $40 million given to the democratic movement there. The Islamists are infiltrating and creating an anti-US atmosphere. When the US ambassador arrived there recently, the local posters and media called her, "The Ambassador from Hell". Things get worse. Now, the government will not allow the US to observe the coming elections in November. Egyptians view America as an occupier, imperialists and worse. It is NOT a good time to be an American there. Even those of the more liberal parties cite the US as a not to be trusted entity, claiming that the US wants to overthrow Egyptian values and traditions. Are they really from this planet???

Like I said, this souring of democratic values was expected by many.


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    • profile image

      R.Aller 6 years ago

      I don't think the egyptians are the only ones who don't trust the Americans...You're going to see a lot of that coming.

      Besides...the US is getting itself invloved in almost everything (Especially when it comes to oil)!