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Election 2008, Part 5 of 8: Endorsement

Updated on May 15, 2016
Basso invites his 24,000 readers to consider placing their support behind democratic candidate for President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.
Basso invites his 24,000 readers to consider placing their support behind democratic candidate for President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.

'Disenfranchised Conservatives' hold the key to this election's results. As such, Disenfranchised Conservatives will ...

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Author, disenfranchised moderate conservative and social commentator, R. Martin Basso officially places his 2008 Election endorsement for President behind Democratic candidate Barack H. Obama.
Author, disenfranchised moderate conservative and social commentator, R. Martin Basso officially places his 2008 Election endorsement for President behind Democratic candidate Barack H. Obama.

Follow ELECTION 2008 through the journalistic musings of social commentator R. Martin Basso, moderate conservative.

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Basso Archive: Election 2008

In writing this article, moreover in authoring this entire Election 2008 series, it has been revealing on my own political transformation of self.

This election is important, historic and relevant to the needs of contemporary America as we continue taking fledgling steps into a newly-emerging 21st Century. This entire election can not be pigeon-holed or marginalized in the literal or figurative confines of black and white issues; so to speak.

We are living amongst change and, as such, our National potential for successfully navigating through change is what's really at the nexus of America's 2008 party election.

Parties are formed by a collective of agenda-driven folks seeking either their own legitimacy or, conversely, a desire to voice opposition to some other group of folks who've already achieved their own form of legitimacy.

Liberal. Whig. Conservative. Labour. Republican. Reform. Torry. Green. Independent. Democrat. Communist. Nazi... What's really in political terminology anyway?

Today, the terms ‘democrat' or ‘republican' have become meaningless, transparent reminders of our Nation's previous political system. Past partisanship or political affiliation makes little sense anymore; particularly since modern political boundaries comprise of so much inter-party , as well as inner-party, bleed through and cross-over.

The black and white dual-party system known, and once embraced by our grandparents has, throughout the span of our parent's lives just one generation removed, gradually congealed into a murky gray ‘Uni-Party.'

This inclusiveness and ‘Unilateralization' of America's political landscape took its fledgling steps when The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Yes, when that Wall came down, generally speaking, it was a sad day for these United States, and in specific, for anyone outside of the former "Evil Empire" of the post-Atomic era Soviet Block.


Because, The Soviets (et al) were the "big bad boogeymen" a half a world away; the one collective "common enemy" to our way of Western lifestyles and ideals. And, when the big bad boogeyman went away, ceasing to exist, it wouldn't be soon afterwards that the absence of atomic paranoia and the once-threatening Evil Empire would soon propel us to look closer at ourselves for the potential an enemy within.

Yes, with the absence of a clearly defined ‘bad guy' it is in our nature, as a species and as a people, to start pointing fingers at our selves.

What this election year has revealed to me is that not only is the political landscape clearly in a state of flux, oddly parallel to a general state of flux globally, but that we American citizens have a civic duty to not just vote, but also to earnestly evaluate issues, parties, candidates and even, selves. It is our civic duty to do all of these things to process through the STATUS QUO of America's yesterday and constructively look forward to the potential of America's tomorrow.

Out of our Nation's personal convictions and Voting of Confidence, a new Nation stands to arise, like a Phoenix out of the political ashes of Election 2008.

How fortunate are we, to find our National identity amidst a PRECIPICE OF CHANGE in which, truly, every voter's vote counts and we stand to not just read about history, but equally to participate in, and forge a change today, what stands to become yesterday's history of tomorrow.

How priviledged and fortunate we are.

Intrinsically, it is in my nature to gravitate towards more conservative values and issues, generally speaking. I prefer, and have almost always preferred a more conservative approach most notably because of the horror show childhood I had to endure at the hands of extreme liberal ‘parenting.' (Reference the 21-part HubPages JILTED SUPERSTAR series, abridged from ‘The Confessions Of A Jilted Superstar, In His Many Conversations With God', my 2005 autobiography.)

