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Emo Generation

Updated on December 10, 2009

Our Generation


Teens create or join their own group with the sense of uniqueness they want to the different individuals they are. This shows that they want to separate themselves from others but having a company at the same time. That's why they want to be different "within" a peer group. Of course we remember the particular groups that evolve from time to time. From goths to punks, from rockers to melodamatic ones, there came a group which became a worldwide sensation. This group not only can be reffered to as a group but more of a generation. This generation is reffered to the EMO GENERATION.

We've come to a time when more people particularly teens were so desperate and confused that their only way to cope up to this is to grab a portable mp3 player and listen to sad songs. This paved the way to the born of emo. People become emotional during listening with the songs. From the word emotional comes the shortened term, emo. In my own perspective view, emo is the combination of the previous groups goths, melodramas and rockers.

Why goths? The main influence of goths to the emo generation is the fashion and the huge likeness for black. Goths and emos have huge similarity in their clothing styles and make-up. Its almost similar that you can't tell them apart. Emos and goths wear black clothes. The only difference is the goths' devil/cult worship and hair style. The hairstyle of the goths are simply just anything while emos usually have one sided hair overlaping their half or entire forehead. It doesn't have to be one sided, as long as it covers your forehead.

Why melodramas? This perhaps has the largest contribution for the emos' behavior. Melodramas always want to be alone, sad and the feeling of loneliness from within. This is what you will see from an emo perspective. You will never see an emo smiling. That's why emos are the saddest people.

Why rockers? It may seem odd why rockers became a part of the humble beginnings of the emo generation. Basically, the time when emos became very popular, rockers were the "in" group. So emo songs were rock songs. Despite the loud pitch of the electric guitars, the message of the song is truly emo. It is sad and the message it wants to convey is you're hopeless.

We've come to an end to my very first blog. It depends on you if you are an emo. Do you like emo bands? Though bands do not want to be considered emo. Emo Generation is widely known and most teens are into it. Now, are you an emo?

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Emo boy


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    • profile image

      xXPurpleNightmareXx 6 years ago

      Yeah, I agree that emo is about being different, but they aren't the same as goths - they're very different. They both came from different roots and even then, Goth came first. Emo has not copied off Goth. It is as its own subculture. It has been wrecked by the people today by calling themselves emo and thinking it all about depression and cutting. They're the poseurs who no nothing. Okay then, if emo is about having extreme emotions then it should range from happy to depressed? and not just stay on the depressed line. Yes, most emo bands talk about their loss of their love etc but it does not mean they are emo.

    • profile image

      Sixx 7 years ago

      Why? Why must people classify us?? Huh? You know what! Goths do NOT worship the devil. Some? maybe all? hell no! I'm a goth! and most people classify me as emo too. Why? Because emo equals depressed. cutter. (Which I ALSO don't agree with.) You know it's people like whoever wrought this that makes me mad! Next person who calls me goth or emo, I'll call them slut or whore.

    • profile image

      chimoxa 7 years ago

      hyyy i want some émo name for facebook and i love your style and i knew that you not kind of freaks so i want to you to help me to finnd some kind of name plz

    • profile image

      chaimae 8 years ago

      nice style :p

    • profile image

      wtf 8 years ago

      this is all effing wrong, "a liking for black"? yah maybe sometimes, but otherwise: NO. "sometimes can't tell emo/goth appart"? bullshit, emo is way different than goth, we're not even in the same category--fuck.

      and "scenekid" ur such a poser, ef yew!

      and "guy who bangs emo girls cuz they're easy" ur right, they ARE easy cuz a lot of them are major sluts-- it's a good time.

    • profile image

      Dude 9 years ago

      Shut up Simon!

    • profile image

      Simon 9 years ago

      Run in place!

    • profile image

      guy who bangs emo girls cuz there easy  9 years ago

      but something mustve happened in there life my gf is emo and she gives some good head so i think there kinda good plus the thight pussy is goood oph yea emo guys are fags lil pussies and they kiss guys whata bunch of homos o and emo bitches are easy and she or he has a point u whine too much cuz ur compensating for the fact that u have a lil penis

    • profile image

      Jenni 9 years ago

      Emo people are human, too! I'm not 100% emo, more like a mix of all the stereotypes, so I get along with mostly everybody, but you need to be nicer to emos! The guy I like is emo, even if he won't admit it. Go kill yourself, prep!!

    • profile image

      EMO_LOVER 9 years ago

      i love emos and im emo so if you got a proplem stuff it in your face cause were human to

    • profile image

      leizlmarie 9 years ago

      im not emo but i respect those ones.. and i love emo songs so much, really good music and really deep message.. thanks for dropping at my discussion in mylot..

    • profile image

      arkaf 9 years ago

      I'm not an emo - I guess I'm too old to even choose sides - but I do like emo music and I like the style. I guess we all have something in common for as little as it could be

    • profile image

      Beni 9 years ago

      cari Emo yg ada di indonesia okeh

    • profile image

      kitty life 10 years ago

      I LOVE EMOS!!!! I´m not a emo who hurt his self or something linke that... I like the style and the music! the boy on this picture is awesome hot!!!

    • scenekid profile image

      scenekid 10 years ago

      ok who ever said do emo's read books what kind of dumb lame question is that u know we r human to what do u think we r freeks look i am not emo im scene and if u have somthin aginst that u have a hate side fer us i have lost of scene/emo friends we hang every day u can catch us at concerts or the mall mostly or shows but yeah we r not freeks so chhha pssh yeah

    • scenekid profile image

      scenekid 10 years ago

      hahaha love ur pic yeah i am scene so whats up!!!!!!!!!heheh hey umm i am new to this so how r u well got to go to my photoshoot with my sissy

    • profile image

      vasili 10 years ago

      Do emos ever read books? I read all the time so I am ever lonely.Try what do you have to loose ?

    • bandmerchandise profile image

      bandmerchandise 10 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Makes you wonder if watching teens you'll get a new idea of new trends?


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