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Elite Conspiracy Against Conspiracy Theorists!

Updated on January 26, 2018

Most of us have seen and are familiar with the classical Hollywood-image of a homeless person with a beard holding a sign that says: “ THE END IS NEAR!”. This stereotype homeless guy appears in several ‘blockbusters’ standing on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign. This raises some questions, one of which is. What drives producers of big Hollywood productions to repeatedly let a homeless man play this role of whistle-blower/conspiracist and what link does this man have to the end times — in their view?

Ever since the beginning of mankind conspiracy theories have proven themselves to be a source of discussion, inspiration and a forebode of destruction. Conspiring against eachother seems to be in the human DNA and dates back to the early beginnings of human existence, according to creationists. It was already visible in the plan Cain conspired against his brother Abel by killing and then burying him. The motive for this first murder in human existence was jealousy.

Conspiracy theories: a nucleus of truth?

The motives of modern day conspiracies seem to be more materialistic. You could think about it in terms of profits and gains. This could be political gain, financial profit or any other form of enrichment. It is also remarkable to see that modern conspiracy theories seem to have a more global character.

Think about the incomprehensible conspiracy theories like the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the ‘true’ cause of 9/11. These are just two examples of conspiracy theories that, even if just some of the facts of these theories were found to be found true, would have enormous implications. Because this means that they would bring up even more questions than they answer in the first place. Fortunately the majority of conspiracy theorists are willing to lend us a helping hand by providing us with the most implausible and incredible conspiracies. Common sense commands everybody to throw the lion’s share of these theories into the waste basket immediately.

However, this does not mean we should just mark every conspiracy theory as false and untrue. This would fall short on all the risks whistleblowers take and are still taking daily to expose secret information and coverups.

The Elite Alliance and the Main Stream Media

The elite alliance is a well-oiled machine with tentacles stretching far into the political, military, pharmaceutical and economic power centers of the world. Most of the influential people in this alliance belong to a handful of private families that already possess much of the world’s wealth. This elite alliance also holds a tight grip on the main stream media. Conspiracy theories that hold factual information are well monitored by this alliance to keep their plots secret. With every revelation that pulls an elite heartstring they initiate a witch hunt by one of their big media networks. The media then assassinates the whistle-blowers character and brings him/her in discredit. There are whistleblowers that literally paid with their lives for revealing some secrets, the assassination of John F. Kennedy after a last, intriguing radio speech testifies for that. And more recently the story of old-CIA-agent Gary Webb that was shot dead in 2004 after he made a series called ‘Dark Alliance’.

Conspiracy theories are often mocked and ridiculed, but there are cases in which those mocked and ridiculed theories turn out to be true in the end. And from that moment on the conspiracy theorist is no longer the mocked fool, but a courageous and celebrated whistleblower. Nevertheless the elite alliance still manages time and time again to depict whistleblowers as delusional maniacs. As inconspicuous homeless people that can’t even take care of themselves warning others for an approaching danger.

It is ironic to see that the conspiracy theorist himself seems to be the victim of a conspiracy!

An elite conspiracy to deprive whistleblowers of their whistle!

Do you think some conspiracies could be true?

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