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Elections Voting and Other Misconceptions

Updated on October 20, 2018

Negativity in Campaigning

Over the years, We, the People, have been fed a constant diet of negative verbage that expresses hostility towards fellow candidates.

There isn't a day that goes by, during campaign season, that we are not subjected to mindless griping about other opponents.

Yes. I said it out loud. Griping. People who gripe are not always right. What is griping? Well. Let me tell you.


The definition of griping is the Informal expression of complaint or random grumble about something, especially something trivial.

It compares to being on the highway in a car, and talking out loud to the person in the car in front of your, in back of you, to the left and to the right. Most of the time, there is someone who is aggressive, passive, confused or a downright jerk.

Many times, the other person on the road has many faults. The faults of said driver are so hideous, one has doubts of whether they should have a driver's license. Some, their fouls on the highway are so horrible, that if they'd err and go into the ditch, one's first response in a fantasy world, would be to keep driving and not stop to help. You know, Karma.

The Other People Besides Me

As stated previously, there are people on the road who cannot seem to obey and comprehend simple rules about driving. Observing speed limits, safe passing, and being courteous and polite while behind the wheel.

Those other people who confound me, are people who are trusted to vote for an official in this country.

Think about it. Savor it slowly. The people who are driving us crazy with their random acts of hostility, are in charge of their voting preferences. Say, what? We cannot agree on the way they are driving, what makes us think that they'll be a suitable voter for the leadership of our country, leadership of our cities, counties, townships.

You get the picture, right?

Sick and Tired of Being Bored and Shocked by Campaign Commercials

Over the years, there have been many methods of communicating with the public. Campaign commercials on television are the current process I'm aware of. As has been pointed out on social media, there is no lack of ankle biting in this era.

Yes. I said it out loud again. Ankle biting.

The Voting

Commercials that I have seen lately include some guy in a canoe with the President and they are canoeing. Smiling. Don't have the sound on, but, they seem nice.

Well. I'm going to vote for those two men, since I like the smiling they are doing. What? You claim I'm missing the point of the commercial? Well. Too bad. I'm voting with my vote. It's not your vote. It's my vote.

If you don't like my vote, too bad.


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