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Egypt's Fledgling Democracy Is Morphing Into A Sharia Law Dictatorship...

Updated on December 8, 2012

Egypt’s Fledgling Democracy Is Morphing Into A Sharia Law Dictatorship…

It is difficult to ignore the ongoing Revolution that is taking place in Egypt... because what started out as a Democratic movement that brought down Hosni Mubarak and ushered in the duly elected Mohamed Morsi, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is morphing into a Sharia Law dictatorship. This is so because a month or so ago, Morsi, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, literally gave himself autocratic-like powers. Those in Egypt who believe in pure Democracy saw Morsi’s grab for power, though codified, no different than what they lived under during Mubarak’s rule - Mubarak had the Army, but Morsi wants the laws to empower him with the same fiat-like powers. Incidentally, where are our Far-Left brothers and sisters in this country and what do they have to say about what Sharia Law is going to do to our Egyptian sisters… many on the Far-Left thought that Governor Romney’s election would have forced women back to be only house wives and also of import that Romney would have sanctioned the “close hanger” for abortions… instead of the murdering exception to the Hippocratic Oath where doctors do the murder of babies - but I digress only to further ask again what does the Far-Left thinks life is going to be for Egyptian women under Morsi's governance?

As a student of History, I know that all Democracies have growing pains and lest those of us here in America become too pious about our own Democracy… we must know that the respective 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments are manifestations of our own Democratic growing pains, albeit without much blood-letting; and notwithstanding the fact that some Democrats think that President Obama’s re-election gave him legislatively carte-blanche to do what he wants - witness the Mussolini-like posturing in the fight with the Republicans over the budget - our ‘checks and balances’ give the Republicans legislatively co-equal rights in the fight over our current budgetary woes too. It is apparent that these same “Check and Balances,” authored by the brilliant Founding Fathers, Jay, Madison, and Hamilton, are not part of the Egyptian’s version of their Constitution otherwise there would not be the masses out on the Egyptian streets dying for and against Morsi’s rule. I cannot help but recall that initially that Hitler too was duly elected in Germany - but what can come about in Egypt can be much worse than the Nazis because the Muslim Brotherhood is wedded to a religion whose rewards are in the next world… unlike the Nazis whose Third Reich, though envisioned for a thousand years, was to have taken place right here on Terranova.

If Morsi survives with the dictatorial powers he has carved out and given himself, I shudder in fear not only for the Egyptian people as a whole, but for the Coptic Christians and Israel. Years ago, Israel moved out of Lebanon and the Lebanese Christians were slaughtered - one can only imagined what is in store for the Coptic Christians in an era of Fatwahs and Jihad carried out in the name of Radical Islam. This wave of radicalism, under-girded by Sharia Law, will also place Israel in grave danger and there is no nectar on this earth as sweet to many Muslims than the taste of Jewish blood. Our State Department and diplomats will not be saying this out loud, but like me, I know that most believe that Camp David - the Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel - brokered by President Jimmy Carter is moribund or out right dead! For the many Traditional Christians who read this blog… you of all people know the gist of what I mean when I end with this quote from the Book of Joel 3:14: Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision….


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