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2016 Election : An unprecendented campaign

Updated on August 3, 2016

An unusual tone

The 2016 Presidential election in United States is by far one of the most spectacular we have ever seen in decades.Some political analysts are equally amazed and appalled at the unprecedented characteristics attached to it.The usual political correctness used by the running elite has been denounced by the Republican candidate Donald Trump many times , a financial magnate no stranger for controversy.

The charismatic new York businessman ,new in the game, from the beginning went head on , going ballistic as much as he can towards the establishment,a strategy which bore its fruits as he eliminated all his fellow republicans enemies.

He is now targeting Hillary Clinton, calling her a liar unworthy to the be the next president.Truth to be told,the recent hacking of the DNC account is not helping her case.

The woman card

However, her credentials as a former first lady, senator and secretary of state might give her victory on November the 8th,not to mention the “first woman to break the glass ceiling” factor.

On that note, it is really surprising to see her downplaying that card because that is a big asset, and voting for her, in a strictly historical point of view, is really going to make a difference.

If she were to win the presidency, the democrats could pride themselves to be at the forefront of race and gender equality.

The Devil's advocate

Donald trump, on the other hand, is the devil’s advocate of nativism, as his speeches peppered with hatred illustrate.His campaign is tainted by offensive language,inaccuracy ,amateurism and an egotism second to none.He’s an entertaining and colourful character that transformed,like it or not,the political arena on a reality TV show, or ,to put it kindly,a messy circus.This is precisely why the RNC scored more TV viewers than its opponents.

With that guy able to talk and reach out to the average Joe, politics isn’t boring anymore.He is the epitome of a demagogue working its magic through stormy comments.He could easily be described as the impersonation of the Saint Andreas fault giving birth to a gigantic earthquake : the so-called big one destroying the American politic’s shaky foundations.

There is more : he, the billionaire, got the endorsement of the rusty belt’s workers who didn’t get their slice of the American pie.Furthermore,he managed ,somehow ,to compare State policy with business plan.And people buy it.They really do… Sad.

Two wealthy candidates trying to reach out to the average Joe

Both are hypocrites when they pretend to defend the interests of the middle-class workers and understand their daily struggles.How can possibly Hillary and Trump have the slightest clue at what it’s like to live on a minimum wage? Get real !

Hillary recently confessed not having driven a car since …1996.As for Donald Trump, he prefers to go from place to place aboard his own private jet or helicopter.

They both represent the 1 % happy few so many people despise for their financial souring of the system.

Drowning in murky waters

Even their moral ethics got recently challenged .

Hillary, through her Clinton foundation, has been criticised for getting money from countries muzzling women’s liberty such as Saudi Arabia,which completely defeats the purpose of helping women ‘s cause worldwide.

Donald Trump ,some formers professional partners say,left a trail of tears and desolation wherever he went.The recent trump university scandal is ,apparently,only the tip of the iceberg.

Two antagonistic narratives

The “Diviseness Versus Inclusive America” Hillary Clinton is surfing on is aimed at gaining the vote of the minorities.Her choice of Tim Kaine,fluent in Spanish, as her running mate, is no accident either.

That should be the trend for many campaigns to come, as the demographics show how fast the Latino community is growing all over America .

It is also with noting that during her acceptance speech she mentioned police officers being shot at in the line of duty as well as the African Americans fallen through the law enforcement officer’s bullets.

Trump as we are accustomed to,praised the police over and over for its courage and dangerous, heroic job but went silent on blacks victims of an equally outrageous racism-biased system.

The left-behind when the polls are kings

Curiously, nobody talked of the Native Americans, .This is their soil, after all, isn’t it ?

The crushing machine of the American politics once again didn’t show them the respect they deserve… but it is because like everywhere else, only numbers matters.

The polls are kings.And the politicians pay attention to them because they always go where the wind blows.

The 2016 Presidential election in United States is more than ever a gamble.

Donald Trump or Hillary, it is all not the same ,but whatever the result, let’s hope the American people will not been sold out…. Again.


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