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Chemtrails: Enemies of the Sky?

Updated on February 12, 2018
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CJ Stone is an author, columnist and feature writer. He has written seven books, and columns and articles for many newspapers and magazines.

Empires of Unease: Conspiracies, Countercultures, Counterfeit Realities


Have you noticed anything peculiar about the sky recently? