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Elections in India

Updated on June 11, 2012
Electors waiting to vote
Electors waiting to vote

India is a democratic country. Rulers are elected by the people of India. Election Commission conducts Parliament election every five year. Citizens affiliated to political parties contest the election. After winning , they become decision makers of India. To conduct elections smoothly, the Commission uses Central Police Forces. Recently the President of India has appointed the senior-most Election Commissioner, V.S. Sampath, as the Chief Election Commissioner of India.

Voters in waiting

Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) are used at each polling station in India. It works with a 6 volts battery. It is proved error-free. You can't tamper this but very easy to operate. The Electronic Voting Machines have been manufactured by Electronics Corporation of India Limited, Hyderabad and Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore. For transparency, the Election Commission uses EVMs at random at different times in different assembly constituencies. Electronic Voting Machine consists of two units, namely, Control Unit and Ballot Unit. By connecting these two units, the voting machine is ready for use..

Training Classes for Presiding Officers
Training Classes for Presiding Officers

In an election, the polling officials consisting of one Presiding Officer and three/four Polling Officers arrives at the polling station one day earlier.A Presiding officer is the top most officer at the polling station. He has full legal power to conduct the proceedings in a planned manner. He sets up of a Polling Station for a village/a street/a small area.. Outside each polling station the list of contesting candidates and their symbols will be displayed for the benefit of electors.

Ballot Unit
Ballot Unit

Earlier the District Election Officer/Returning Officer arranges training classes for the Presiding officer and the Polling Officers. The Returning Officer prepares the voting machine in such a way that all candidates in the fray will be displayed and the voters can select his choice and vote.

Photo Electoral Rolls containing the photographs of the electors are prepared and available in all States and Union Territories before the election..This simplifies the process of verification of votor’s identity at the polling station on the day of poll.

First Polling Officer
First Polling Officer

Before commencing the poll, a mock poll will be conducted by the Presiding officer in front of the polling agents. Then he sets all counts to ZERO in the voting machine before sealing the control unit. The candidates or their agents present at the polling station and the polling officers should be briefed about the maintenance of secrecy of vote. The First Polling Officer verifies the identity of voters using his documents. The Second Polling Officer puts a mark on the left forefinger of the voter with a special ink. The signature or thumb impression of the voter will be obtained before he/she is votes.The Third Polling Officer issues a voter's slip with serial number.. The electors shall be allowed to record their votes in the voting machine on the basis of the Voters’ slips strictly in the same order. The fourth Polling Officer who is in-charge of the CONTROL UNIT shall press the 'Ballot' button on the control unit kept on his table. The voter enters the voting compartment and vote by pressing the blue button of the candidate of his choice on the ballot unit kept inside. A lamp corresponding to the candidate glows red when the vote is cast. Simultaneously the machine makes a beep sound. This voting process continues from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. without any lunch break. The Government declares the day holiday so that all people will participate in this democratic procedure of selecting the rulers of the nation.

Second Polling Officer
Second Polling Officer

The Presiding officer makes a final call to close the poll at the hour fixed by the Election Commission. However, all voters present at the polling station at that time shall be allowed to vote. After the last voter has voted as per the above procedure, the Presiding officer activates the 'CLOSE' button on the control units and the display panels on the control unit shows the total number of votes registered in the voting machine till the end of the poll. After the close of poll, the sealed voting machine and all election papers should be given to the higher officials.

Third Polling Officer
Third Polling Officer

On the stipulated day of counting, after the Returning Officer is satisfied that a voting machine has been kept safely, he presses the button marked ‘‘Result’’ in the control unit. The total votes polled and votes polled by each candidate shall be calculated. After counting the total votes polled in the constituency, the chief election officer will announce the winner and distribute the certificate.

A citizen casting a vote
A citizen casting a vote
Candidate canvassing support
Candidate canvassing support


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    • pramodgokhale profile image


      6 years ago from Pune( India)

      Yes , underdeveloped country India presented the world that We are tuned with democratic system and we run despite flaws successfully.Our federation of thirty states is going strong everyday.Unity in diversity is the pride as claimed by our first PM jawaharlal Nehru

    • wrenfrost56 profile image


      6 years ago from U.K.

      What a great insight into indian politics and a great range of photographs too. :)


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