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Egypt's People Power Brings Down Mubarak But Will They Get Freedom?

Updated on December 26, 2011

Egypt's people power has toppled Hosni Mubarak's 30 years of authortarian rule. What a joyous and momentus day for the Egyptian protestors who have proved that with a little determination and perseverance even the strongest of repressive regimes can be brought to heel.

Ayman Nour, a rival of Mr Mubarak in the presidential race in 2005, described the fall of Mubarak as the greatest day in Egypt's history. He told al-Jazeera TV "This nation has been born again. These people have been born again, and this is a new Egypt,"

Does Mubarak's Resignation Really Mean Freedom For Egypt?

This is the question on every body's mind. After the jubilation, partying and joy of victory comes to an end what will happen? Will Egypt finally become a democratic society or will the army, who has temporary control following Mubarak's resignation, take permanent control and rule Egypt as a police state after giving the much reviled police force that brutally abused civillians and protestor temporary ruling powers?

Egypt A Police State

Today, 12 February 2011, the military has asked the people of Egypt to co-operate with the Police. Although the armed forces have said they are committed to fulfilling the wishes of the people and progress to democracy, this statement is unclear as to whether Egypt will return to a state of police security.

Only Democracy Will Do

Whilst Egypt is still revelling and celebrating in Tharir the military should not underestimate their pledge to be ruled by a civilian government. It is certain that the people of Egypt will not tolerate or accept Police rule indefinitely, especially as it is the same Police Force who carried out brutal beatings and murder in the name of government.

As one Egyptian said the protestors will not leave Tharir Square until "Egypt is ruled by a civillian government and not a military one."

                            This is just the start of the Revolution


Egypt Explodes In Celebration As Mubarak Steps Down


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