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Election End

Updated on November 6, 2012

What we have to look forward too regardless the outcome of this election

We are now coming to an end of the election. This has been the most tiring 4 years of any presidential time I have been a part of. Since the beginning I have felt the pettiness of those 'anti Obama'. The day after the election when Obama won it was evident especially at work from my fellow co-workers.

The rants and continuous debates on whether or not the 44th president was American went on for how long? Obama care couldn't get passed because Congress refused to accept change. We could never get beyond the fact that there was a "non white man" as president that our government failed the people. Did it matter? I don't think so. There was only one agenda and that was to get Obama out of office some how some way, it had to be done.

People argue that the unemployment rate has been up the longest since President Obama has been in office. Makes you think how far those in power will go to sabatoge this president. "The Government doesn't create jobs." As Romney said during the second presidential debate. Yet here we are holding the presidents of this country responsible for job creation? On this part I agree with Romney. I have never connected job creation to the government. It has always and will always be a focus point during any president's time in office especially during election time.

A fear of the inevitable thinking of past presidents and leaders of change such as Lincoln, King, Malcolm X, and Kennedy. Threats on this man's life and his family's bring a great fear over me . Should we pass the stick and let the world get what they deserve? A man who stands for inequality when it comes to race, gender, religion. A business man who knows how to make money by cutting corners? Because that's what all 'good businessmen' seem to be good at. Reason why their pockets constantly stay fat! Ask those businessman and women if their employees actually have money banked per social security. If that extra retirement income you're putting away is actually going into your retirement funds or being spent 'in the now' not for you but for that CEO and or CFO, owner to take longer vacations or to help pay their taxes off because they have been levied year after year. Whereas they can pay 14% of taxes towards their millions when struggling wage earners have to go into their 401k/retirement and be penalized and have to pay out more than 20% in taxes. To give control to the private sector means more power to businesses.

As a human race we are good at being all for inequality look at our history. These people are all about take take take but never give give give unless they could claim it on their tax returns as a deduction still getting something back for their charitable contributions. "Take back America" is what they scream when they hold up their "Fire Obama" signs. I ask who are you going to give it back to? America doesn't belong to the majority of those that believe it does. As we drive out of the Town Center Park my sister yells out "Keep Obama" the lady that holds up the signs yells back "Traitor".

Traitor is defined as "a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust, a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country."

Who's the traitor in this scenario? Since President Obama has been in office those that has opposed him has disrepected him, threatened him as president, threatened his family. They have worked so hard to discredit him without giving him the chance to bring a country who was long before in a recession, 4 years to make some kind of lead way.

Those that has actually suffered from job loss, a death in their family, with a financial hardship crisis should understand it takes some time to make lead way when pulling yourself out of debt. Yet as a people we betrayed President Obama by denying him the right to be President and make the choices to help this country.

We have opposing sides arguing about military deficit and unemployment is that all you have? Romney wants to increase military spending? Are you listening are you paying attention? Wars create money for big businesses its our history. Wake up people. I say let Romney win if that is to be the outcome, I am ok with the bumper sticker on my car "I voted for the other guy."


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    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Great article, I see that you do not mince words here.

      Proposing continued explotation of middle and working classes has been Romney and the GOP's master plan. I am more concerned about feudalism over socialism.

      What the rightwingers fail to realize is that Obama, a center left politically, hardly radical, may be their best hope of allowing them to keep the status quo, maintain their wealth, as an exploited and screwed working class may not remain pensive and that would not bode well for Thurston Howell III.

    • dewilliams30 profile image

      Donnetta Williams 5 years ago from jacksonville

      When I hear the owner of Papa Johns make a comment that he is trying to cut his employees hours, and or lay off because he doesn't want to provide his workers 'that percentage that is either FT or because he staffs over 50 employees' health insurance to me that doesn't sound like a good business man. I guess I can't relate to someone working and being denied heath insurance when I am sure they don't get paid enough to seek heath insurance on their own. Should we raise the income level or lower it so that those persons who work for these businesses who refuse to pay for their employees to have health insurance can seek government aid such as medicaid? I guess I just don't see how that would be any different. The healthcare issue was a big topic during the McCain/Obama campaign and if anyone looked at McCain's plan it was not that much of a difference. Now health insurance is not an issue? I wish that it was just about what Obama stood for that seemed so outrageously ridiculous such as sending our Country into the deepest debt somewhat like the Reagan era, those who opposed him being reelected wouldn't have used their hatred but facts. The photo I posted was real. Someone put that car bumper sticker over my co-workers Obama sticker. Seems like hatred to me using a noose to make a point?

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I have nothing against Obama personally and would never threaten a life, but I do not like where he has tried to take our country. Yes, it is mine, and yours and my grandchildren's.

      I do not believe that creating jobs is the job of the government but it is the job of the government to create an atmosphere that is conducive to growth. I do not believe that he has done that. I believe that he has taken it the other way. Companies are having to take their employees down to part-time because they can't afford the insurance coverage for full-time employees. More will be working but not enough hours to make ends meet, so they will have to have two jobs just to get by.

      The debt that all of his programs are creating is scary. We will never be able to pay it off. This is not exactly the best timing for him to push health care through, people can't afford it and the country can't afford it. Many are highly alarmed at the extreme rise in the National Debt and that is also another reason that he is being opposed. Combined with the non-transparency of this transparent man, it makes us wonder what else he is hiding. He has surrounded himself with the most radical Socialists and Marxists in the world, which really alarms anyone that truly values our freedom. When those two get together, countries rapidly lose their freedoms. The UK has lost the right to Habeus Corpus recently with their inclusion into the EU. We do not want that happening to us. That is when they have to have a good reason to arrest you and put you in jail. We do not want for our children and grandchildren to lose that right.

      I hope this helps you understand more of the problems that we have with the Presidency of Mr. Obama.