I maintain a certain degree of personal pride in being able to still reflect upon youth and even recall, with much clarity and honored distinction, how much Ronald Reagan inspired and motivated me through adolescence and into young adulthood.

Reagan didn't always get it right, but even in err he shined like a beacon. As I wrote about in CONFESSIONS, Ronald Reagan was the best 6-year President we had serve our Nation as Commander In Chief.

For lack of other term, the only ‘fault' I throw at the late Mr. Reagan is that in the final two years, his gradual ‘slip' into dementia began. A pity and a shame, but as such, his Presidency was effective only a solid six initial years. Further, using that same logic, Ronald Wilson Reagan, one of my two personal Presidential champions of the former 20th Century, was therefore competent to serve only six of his elected eight years. Once the falling asleep during cabinet meetings transitioned over to bizarre behavior, mumblings and odd statements, Mr. Reagan really should have voluntarily stepped aside and discharged the Vice President (then Bush, senior) in effecting his duties.

As an American, our Nation has fought for the privilege to voice our beliefs, to vote and to speak and think independent of governmental influence. In as much, such is our civic duty, paid for by the blood of our relatives and our Nation's ancestors, to respect and honor our American heritage, to vote our personal convictions without fear of retribution, and ultimately to rally behind our Nation's leader, regardless of political identity, either pro or con, to our own personal political beliefs. Then, when the election process concludes, it is our duty as American citizens to embrace subsequent change if appropriate, or no change has occurred, to hold credence in the STATUS QUO when necessary.

In the end, regardless of individual political ideology, we collectively move forward as a Nation.

Thus I ask you, just as we hold accountable our fellow citizens who participate in the process and vote, shouldn't we likewise also hold equally accountable those candidates in whom we place our political faith and idealistic beliefs throughout the entire election process? Are not the candidates equally responsible for not only earning our votes to bring them to platform, but also, as our elected representatives, to themselves be responsible for upholding our National best interests, regardless of partisanship or affiliation?

Seems to me that too many times too often, Mr. Smith goes to Washington only, upon arriving, forgetting where he came from; or how and who got then there in the first place.

As American citizens, we are indeed fortunate to have a freedom of choice. How sad that all too often candidates forget, after being elected, what exactly their real duty is to America and both the citizens who voted them into office, as well as the citizens who opposed their political candidacy in the first place: It is the elected's responsibility to be responsible.

The observation between Reagan's tenure and the tenure of our current sitting President is almost polar opposite:

Reagan had just over six years of effective executive stewardship. In sharp counter-contrast, almost a full oppositional Ying to Reagan's Yang, the current President Bush has had over six years of befuddled incompetence, duplicity and failure; or, what I have subsequently come to term BUSHIAN DISMALISM.

As a registered republican, a unabashed Reagan conservative, a former Honorably Discharged military serviceman, and former law enforcement specialist, I myself naturally gravitate away from traditional liberal agendas. My personal life experiences, upbringings and professional experiences have all predisposed me to a rather moderate conservative take. Therefore, with these aspects of me known, it is with a tinge of political embarrassment that I conclude Mr. Bush has consistently and systematically failed on practically all fronts.

Further, this sense of political embarrassment is exacerbated following his marvelous initial managerial responsiveness after the September 11th 2001 tragedies. That challenging period following September 11th, 2001, George Bush displayed exemplary compassion and leadership. Essentially, at that time, Bush showed some sort of a capacity for effective Presidential management. Yes, thank God, Bush got THAT right; had his response to 9/11 been as equally disastrous as everything else under his command since then, I shiver to think where the United States would stand today.

President George W. Bush had just less than two effective years as our Nation's Commander In Chief. Sadly, Mr. Bush's greatest legacy will be his only greatest legacy: His magnificent leadership of a Nation through those dark days and months, we must all collectively give praise where praise is due.

Well done, Mr. President and thank you.

But, what happened?

How did we as a nation go from unification to disintegration throughout the tenure of Bush's leadership?

