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Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking: The why of it all

Updated on March 15, 2016

The Why of Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking

Many people on the websites I often visit have a variety of theories regarding why they are suffering. Some say "Follow the money", some blame the government or various branches of the military. I've experienced both of these phenomenon to tell you THIS: Whoever they are: they want our asses, literally.

In order to better explain myself, I've got to tell you all my story. Certain music is loaded with subliminal suggestion. Add to this the right sort of electronic mental manipulation and you can be made to feel a euphoric sensation more powerful than any drug out there........but it comes with a heavy price: you are made to feel as though you are a woman/girl. The more you accept the illusion the higher you'll feel.........but unless you plan on a sex change operation or allowing yourself to be screwed just like a woman, you will face years of torment. I stumbled upon this phenomenon my stalkers call "smoking" by listening to a female singer and emulating her persona. I've also experienced this "I feel like a woman" feeling listening to a variety of other music.

What does "Smoking" feel like ? It feels like rivulets of pure pleasure running down each side of the head and a full-body orgasm lasting minutes at a time. You perceive yourself as a woman/girl and you feel higher than any drug can make you feel when you embrace that gender-identity. This is like a seed being planted in your mind..........and there will be many people and influences to nurture this seed and kill off your male gender identity. When I started "Smoking", I immediately sought out the ways of thinking that would bolster the effects of this marvelously-feeling electronic drug. I was flexible and I wanted to feel as high as I possibly could feel. Little did I know that I was embarking on a trip of utter Hell and misery that would last approximately 7 years.

What does it feel like to have the original you bombarded with pain and psychological warfare? It can lead some to suicide. I'm just an extremely stubborn person who refuses to ever give up. That's why I'm still here and not someone else/dead. Not long after your first "Smoking" session, you will experience enormous PRESSURE to be that woman you allowed yourself to fantasize about being for all that pleasure. The real you will be viciously assaulted. You'll be made to hear/see all sorts of things to eradicate you and nurture your feminine side. Examples include: "Get that animal off my wife" or "you better stay away from my family". The trouble is this: you are always with the "family", so that isn't exactly fair. This goes double for you if you work in a hospital.

I worked as an Ultrasonographer before all this happened to me. I now suffer from PTSD from all this "pressure" I'm telling you about. Oh, that reminds me: being sexually harassed to put out for someone in a hospital has become a science that makes it virtually un-provable. For me, it consisted of various people talking very loudly about this: woman, bride in my prescence. I think I hold a world-record for hearing the word "she" repeated over and over again. You are bombarded with that word at work. If you fail to "switch-out", it will be a word you hear constantly elsewhere. One guy drew a picture of splayed butt-cheeks and a large anus. I wish I could have snatched that piece of paper from his hands as evidence. It would have been the sole piece of physical evidence of being sexually-harassed.

What does sexual-harassment feel like ? Well, it can feel just like it would to commit innumerable acts of fellatio......all within that part of the mind known as the imagination. I bet if you could quantify this psychotronic rape, I'd say I've been virtually-raped constantly over the last 8 years. Some might say: "Maybe that's what you wanted." NO...........I know myself sexually. I admit to being very selfish and twisted, but my affections are limited to consenting women 18+ years of age. If I wanted to actually do these things constantly projected onto my mind, I would have freely indulged them long, long ago. To actually do it is called "landing" in stalker vernacular. That is: you've come down from that "feel like a woman" high and agree to consent to a sex act. That is just something I cannot do.

I've been threatened many times. Often, it's just having your vision tugged to hear/see something along with a change in focus of your way of seeing things. Do not ask me HOW they can do all this, but they can. From a little girl walking by with "DOOM" printed on the back of her jacket to songs saying "Don't you know that you're dead fucked with the wrong team" or just having TV programs on your guide that say: "Out of Time" and "Pray for Death" along with that electronic psychological punch delivered the moment you look at it. It is all high-tech and completely un-provable. All I can tell you is this: when you embrace the feeling of being a woman for rewarding will be expected to screw just like a woman or face a horrifying existence. Just a warning.


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