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Election 2016: A Trumping of History

Updated on November 23, 2016

It's not so much that I'm "pro-Trump" as I am "Never-Hillary." Along with the avalanche of overwhelming evidence against the Clinton's illegal activities, I oppose the Clinton Mafia for what I personally endured whilst in deployed for almost a year to Bosnia during Bill Clinton's reign. So, yeah, my "never Clinton" slant is personal.

That disclaimer aside, I was the last to go Trump for a longest time. I didn't start out endorsing Trump, mainly since I was a Rubio guy. When Marco dropped out I begrudgingly went to Cruz. Cruz never sat well with me, however... A little too snake-oily.

Because I've come over to now endorsing Trump I've taken a lot of heat from people I thought were once my friends. I've lost some and will surely lose more now with this piece.

Funny how people like you if you blindly drink the Leftist Kool-Aid. However, the moment you think differently, the people -typically those claiming they're "progressive" and "open minded"- freak out at true resistance to the status quo.

I realized one morning that my perception of Trump‬ -who I once disliked immensely- was being filtered through the very same Leftist "Big Media" terrified of losing the foothold they've historically had in the mainstream.

Trump is self-made and doesn't need them, so, of course he is a threat. Of course Big Media needs to make him look like a racist and a bigot and a loose cannon.

Remember the rules of Leftist mass-media population control: If it bleeds it leads, never waste a good crisis, if there isn't a problem create one, if all else fails play the race card decrying racism.

It's easy to shut people down by yelling "bigot" or painting you to be racist. Add in the same isolated video clips edited however you want and -poof- you can make anyone look however you want them to look.

That's the power of audio video editing for you. I know; I've done it. I'm in the industry, I know these tactics too and have used them as well at some point or another.

So, I started researching Trump for myself.

Trump's no bigot; do the research and you'll see. Trump is the only candidate to openly embrace Israel, has created tens of thousands of jobs, champions the female workforce, turned $1M into $4.5B and charters focused giving back to communities and people in need.

Like Carnegie, Ford, Hughes, Onassis, and all the rest, with Trump's money and influence, he's a threat to all: the Leftists hate him, the conservatives can't control him and government wants to destroy him.

Trump is showing the world what happens when a fringe candidate cannot be bought, and, can't be sold. Trump is demonized for refusing to go mainstream liberal or mainstream conservative.

If no party embraces him, then logically he is a threat to both. There's the burn... The *real* burn. Huh... Go figger.

In the end, Sanders, who preached a good game but sold out by endorsing the very Hillary establishment he decried, ultimately showed his true colors: just another lying sell out.

Now, eight years after the historic 2008 progressive landslide, which I supported initially, and then again -though begrudgingly- in 2012, the world is awash in chaos, spiraling towards disaster. This wasn't the "hope and change" I voted for, B.O.

No sane person can honestly say that the world is "better off" today than it was in 2008. Back then, I didn't think it could get much worse at the time when I too was initially duped into voting for that "hope and change."

Boy, was I wrong. Mia Culpa.

For true ‪"hope & change‬" to occur now, the only candidate capable of fixing this entire mess is the one candidate who simply doesn't need the job.

That person is Trump.

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©2016. by Reid Martin Basso for Three Doves Media, LLC

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