Following September 11th 2001, Mr. Bush had cohesive world sympathy and support. Political affiliations and national boundaries were removed and for the first time in a very long while, the tragic events of that black day ushered a collective National and worldwide outpouring of compassion and affection upon the United States. That global compassion gave our Nation strength to face imperilment and adversity with courage, particularly in those initial hours, days and weeks when at any moment we Americans didn't know what to expect, or if 9/11 was a sort of a beginning to a National end.

But ultimately, The Bush Administration took that one galvanizing moment and outpouring of global compassion and subsequently squandered everything. Once Bush's leadership through those dark days began to bring small glimmers of light back into our Nation's darkness, the beginning of the BUSHIAN DISMALISM began as practically everything that Bush touched, in an oddly reverse sort of Midas Touch, turned to failure rather than to gold.

I gave our President the benefit of the doubt through those initial two years: I took his disjoined arguments and spun them to make sense; I ignored his guffaws and even found them endearing; I defended the odd decisions and even poor decisions and supported our President, my conservative President, fervently, because I was an American first, and a moderate conservative, second.

But soon, it all began to unravel.

When my conservative base began to splinter and fray into bizarre, unusual directions, even the George Bush-speak stopped making sense to me. And, I wasn't even one of the Republican ‘Die-Hards' either; I was one of the moderate conservatives who could actually BE flexible on a wide variety of political issues, both conservative and liberal alike.

Then, one day, enough was enough for this left-of-center moderate: I was done.

The once fervent ‘support' I'd rallied behind previously was replaced with an embarrassed silence. Soon my embarrassment, my silence, led me to apathy. Soon, as the Devil will find work for idle hands to do, apathy inspired in me a rekindled thirst for political knowledge.

I discovered a few years ago, that I had questions.

"What happened to our Nation?" and "How has America, in all its leadership and splendor gotten here? To this place?"

These questions, and hundreds of disenchanted others repeatedly echoed about my thoughts, innermost at first but ultimately aloud.

In seeking answers to these questions, I realized just WHY it took me so long to see the forest for the trees: I sought separate justifications for each and every problem that has brought America from its rightful place in the World as a beacon of truth and justice, to these now perilous days.

I suddenly realized my error: that there were not 'separate' nor 'individual' answers to each of the problematic challenges facing these United States today, instead there was just one. I realized that there was ONE simple answer, not several individual ones, to best summarize the problems responsible for ushering our Nation to this now precarious position: GEORGE W. BUSH.

My friends, please remember this if nothing else: (1) The STATUS QUO of our Nation's political system is not working, nor can our Nation continue down the boulevard of BUSHIAN DISMALISM any more; (2) The STATUS QUO must now be challenged; (3) The challenge at hand reveals and acknowledges a fatal flaw in our existing political system; (4) That, as Americans, it is our civic duty to challenge the STATUS QUO, as did our beloved Nation's founding forefathers; (5) The flaw needs to result in change; and (6) Upon change, the change must become the new STATUS QUO.

As a disenfranchised conservative who, after several disastrous and progressively worsening years of BUSHIAN DISMALISM, realized fully that in order for this Nation to survive, the George Bush disaster express must now derail.

My friends, this disastrous course of National mismanagement can not be maintained any longer.

Decorated armed forces veteran and respected Senator John McCain, fellow member our Nation's conservative party and an esteemed representative from the beautiful state of Arizona, is capable and qualified of being the next President of the United States of America.

However, as myself a former conservative, now completely disenfranchised with the STATUS QUO of George Bush leadership, a leadership too tightly embraced by the good Senator McCain, I have serious and grave reservations about the capability of these United States weathering another four years, another four months even, of this McCain-embraced national, political and economic disaster of George W. Bush's Presidential mismanagement.

The honorable, the esteemed Senator McCain, is not the appropriate candidate, of the choices afforded to our voting populace, to entrust with this important task, at this Nation's PRECIPICE OF CHANGE.

It is for all of these reasons that I shall be voting for BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, and likewise invite other disenfranchised conservatives to do the same.

