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Eight British And A Quartet Of Americans...the 1st To Fall In Iraq.

Updated on January 2, 2010


Eight British -And A Quartet Of Americans.  


The chopper
became a copter from hell
spiraling down in a
funnel of death
their war was over
all the excitement
and youthful exubrance
spattered in burning flesh
and flaming metal debris
body parts rained
and the first casualties
became a number
on a tally board
neatly folded body bags
and government issued coffins
opened their zippered and
rubbersealed maws
to swallow up 12 men
KIA not a car...
but killed in action
today we count on both hands
and two toes
tommorrow we must
grow many digits
endless tenactles of fingers
and toes to number the dead
what were their names
their dreams....purple hearts
are in order
and twenty one gun salutes
but they probably would
have rather had
a double cheese pepperoni pizza
or a pint of bitters mate
crosses will mark the land
they conquered
6 foot by 4 foot
poppies will bleed red
into the spring air
March has arrived
but their march is over
wives will wail
moms will shudder
fathers will punch walls
and swear revenge
babies will study pictures
and wonder what his arms
would have felt like
before they were seperated
in the malestorm of
propellors and rotor parts
Bush will mumble sorrys
and great sacrifice
and order more to replace
the dozen lost
Iraq will go on you know
with or without us
it was here long before the
Indians walked in
moccassined feet
over the moss under
the great sequoias
long before when
the United States
was wilderness entirely
but 12 soldiers are finished
the first are always the very saddest
because fate chose them
for the horrible honor
of beginning  the list.




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