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Election 2008, Part 8 of 8: GEN. 'O'

Updated on May 15, 2016

Generally, the most important and most influential generation in American history is ...

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Follow ELECTION 2008 through the journalistic musings of social commentator R. Martin Basso, moderate conservative.


Just say... HOPE

Just say... HOPE
Just say... HOPE | Source

Propaganda Art captures the angst of voters exploring political "Hope & Change"

Propaganda Art for Hope & Change 2008
Propaganda Art for Hope & Change 2008 | Source

Basso Archive: Election 2008

A nation has many seasons...

We find ourselves a nation divided, no more.

And yet, upon this cusp of intriguing and inspiring change, within this endless "river deep" and "mountain high" of possibilities, afore all of this inspiring potential for social realignment, we must remember that we are still a nation only half-united in voting for the change of this new direction bound.

As nation of 305 Million citizens varying in creeds and beliefs, we are reminded with rather sobering overtones that, sometimes, the greatest leap a person, a society, a nation or a generation can make, is indeed a leap of faith.

Today, a nation re-awakens after far too long a national slumber.

What had cancerously devolved from once-esteemed worldwide champion to befuddled global internationalism, to unyielding political mismanagement and ultimately to international solitude, we must now give pause. As we, a nation, collectively lament the mistakes of our past, we do so not by denying our errs, or by placing them behind us to forget, but rather by setting our country’s leadership follies of the last several years to the side; not to be forgotten, but instead so that as a nation, we can collectively move forward.

Remember, ours is a great Nation that did not seek out, that did not intend, to become an isolated global pariah. Rather, one day we awoke only to find itself an island, seemingly. A tide had shifted. Politics which may at one time have been effective in safeguarding our shores became antiquated reminders that what threatens a people most is a fear of change.

Fear of change, typically represents to a society either losing what they have, or not getting what they want.

Never before in history has a nation so important to the collective international balance become so globally demonized, so contemptuously marginalized, as has this beloved nation over these past recent years.

But, a nation has many seasons.

As such, in jubilant, prosperous times, we have spread ourselves open to soak in the warmth and the glow of days much more favorable than these. As a nation we have been witness to immeasurable economic soundness, robust financial zeal, seemingly bottomless economic excess in the lavishness of Capitalism’s long and endless, blessed, summertime bliss.

A nation has many seasons; as do a nation’s people.

In as much, we, the people, seek the cleansing refresh of a new beginning, looking forward to the springtime of our national prosperity once more. Potential; Hope; Opportunity; Patriotism; Change… All words of inspiration that, in their absence, have been far too long in returning back to this Nation’s consciousness.

The task of leading a people away from the Winter of their collective national discontent is daunting. Consequently, our expectations are great because our Nation’s needs are great.

Yes, a nation has many seasons, and these frosty days which once, even recently, have been garnished with angst and with frustration and with apathetic indifference too, we embrace now amidst renewed enthusiasm and a genuine sense of optimism and purpose and hope.

As individuals, we are this Nation’s cornerstones, lending ourselves to the construction of society, the reconstitution of a newer society, built not only for the sustenance of today’s needs, but also for the prosperity of tomorrow’s generations. As a society we collectively lend ourselves to the responsibility of safeguarding and developing not only our generation today, amidst this important era of tomorrow’s yesterday, but also our great nation’s future generations yet to be.

New times such as these require that a new nation stand upon and greet the precipice of change with new national priorities.

This is our time; we, this Nation’s citizens and patriots committed not only to change, but obligated to humanely safeguarding the integrity of that and those to which and to whom our Constitution affords its protection.

This is our Nation; with its fair and balanced three-tiered branches of government upon which our Republic’s tree of liberty, whether full and in abundant bloom, or in recessed reserve, bears unto its citizens liberty and a pursuit of happiness.

This is our generation; embracing and respectful of the challenges and traditions and the honorable sacrifices that have been paid for by the blood and the sweat and the often harrowing sacrifices of our Nation’s ancestors to usher our America from all the way back then into this brave new 21st Century world.

This is the importance of our generation.

And, we are GENERATION O.

© 2008 - R. MARTIN BASSO & 3 Doves Media


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