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Elections once again in Indian panorama!

Updated on March 10, 2014

Election scenario India and prominent leaders!

This time, it is going to be different!

Sitting comfortably near the computer, I can never understand the agony of common man on the street, confronting many problems on the way. He has no money to purchase provisions or food or drink. His dress is torn in many places and with great difficulty, he is hiding those holes. He has no idea where to lie down during night, fighting the bitter cold. This is the condition of multitude of people around the world, torn by falling economy, civil war and unsettling governments. The people at the helm of affairs try all their tricks to stay in power whereas the disgruntled revolutionist assembles in the streets to protest about the way, the government runs. Neither the police, nor the military could control people’s uprising against those in power. The result is many causalities in the cross fire. Most of them are innocent and they perforce squat on the streets to protest against a useless administration which never cares for the common man on the street.

Then, what is the solution for the ills of the society? This question has cropped up many times in the history and someone take the mantle to fight for the poor. Thus born, the communist and socialist philosophies, to tackle the evils of capitalistic ideals. It is natural, that capitalistic society can never tolerate the uprising of communist ideologies which will unseat them from power! The mind set of capitalistic society is comfort, luxury and selfishness. They have only one agenda to accumulate more and more wealth and to live a royal life. Thus, we find in the world a few countries that follow capitalistic ideals and many countries are wedded to communist philosophy. The rest of the world boasts a socialistic society. But many of the developing countries are adopting a cross breed of socialism and capitalism. The elite few are there in every society who mints money in billions by establishing heavy industries or trading or well established business houses. Those in power to govern naturally lean towards the wealthy business people or business house. Then only they can contest the elections and win. In today’s political scenario, money matters a lot. Those who get the ticket to contest are the super-rich category.

Thus said, let us go into the political arena of the largest democracy in the world. Yes, I mean India which goes to polls during April-May this year to elect 543 members for their Parliament. This particular election portends a number of new philosophies to fight the elections. Even a recent entrant, the “Aam Admi Party could secure around 28 seats in Delhi assembly countering all opinion polls. This shows a clear trend of voting among the common public. People hate lectures and promises but they want clear actions. During the 49 days of government, the Aam Admi Party has fulfilled some major poll promises. The ideology of AAP is to uproot corruption from government, bureaucrats and society. Those who were governing Delhi for the past so many decades have done little to provide the basic necessities of common man. In their frenzy to implement many of their promises, the government formed by AAP took even to the streets to get things done. As I have already narrated, it is the vested interests of many business establishments which were in collusion with the earlier governments caused the defeat of a vital bill brought out by Arvind Kejrival, the leader and erstwhile Chief Minister of Delhi. He simply resigned the post to uphold his fight.

The parliamentary elections gave him a venue to fight the evils of society. Though his style of functioning has not earned much good will, many people saw the straightforwardness in his deals. As it is common, mudslinging has started to bring the reputation of the nascent party. The promises made in the election rally and platforms are seldom fulfilled by any of the parties. But, here is a leader who took the fight to the streets and he dared to book big shots during his short tenure. The Congress party has lost its sheen due to incumbency factor as well as many corruption issues that confronted the party during the second spell. Naturally, the BJP grabbed the opportunity and started electioneering in full swing long ago. Its Prime Minister candidate and star speaker Narendra Modi is really way ahead in the race. However a clear picture will emerge only on May 16 when the counting takes place. It is evident that the votes will be split up among many parties due to the confrontations by Aam Admi Party, and other major parties in South and UP. None can really predict who will form the government next! Yes, based on the ground situation, the BJP may garner below 200 and the Congress below 100. In such a scenario, there is a possibility of hung Parliament!


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