God bless these United States of America.

© 2008 - R. MARTIN BASSO


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    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      This conversation I was having with my wife just this morning. Yesterday too, in fact. As a decorated and disabled U.S. military veteran, I will say that Mr. Obama has done remarkable things for veterans. I am, directly and specifically, am benefiting in several ways. On the issues of Veteran's affairs, I give the President the highest and most enthusiastic scores. Next, on national security, he has performed above adequately. Those are the only two areas I am willing to give favorable merits to at this time.

      When I wrote those articles, five years ago, I was -as with so many- in a different place... Because I enjoy a veeeeeery minor degree of local notoriety in my entertainment circles, readers, etc, I have been tempted to remove that series. In fact, let me clarify: I actually DID remove the series, but I re-posted it. Not for political reasons, but because I feel that as a social commentator it is OK to grow and change as a person.

      Traditionally, I have always err'd on the side of the more 'conservative' of issues. But age wears down our abrasive edges and smooths us out a bit, yes? To be true to self and fair, I re-posted that old 2008 series because it represents my development as a person far more than it represents my political views today. The whole experience of life, over the past 5+ years, has taught me to be a bit more strident in life.

      My election 2008 series was part of that process, and I am a better person for having written it at the time, because it was -at the time- not only the hope and change that the Nation needed, but also what I personally needed. Today I need other things, and want different things. I think the whole Election 2008 is actually more of a fascinating national study on mass media marketing and political brand impression, if anything.

      Am I still happy with my endorsement?

      I am happy that I have grown into the person I am today, through the process that has brought me to this point five years on.

      I'd much rather talk about hoe the film LIFE of PI was -literally- a life changing film for me.


    • AlexDrinkH2O profile image

      AlexDrinkH2O 3 years ago from Southern New England, USA

      Tell me, are you still happy with your endorsement?

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      One week after the election, and only now I found your comment. Apologies for not responding sooner, CW.

      I most certainly hope we re-group, because the other option seems to ... stink!


    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Good stuff, as always, Reid. I agree this election is an improtant turning point in American history. Will we continue to flounder and eventually completely fall apart (McCain), or will we regroup, pull our heads out of our asses and catch up with the rest of the world and the 21st century (Obama)?

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA


      Yes; and brand-loyalty is exactly what becomes the problem. One can actually just choose a party now and all options in that party will be selected and voted. Ridiculous!

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      Hi Reid,

      I like the straightforward way you put your arguments forward in this hub. What you say about party labels is absolutely true, and the Bush Republicans are a different breed from those of twenty five years ago. Just because something calls itself by the same name, doesn't mean it's the same beast. People exhibit too much brand-loyalty when it comes to politics.

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA


      YES! Your points are valid and precise! It is totally in our nature to blame in bad times and praise in good, but that's the nature of the beast I suppose. Sadly, I think that BUSHIAN DISMALISM has so damaged America that it will take AT LEAST 4 years to repair anything, so, sadly, Obama is screwed coming out of the gate.

      Great points, and thank you for the compliment of adding your input, Tom.


    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

      I feel that we let the times define the president to too great an extent. We blame a president for bad luck and praise a president for good. It seems the truth is steeped in secrecy and subterfuge and we never really know actual merit or flaw. The results are too far down the line of dominos to either predict or audit. Though the president may be the most powerful person on earth, s/he cannot ensure that I, personally, won't lose my job, for example, or that some event will not cause a cascading failure of some vital aspect of our civilization, like our economic system. Yet our choice of president is a reflection of ourselves. I, too, will vote for Obama because I think a vote for Obama is a vote for hope and a vote against fear.

      Kudos on another excellent article.

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      S. MILLER~

      While YOU seem to be factually in tune with facts, you come off a little too'used-car sales man'... A lot of glitsz and flas but questionable substance.

      I think that you have a lot to say, but, honestly, after 4 sentences, I got bored and lost interest. Your above diatribe like a religious fundamentalist hooting and hollering. It's 4:30 in the morning right now and I just don't have the energy or time to elicit up a formitable response to any of this right now... Maybe later. I'm actually really not even sure if we 'technically' disagree on anything, since you seem to be just 'stumping' here for you own agenda.

