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Eight ‘super Irritating’ and Super Outdated Things

Updated on October 22, 2017

Eight ‘Super irritating’ and super outdated things which are useless for more than one justified reasons

We come across many irritating things every day in life, but some of them are so irritating that even a child crying for no reason is less irritating than them. I mean it. While I do respect , media, religions , freedom of choice, creativity and imagination, sometimes overthinking just kills the entire concept. I don’t want to say they serve no purpose, but in my view, the purpose may not be important enough for all in these cases.

1. Five to ten songs in a Bollywood movie

I know this really hurts a bit. We are actually used to see a bit of physical intimacy in movies, but just imagine our favorite hero is going to start his first night after marriage and both start singing songs. Does this sound really creative? I have an example, I remember the Border movie’s Suniel Shetty thinking about the song “To Chalun”. I understand he was eager to go to the Border, but thinking about a song while having sex with wife for the first time really does not suit the occasion.

I mean we must be fed up with the songs that pop up at almost any instance in Hindi films and we are so used to the trend that if no romantic song is there in a movie, we may even decide not to watch it. And this irritating practice occurs at least five times in a 3-hours movie. God, please help me outlast them.

2. Transaction charges in private banks of India

Well, I understand banks want to promote digital transactions and make physical monetary transactions less attractive, but INR 150 after four free transactions in a month is just not digestible. How can the banks think of such an awesome irritating idea? It is my money that is being taken care by banks and if I want, I may use it anyway I want. Why should I pay for transactions? Well, banks already need us to maintain a minimum balance in case of some accounts and the charges levied to them are in no way moderate. Now, they also want to pay for transactions! Hola! I think it is the biggest Fake News in the entire banking history.

3. 15+ Bengali TV channels

I mean like I can understand Bengalis are entertainment lovers, but why do we have so many Bengali TV channels? And they do not even have good content to serve people. I think, it is just an unholy propaganda. I mean like so much Naach Gaana is injurious to the entire society man! Media is good and the Bengali audience is a bit large, I understand, but how can you have more than 15 Channels for some people from India and Bangladesh man? God, please shut up some of these channels, they are just so irritating.

4. A non-contemporary Indian constitution

I mean, our constitution is just outdated to the maximum and it really needs a reality check. You don’t get a job if you engage in crime, but you can become a minister. Reservation, Quotas, lack of IT regulations, non-inclusion of contemporary crimes, incomplete national citizenship rules- you name it and you get a loophole in every section of Indian constitution. I mean how can something belong to 19th century when the times are a changing? I don’t know what makes us human, but the outdated constitution really makes no sense.

5. Full freedom to do anything in the name of religion in India

Well, see, there is a limit of everything. In India, we are so secular that we permit everything in the name of religion. I mean the number of Masjids are increasing at a rate of 100 ppm (parts per million) a day and all have the indispensable loudspeakers that keep making noise five times a day. Forget it; consider Durga Puja in Eastern India. You won’t believe the kind of noise we go through the five days of Puja due to the tradition of playing sound-boxes that continually play the latest hits. Why should we make so much noise in the name of religions? I mean I don’t hate music or the spirituality, but we do not need to prove we are the best. There is so much of stress in our lives and making noise is just no more fun guys. The irritating practices of loudspeakers blurring our auditory organs must be stopped right now.

6. Trump Mania on social media

I mean I never saw something trending so viciously on social media ever before. Well, I don’t know if Trump is really right or wrong, but you checkout the news and our ‘not so beloved’ Mr. President is present everywhere. So much of someone is really making us sick. Well, if you want create awareness; there are other ways out there too. Every day, we see something trending in the name of Trump and if this irritating behavior continues, people will really lose faith over the entire system of media management very soon.

7. 7 billion people on a planet

I mean how could we be so much productive? Think about this, our planet has no less than 7 billion people, and all of them have a brain that works pretty much in a unique way. Therefore, there are endless conflicts in this entirely human world. How can we just be so merciless to ourselves? Children are divine but I really think so many people on a single planet is really irritating enough for anyone who might be thinking about more peace and less crimes in the lifetime.

8. United Nations

Well, this is another flop show. What could UN achieve in its entire history? It only offered biased decisions and less intelligent moves that destabilize the entire world. The UN is a toy in the hands of the most developed nations and all its wings are just a huge showbiz business. If you want to really make a change, the people should become responsible which is impossible an idea to see in reality. Please stop making people fools. We are just so fed up of peace talks and supervision of policies of all underdeveloped nations to make sure the superpowers stay at the top. I admire the idea, but to translate words into practice is really something different from what Ban Ki Moon thinks.


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