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Eight minutes till midnight

Updated on April 17, 2011

don't give up without a fight

I held my jugler with one hand and continued to fire with the other hand, freedom was at stake, my family more important than death.
I held my jugler with one hand and continued to fire with the other hand, freedom was at stake, my family more important than death.


A flag rises upon a hill, blue streaks, light in the sky,

Sparks fly, Chinese words I don’t understand.

Yesterday a different world,

my family, my life, my own piece of land.

Till the crest of night, the silence it stands,

Strange voices in the woods,

we hide, they seek, and we dare not now,

Try to make a stand.

The radio we heard, we listen, they said,

Eight minutes till midnight

They are hitting our shores

America is ready to make a final stand.

Clouds of noises, orange and bright lights,

Fear, anticipation in my son’s eyes,

My words don’t calm,

my wife, his mom, tears of fear in my sight.

Terrorist bombs, gas at the mall, death,

Daylight or night, Islamist extremism,

Obama blames what has transpired,

on America not understanding the world.

Many saw this coming, it’s here, and it’s now,

Worse than we had thought,

Chinese and Muslim countries

Storm our shores, lights out, dark are the nights.

Though we are prepared, guns and ammo,

How long do we hide, do we give up?

Hope for the best,

Maybe we live a prisoner for the rest of our lives.

Seven minutes till midnight, the time draws near,

If we come out now they say,

They will take care of us,

If we don’t come out, we run, we hide in fear.

We talk, we vote, the minutes pass bye,

Never surrender we smile,

Fear is now gone, we run, but we don’t hide,

Obama gave up our land but not our pride.

One minute pass midnight, the chants, the voices,

Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama

Sides have been chosen,

Surrender our guns, give up our lives.

We have made up our mind, they don’t know us,

We live up in these Mountains,

We are all family here, hell no, we won’t go,

Guns and ammo, we become the hunter now, fear disappears.

We move thru the woods, get closer to town.

Our vision is good, we have our heads down.

We move on our enemy,

Take them one at time, no noise, and another gun is mine.

On our side, we find more and more, we know

We are out there and won’t give up.

Our fighters are hunters; bring in our prey,

Obama, Muslims and Chinese don’t know us.

We are not in the city, concrete jungle not our domain,

We live in the woods, the bush and the brush.

We voted in each election,

Leave us alone, don’t tread on our life.

D.C. gave up, all hope was gone, they ask the experts,

What the hell did they know? Expectations that the people,

Will follow, polls, read by politicians?

To long away from people to know the truth.

Eight minutes past mid night, blue barrels, brass bullets,

Voices we don’t understand. Why are they here?

They don’t belong here, we know,

That they all understand.

Pow, POW, POW, boom, bang, bang,

Trees splinter around my head.

Their bodies fall to the ground,

The kids run up take their guns and mark our ground.

They didn’t expect this, the dark how it hides

Patriots from the followers,

The brave, the proud, the independent souls,

Fighting for family, pride and survival.

Obama, Chinese, Islam, leaders or slaughters,

They are the same to the free willed.

We roam these mountains, guard these fields,

These things belong to us, our family or history.

Chants, revolutions, terrorist, extremist,

Democrats, liberals, union leaders.

They have joined the new world order,

Our old world remains in tack for now.

POW, Bang, POW, POW, POW, WE get another gun,

Just one at time, the more we collect,

The more on our side,

We live for today watch our kids grow up right before our eyes.

We hide, the dark shades our plight and we listen,

The radio taunts us in four different ways,

Surrender and survive,

Survive for what’s left, surrender to what?

My son sixteen, my wife 54, I’m 52,

Thought there would so much more,

More time, more joy, more love,

More of the things, we love, not a remaining life of war.

At eight minutes till midnight, December 21st, 2012,

Predictions were true, different than we thought,

But things are ending, never to be the same,

A different world, from now on, a new beginning.



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