      You have a lot of the MICHAEL SAVAGE syndrome showing through in you argument.

      Can you leave us an edited 'version' of your ramblings, without hyperlinks? Otherwise, I'll respond as much as possible later to whatever valid points you make, if any, later.

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the compliment that I "write well." I like that part. :-)

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      S. MILLER-

      << Readers: This response is actually to S. MILLER, which is copied & pasted below. Because this S. MILLER individual included an internet hyperlink to some external website, and because S. MILLER put so much fervant emotion into the comment, rather than simply deleting it for having an external internet link, I copied/pasted it and then just removed the link.>>

      S. MILLER - In the future, please do not include external internet hyperlinks in your postings or I will not be able to post your comments.


      S Miller says:5 hours ago

      R. Martin,

      While you write well, it is evident you must have gone outside for a long toke part way through the formulation of your diatribe.

      Let's sum this up in simple terms. Bush and his legacy will go down as a President who let the "isle reach across" to him one too many times, rather than him reaching across the isle as he promised to continue during his second term.

      Regardless what the shamefull media reports and no matter what shit they now shovel about being deceived, the FACT is that Irag COULD NOT have happened WITHOUT the club's approval, Wall Street couldn't be out of control save total inaction and lack of oversight by the club and its members. Not any president including where CRA and loosend guidelines by Fannie and Freddie started with Carter, has been in control except with the implicit permission ot the club, . So it ain't just Bush's war - PERIOD. And it ain't Bush's failed policies. It is the lack of the club to perform its mandated duty- OVERSIGHT and APPROVAL. Senate - laws, House - purse strings. Both Obama and anyone else who contradicts that analysis of fact has to be on the purest form of crack.

      The Senate and the House BOTH have the same "direct pipelines and interactions" with the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Defense as the President, therefore the same intelligence information as the President, again - PERIOD. So what ever the President says the club already knows and has verified through the same sources as those available to the President. The actions of Wall Street are the club's baby as are those of the treasury.

      Politics in the US is not about a President, or a Party as much as it is about two well established "country clubs"; the Senate and the House. There has never been a President who survived their combined wrath. Good, Bad, or Ugly, going to bed with the "club" is like going to bed with a gorilla. No matter how good or how bad the sex, YOU ain't DONE until the gorilla is DONE!

      So, no matter what the President shovels, good, bad, or indifferent, until the clubs want to buy or sell, it ain't bought or sold. The clubs will give an inch as long as they get a mile in return. Whether that mile is paid for freely or is extracted by force, they will get their mile. Bush is repaying his mile and then some.

      Amazingly, he has become the Republican Party, so the Party is paying too. But not at the expense of any club member no matter that club member's affiliation. Once a club member, always a club member even in so called "disgrace". Club members are protected for life.

      The most recent club member to fall, the guy from Alaska, will still retain his club membership privileges, as will all Senators and Congressman.

      There are four plans available to club members. Every inclusion known to man is provided to club members. Even if convicted of crimes other than treason and espionage. During January of 2007, in a show to quell voter dissidence, Senate club members inacted the "LegislativeTransparency and Accountability Act of 2007, by a vote of 87-0". Imagine that 87-0 and the all weren't from the same party. Following suite and not to be left "out-did", the House's club members "passed by a vote of 431-0H.R. 476, which would amend Title 5 of the U.S. Code" Imagine both ofr which essentially say that if a club member is caught with and convicted of having his hand in the till using bribery, lies, or cheating, they have to forfeit that portion of their pension that was earned during the term in which they were caught. BUT it only impacts the CRFS and FERS parts of the pension plan and not the Thrift Plan or Social Security portions of their benefits.

      Now to Obama. The new Messiah is about the gospel of "fish giving". The old Fart is about preaching the gospel of "each one learning to fish for themselves".

