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Election Festival in Karnataka - India

Updated on April 22, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Electronic Voting Machine.


Happy to Vote but sorry to note.

Elections in India are most welcome to slum dwellers and unskilled jobless workers.The reason is simple they have a job with Pay and free food during this period for as long as it is lasts which is at least for a month with extended working hours with further amenities such as free transport,food and extra pay for these men who act as party workers.These men are mostly from rural areas and for them only money matters and nothing else.They will do any work in any place and are unafraid of anything.The number of men employed varies as the day of voting approaches these men are doubled or even tripled.The next big gainers are poster printers,painters and people who sell these items like paint and canvas.Then there are food courts which supply food and also cooks who are engaged at certain places where food stations does not exist.

The next level of men who enjoy the same benefits with better perks are the real party workers who have to supervise the men working at various places and looking after them so that they do not go away to some other party working in the same area.These party workers are loyal and work hard to impress their boss who is the candidate standing for election to the position from the lowest category of Panchayat President or Councillor at rural areas to urban centers where corporators are elected to local municipal corporations. Member of the Legislative Assembly and Member of the Parliament.

The demand for transport goes up during these days for Auto Rickshaw's Taxis,Mini Trucks and Mini Bus like vehicles for the use of daily needs by the army of men working to see that the job is done with out any complaints.Public Address System is another area which goes around all residential areas blaring why people should vote for their party man who works for them so honestly serving the voters in their need of crisis.

The Final level is the candidate himself who will visit each house and greet the family with his folded hands with 'Namaste 'and telling them that they must vote on the day with out fail as their vote is precious to nation.You can tell him what ever you want to tell only on this day once the voting is over you will never see him again whether he is elected or not.If he is elected he will listen to you and will tell you why he cannot do what you want him to do.The people who can do also will not do what you want them to do.

What do we the voters get?

Window dressing which means some pot holes in the road will be filled some roads get another coat of asphalt done little wider.Some side walks will be fixed with colored tiles.You will see that roads are cleaned daily till the elections are over.Garbage will be cleared daily.Power Supply will be improved.Slum dwellers will get cash and cloth with a promise for more gifts once they are elected.Voter ID Cards will be made available.Applications for AADHAR cards will be received and if few have not received the AADHAR letter or Card they will be asked to come after election is over.People in Slums will get Chits of Stamp size on which will be marked "R" for Rum,"W" for whiskey which will he called as quarter bottle only for the day.Their family's will be getting Food Packets "BIRYANI" a non veg chicken & Rice preparation.Water Tankers will supply water daily and even the sick will be taken care but only till elections are completed.

Once the Voting is done Festival is done no one cares you feel sorry.

Right to Vote.


V V I P'S in 'Q' to Vote.



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