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Elections in Karnataka - Who Rules Karnataka?

Updated on April 14, 2013
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Election Code of Conduct.

In India any State which has completed its period in office or removed from office due to their unconstitutional acts has to elect new representatives for office and they are called as Members of the State Legislative Assembly by abbreviation as M L A.This title can make a pauper as a prince. The number of M L A'S depend on population of the particular state.The present Party in Power after many drama's have completed their term and now will have to stand for reelection.How will the Members from any Party select a person to stand for election. If the Party Chief is pleased with the work of a member who was elected in its previous term and is popular with the people of his constituency and who has a clean image or if the party selection committee feels they are 100% sure he will win the election with a majority of votes, is some times asked to stand for election again.However.winning is the first priority even though if he is not a very popular and might have not done significant work in his constituency which is some times a rare case.

Karnataka has to elect 224 members of its legislature party for the entire state and there are very many party's who will contest the election and the party which wins 113 members can form the govt to take over the full administration of the entire state for a period of 4 full years and manage the affairs of the state as per guide lines of the country's constitution.

Now the Election Commission of India a autonomous powerful body who will not take any orders even from the Prime Minister of the country has announced the date on which the state will vote to elect its candidates as members of the legislative assembly.Once the Election Commission of India's office makes the announcement no orders from the govt to start any activity afresh as new in order to please the voters will be allowed and if any candidate or party does anything like presenting the voters any thing valuable will be serious and his election will be disqualified.

There is a limit also to spend money to make the voters understand the agenda of the party if they come to power this money spending is limited and monitored.However the Party which can violate the code of contact do violate in many way's.The Party workers carry Cash and distribute it to known people in such areas like Slums where they are sure they will vote for the party which pays first.In rural areas youngsters who owe their alliance to a particular party will not allow other political party's to enter their village so that they will not come first to pay and get their votes.Money is also spent in providing people who come to their political party office food in plenty.No money is paid here as Election Commission Inspectors watch these offices and there are instances when huge cash were recovered from such places.

Vigilance squads have caught Cars carrying huge bundles of cash and the carriers are unaware of the contents of these bags and are languishing in jails.What happens to such huge cash recovered is not known and not made known by the authorities.

Having found carrying cash is risky the political parties have started inventing new techniques in catching voters by promising gas connections,TV sets,Bicycles for Girls,Wet & Dry Grinders for mothers,Induction Heaters,Lap Tops,Mobile Phones,2 Wheeler's and for men liquor of their choice.Few Party's send food delivered to voters home directly by the hotel owners.

This year a new technique is adopted as the Election Committee has found out all their methods of catching voters.New method being to perform ' Homa ' in a temple and distribute as god's Prasad such items as suitable for gents and lady's sari or Dhoti with cash as Dakshina and this being held in a temple has become tricky for the monitors.They also hire 15 passenger Traveler vehicles called as Tempo Traveler and are sending in batches hundreds of people to Holy Places.

While the poor enjoy the election as they are also paid daily Rs.300/ to work as party workers for putting Buntings and Cut out's in huge dimensions all along the Roads with Huge Pictures of the Candidate in traditional white dress with folded hands smiling ear to ear.

The estimated expenses are Rs.6,000 Crore. [ Code is on Paper nicely Printed ]


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