      The later believes in "one for all and all for one" and the former only believes in "all for one", because the "one" is a victim.

      When one sees themself as a victim especially because of their difference, they will never overcome their difference, When one sees their difference as a badge of honor they will never again be a victim. It only took the Jews forty years of living by themselves in the desert to learn that. 40 years after Martin Luther King we still have some doubters. We forget, because we dont' read histroy, that the English created more victims from their own people than they did of any other people through their practice of using debtor prisons. The English are survivors. Warring North African Tribes haven't reached the year 2008, they are creating more vicims and survisors tahn any place in the world.

      Here is Amercia we talk about victims. But why are they victims? Isn't it becasue of the FAILED POLICIES of the JOHNSON ADN=MINISTRATION? Any won't failure be exacerbated by a new round of re-distributing wealth instead of providing advantages that promote turning victims into survivors. Redistribution of wealth makes for a good party, but that is all.

      The Japanese and Chinese live to perfection the charactgerization of turning victim status into survivor status. They choose to keep their race pure. They choose education and interdependence, creation of wealth through providing goods and services, not taking government checks to use for consuming goods and services.

      Western Europeans learned that inter marriage cures prejudices and turns vicitms into survivors. Offspring of unions between conflicting factions forge unities between those factions.

      A parents love is unconditional, but, a grandparent's love is uncontrollable.

      The King of England marrying the Queen of France didn't change the languages or cultures of two different peoples, but it sure stopped the wars. The Spanish figured it out too. Look at the Phillipines, the Carribean, hell, look at Mexico, they sure aren't all Mayans cross the border. Point being, we are only a "red-haired step child" if we choose to that step child.

      My grandfather characterized victim status and survivor status best. He said "Son, as a people, as a world of people, we all have one thing in common" and that is "the only difference between us is that we came from different parents, and NOT ONE of us had a choice in who are parents are!". Simple denominator isn't it?

      So to the race baiters, this election is not about Obama's heritage. To the young and the restless, this election is not about young blood versus old. To you confused masses, this election is not about four more years of Bush. This elections is about concentration of power. This election is about the club gaining control of the White House. A very dangerous control. An eample of this danger, which was not seen as news worthly by any of the electronic media is the fact that "Bush's $700 billon dollar bail out", as it has been dubbed by the club, is really the club's purchase of the election and includes among many other examples, a $50 million club member hand out to Star Kist Tuna so that it can retool its plants in American Samoa in advance of its sale to the South Koreans. Ms Pelosi is responsible for this "handout". She is also responsible for making sure that Amercia

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA


      I do hear you and can certainly appreciate the sense of upset you might be feeling right now; particularly in light of the 2 guys that were caught yesterday orchestrating a plot. We are a week away from the election and now we are starting to seee an ugly side of politics begin to rear its head again: racism. I was hoping that it wouldn't come up (again) as it did briefly in the waning days of the Hillary overatures to become nominated. It's unfortunate that now just a week out the racial card is in very subtle ways being played once again. I do think the media is it's own worse enemy: they want Obama, but also feed into drama to sell publicity. in this sad case, the drama into which they are feeding is the very things they seek to distance themselves from: racism.... Essentially it sells, just like sex or controversy, but by focusing too much upon it the media threatens to suddently 'remind' America that, oh yeah, Obama IS a Black man... It's a Catch 22, ideally I think.

      Let's see how this all progresses. Thank you again for your valued insight, ma'am.


    • clarity profile image

      clarity 8 years ago from Roslindale, MA

      Jeffrey, I am assuming you were talking about me when you said, I am basing my voting decision on"childish emotions" That's how I feel up this poinbt close to the election. I am all for the issues that is affecting us. I'm just concerned of how this election might play out next week.

      Yes, Reid, I do feel defeated. I admitted it, but this is how I feel up to this point. If the election was held two month ago, I would have been alright. We are close to decide a presiden, but our states are not ready. I hear voter fraud in Ohio, Acorn, now I am hearing the state of Virginia, is not going to be ready on November 4th. Isn't that enought to make a person feel depressed.

