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Elections in Serbia - Part II

Updated on May 11, 2012
Nikolic (SNS) on left side, and Boris Tadic on right side.
Nikolic (SNS) on left side, and Boris Tadic on right side. | Source

Ninth democratic elections

In Serbia, from May of 6th, elections on all levels have been held. In first round, "DS" (Demokratska Stranka) or Democratic Party took the slight win, while "SNS" or Serbian Advanced Party , was just about 0,5% behind. This is somehow huge thing, because, many analysis say that Serbia, once more has to choose between its past and present/ pro European future.

What was the most interesting thing on the level of presidential elections, is that "SPS" or Serbian Socialist Party, the party that have had Milosevic as its leader for a long time, and a party that practically ruined Serbia's reputation and look in World, won over 15% on presidential elections. This was major surprise, because analytical data - before elections - were saying that third spot will be reserved for new, fresh, and energetic power in Serbia - the "LDP" or Liberal Democratic Party, on head with Mr. Jovanovic.

Once again, Boris Tadic have won first place on presidential level - for third time - but with very, very slight won. It's very puzzled now, everything, how democratic "forces" will form the Government. Two weeks later, after 6th of May - on May of 20th - second round of presidential elections will be held. Tadic (Democratic Party) , pro European oriented, but with policy "EU and Kosovo" , and Nikolic (Serbian Advanced Party), pro Russian oriented with policy of "EU has an alternative, we don't have to give part of a land (Kosovo) to enter into EU. Non of EU countries did that - nor will Serbia.")

Offical results of elections in Serbia 2012

Source: CESID , Tadic and Nikolic in second round.
Source: CESID , Tadic and Nikolic in second round. | Source

Promises, promises - used to pomises

People of Serbia, for twelve years now are waiting for those promises that our leaders told us that will happen. Some of them really happened, but really slow. Visa liberalization came, but people do not travel anywhere - there is no money to travel with. Average wage in Serbia is 250 euros ! Statistics say 400 euros, but real average wage is 250. My father, for example, do 1 hour of painting a house for 1 euro per hour, or he goes on hard-work, and do the plowing of fields for 0,8 euro cents per hour! THE HARDEST WORK, on sun, on 40 degrees of Celsius he does the job that's payed 0,8 euros per hour - the plowing of fields. "It's hard" - he says, "But I don't have a choice, the best offer I can get is 1 euro per hour, and that is 2 hours from here to do the job around vine-yards."

People are generally

Strong arguments - I say. Good things done, I say. Time will show what's going to happen, but one is sure - I, and youth in general (high educated one) do NOT want to go into past, and take our best years just because of 100.000 Serbs on Kosovo. We have to look how to make their lives easier, not to battle for something that's lost already during 90's and 99 - by Milosevic.

Pro's and con's

What has Government of Boris Tadic done in past mandate ? Well this a bit tricky question, because, before his last mandate he had another one - so practically he is leading this country for 8 years now - has he done enough to rule for another 4 years and be first democratic president that ruled for 12 years ?

As a main success, Democratic Party and coalition around it - claim the "candidate" status of Serbia, then "Visa-free" or entering into white "Schengen" zone, and some major investments like coming of Fiat auto-company, Panasonic, NCR, free-trade agreement with Russia, good relations with East and West, major infrastructure investments: building of "Coridor X" - the highway that will connect South and North of Serbia, the East and West , then the main gas-route that will go trough Serbia, that will supply more than a half of Europe with gas, 3 big bridges in Belgrade, repairing of roads, and making new ones - around 3000km of new asphalt has been put on roads, high-ways ... And army is now professionalized.Started: Decentralization , de-partisation ( employers are hugely employ people by politic affinity, not by professionalism - which has to stop...Started subventions for small and middle sized firms/companies which has to be "the spine" of economy. Putting the "gray" economy into legal flows... The main thing what Serbia is now facing is huge unemployed number of people, around 27% of population is unemployed. The second main thing, that people can't wait anymore is better life standard - which was promised by Euro-integration.

You vote!

Which steps should Serbia take after elections ?

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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      As You can see, I wasn't about to disapprove Your comment, I just think that You should have to bring some "house behavior" to this reputable site, and domain "lafamillia".

      You seem to hate the real picture of everything, why is that?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Ej de?ko, vidi sve si me uplašio od blokiranja komentara. Rekao bih ti da si neandertalac, pošto ne govoriš svojim jezikom ve? nekim nerazumnim, ali ne bih da uvredim staru ljudsku vrstu, ti si obi?na protuva, to je tvoj problem.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Once again, I would appreciate if You could write on English!

      And, this is an reputable "e-media", please watch Your language. Because of liberal kind of leading this HP's, I'm going to let this comment approved.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Kao i obi?no, proseravanje na kub!

      Po redu,

      Prvo, "demokratski izbori"?

      Nemoj mi re?i? Zar nije dovoljno re?i izbori, ?emu prefiks??

      Drugo, "Srbija bira izme?u prošlosti i budu?nosti"?? o.O

      Jel su ti to strana?ki lideri napunili glavu tim glupostima? Ko god da do?e na vlast ne može vreme vratiti u nazad, razumeš? Ili ti poimanje relacije Prostor-Vreme nije jasno? Srbija '90-tih i u principu i nije mnogo promenjena. Ajmo par pore?enja, pošto si verovatno mlad i zelen pa ne znaš jer ti niko nije rekao pravu istinu.

      '90-tih Srbija bila pod sankcijama, "teško se živelo", rafovi prodavnica bili prazni, ali stomaci bejaše puni, (gle ?uda!), Plata u javnom sektoru bila 3 marke, ali zato hleb bio 30 para, gorivo nije bilo svaki dan na pumpama ali je zato bilo jeftino kod preprodavaca! Nisi mogao da putuješ bez viza, ?ekalo se ispred ambasada, ali narod putovao svake godine u gr?ku na more... Pazi sad.

      2000te na ovamo, plate rastu na "?AK" 250evra (jeeej), ali zato imamo hleb od 50 dinara o.O, verovatno ne voziš pa te ne zanima slede?e, gorivo je danas 150 dinara! Inflacija uhvatila zalet ne zna da stane! Rafovi u prodavnicama pojedinih tajkuna puni! Ali zato su džepovi i stomaci prazni! Gledaš, ono sve šareno, lepo, sve bi da kupiš, a nemaš ni za osnovne namirnice! NEMAMO VIZE! (jeeej) ali zato nemamo ni para niti slobodnog vremena da odemo na odmor kakav smo imali '90-tih.

      Ali kome sve pri?ati ovo, verovatno si neki mali buržuj?i? kome nikada ništa u životu nike falilo, kome su mama i tata neki strana?ki funkcioneri, profesori ili šta ve?, ali ne živite samo vi, ima i drugih! Znaš to valjda?

      Ili si možda neko ko eto još uvek ne radi, studira (i verovatno pla?a Boga oca) i kenja po ovim blogovima kako ?e mu biti lepo ako pobedi Tadi? i DS, još ne radiš pa nemaš pojma kako je to kada moraš da zaradiš za porodicu, prema tome ne kenjaj više, nego uzmi uklju?i se malo u realne tokove života, proširi vidike pa onda pri?aj o ne?emu


    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      My father don't agree with entering Serbia into European Union! He things, that Germany haven't "just like that" declined using "Deutschmark" , and accepting Euro as their currency. He believes that all these happenings lately in EU, is well planned scenario, that would lead to total and realistic domination of Germany. That is his opinion. As an democrat, as well as he is - I wanted, with him sitting next to me, to comment all this and "leave the message to the world" - as he says.


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