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Election Day Approaches--PA Labor and Union Report, 11-1

Updated on November 1, 2015

Election Day Approaches

Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day and there are several seats on the State's judical benches up for grabs. A few pro-worker justices could go a long way not in in the courts, but also in terms of redistricting.

There are stll opportunities to help get out the labor vote that can be found on the AFL-CIO webpage.

The endorsed candiates are as follows:

State Supreme Court

  • Kevin Dougherty (D)
  • David Wecht (D)
  • Christine Donohue (D)

State Superior Court

  • Alice Beck-Dubow (D)

Commonwealth Court

  • Mike Wojcik (D)

37 Senate District

  • Heather Arnet (D)

Court Rules Firing Was Anti-Union

The Harrisburg Patriot-News reported on October 28 that the State Supreme Court ruled that the 2010 termination of two employees at a Lancaster County youth intervention center was in response to their efforts to organize the employees.

Adam Medina and Tony Epps were terminated on the ground that they had stolen food from a co-workers mailbox. According to the courts ruling, disciplinary policy was not followed. Also no other employees had been terminated for theft of food and the employee whose food was taken had no objections to the food being taken,

The decision requires the two be re-instated and that they be awarded back pay, but other issues not appealed to the State Supreme Court were returned to Commonwealth Court.


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