      And the reason I brought up the race part is because CNN won't let up on their stupid pollsters. I also hear on the news yesterday about the two young man who called themselves "white supramacist" who were planning on Attack on Obama on election night. I just got sad and emotional yesterday because I don't just see Obama as a candidate running for the presidency, I see him as a father of two young children. I was just outraged that we as American still has to deal with this nonsense.

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      CLARITY~ Hello and thank you for commenting again; it is indeed an honor to have your heartfelt opinin and input into the full process of my writings. I can not help but become teary-eyed at reading the REALITY of a woman, a BLACK woman at that, who has she herself fallen out of grace with the AMERICAN voting process. You are an AMERICAN, ma'am, not a 'BLACK' American. Don't be duped by Jesse Jackson's lies, or Al Sharpton's race-baiting propoganda. You have rights, as do I, because as having been born in this Country, we were born without color. If you still feel bound to your race and your color, move out of the sticks and into metropolis. In MY America, there is no such thing as WHITE, or BLACK, or ASIAN, or whatever... I don't go around correcting Affirmative Action pollsters that I am an Irish/Italian American, I simply revert them to the fact that, having beein born on this Nation's soverign soil, I am AMERICAN. I suggest and respectfully recommend that you do the same. I could not help, while reading your comments and afterwards as well, to be humbled to the point of tears for a great many reasons... Firstly, your gracious comments leave me feeling priviledged and blessed to be able to write in such a way that I might elicit a heartfelt response. Secondly, you sound 'defeated'- don't be.


    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA


      Hello and welcome. Thank you for presenting a well constructed argument to the points you cite; I really don't think that we are that far apart in our ideology.

      All of the points you make are logical and well said. I just don't think that I can arrive at the conclusion you waive as justification for the esteemed Senator McCain. Ok, so 40 years ago yesterday he sacrificed a great deal... I go to depths to praise and respectfully acknowledgew the achievement of Mr. McCain and how he gave and continues to give so much for our Nation. He is a good candidate, patriot and American. But he is not THE candidate for our Nation at this time. He is tainted and too stubborn in his ways, willing to blindly follow BUSHIAN DISMALISM in driving our Nation down Bush's failed boulevard for another 4 years. Obama might not be the best candidate, but he acknowledges one simple fact: what has been happening for the last 8 years IS NOT WORKING. Period. It is time to change and see what happens, because if we continue down this present course, catastrophe will ensue.

      I'm sorry, Jeff, but I can't use the esteemed Senator McCain's 40 year old laudings and sacrifices to be 100% justification to continue America, this country I love so dearly and have served Honorably myself through armed conflict for 7 months in the Bosnian War, down this continued path to chaos.

      I think we agree on a tremendous number of points. I really appreciate your insight and hope for your continued readership. Please read my article The Transcendiery Candidate, which I published 2 days ago in which I sing the praises of Colin Powell. Perhaps it will provide you with further insight into my progressively developing thought process politically.

    • profile image

      Jeffery  8 years ago

      Well, you know how to write but your making your voting decision based on childish emotions. I didn't vote for Bush the first time around and during the last election I actually volunteered to help Wesley Clark campaign in the Democratic primary. George W. Bush is the worst President we've ever had. Here's why:

      #1. Osama Bin Laden is still alive - PERIOD! Bush had an obligation to hand him his ass during his first 4-years in office. When he failed (we all know what he did so I'm not going to turn this into a history lesson) Americans had a duty to make sure Bush would never see a second term. Americans failed to pass that test and the rest is history. Americans failed for the same reason 9-11 took place - American people have become weak. Those responsible for pulling off 9-11 couldn't have taken over a trolly bus in Eastern Europe. They would of had the crap beaten out of them and been thrown in jail by the granny driving the bus. But that's another story.

      #2 Bush allowed scores of big money, global corporate crooks to slam our economy into a tail spin. From Enron to Haliburton and on to Blackwater and now Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, AIG, and on and on and on...

      But why does this surprise you? The while Bush family has a terribly screwed up sense of responsibility. It's a fact that Bin Laden family members were guests of the Bush family at various times. Ross Perot knew the Bush family and their misgivings. They were the motivation for his effort to upset Bush senior in his run for a second term. Perot knew he wasn't going to win. But he won - Bush I failed to get reelected!

      3. George W. Bush made scores of bad choices in his various appointments during his administration. The few good ones he made like Colin Powell, Tommy Thomas and Dave Anderson were completely disenfranchised.

      I don't blame you for the way you feel. I'm with you man. But lets not chuck the baby out with the bath water. Think about what McCain gave for this country 40 years ago yesterday! Think about that for a few minutes and ask yourself if he even resembles George Bush - there ain't no comparison my friend!

    • clarity profile image

      clarity 8 years ago from Roslindale, MA

      This a very great endorsement Reid. As always Reid, I love every piece of article that you have ever written, but tonight I have to say that I feel absolutely sad. This is a great historic moment in my lifetime and I should feel blessed to witnessed this political movement, but I don't. The hope I felt that Obma could possibly win this election may not happened. I'm concerned of the less progress that we have made as an american considering race. I'm also concerned about the voting machine that we have.

      8 years ago I voted for Gore, believing he was going to win. Then 4 years later I was even more dissapointed when I voted Kerry and he lost. I lost that hope and said I wanted nothing to do with any other presidential election. This year I was moved by Obama charisma and his hope messages. We are 8 days from election and I am not sure I want to go and vote next week.

      Number# 1 I feel that the presidency may go to McCain even thought the polls shows McCain is down, but I don't believe it. I feel that way because of what happend 8 years and 4 years ago. For 8 years now most of our elcction official couldn't even get those voting machine to set up right. Most of them are glitches, if you think you voting for Obama, you might end up voting for McCain unknowingly.

      Number 2# The race issues. I feel in my heart that the peole who said they are going to vote for Obama may not really vote for him. I believe that these people lied to pollsters. After having 43 white president, I don't think America want a black president now or ever wil. American citizens doesn't really like change. I'm not angry, but I just think it sad to be an American, but at the same time feels un-american when your skin color is diffrent. I have to ask, how could anyone called themselves an American and then say I won't vote for the black guy. To me that is un-american and un-patriotic. If you were born under the same proud flag you should be considred a red blooded American no matter what race or complexion you are.

      I hope I am not offended anyone, but I feel sad and believed we as American may not go far ahead in the future as I hope. The world is watching us and we supposed to be a leader.

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA


      According to one email 'fallen r. martin basso fan' who apparantly "won't be back to continue reading" it is the overall endorsement of Obama in general.


      It's not a Dem/Rep issue now for America... It's a survival issue and we need to get offa this course.


      Thank you for your support, readership and acknowldgement.

      It is indeed a priviledge to consider you a 'fan' of my writings.



    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      It takes courage and intelligence to put issues ahead of party line. Those readers will obviously be choosing the 2nd option in your poll above. Party first and foremost. NOt being a conservative I don't quite know on which issue(s) they are finding you so disloyal to the cause.

      Well, you've made a compelling argument... hope you get some REAL converts!

    • R. Martin Basso profile image

      Reid Martin Basso 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA


      Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. i LITERALLY laughed ou loud upon reading your comment! I'm sifting through e-mails now in my personal email account as the result of this endorsement article... good input and whatnot... but I must say... you sertainly made me literally laugh out loud, as I said. In 15 minutes I have 93 emails in my inbox from my readership... Mostly 'good job' sort of input, but quite a few "how can you betray us conservatives like this?!" whatever... Not easy being a flag-bearer.... lol.

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 8 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Nicely done, Martin. Well thought out, rational and reasonable. I hope you include in the Bushian Dismalism the rest of the broken system in Washington, and that is Congress. '

      Obama sure has his work cut out for him. I applaud you for putting your vote behind him. So now your charge is converting only 22,999 of your readers:-) MM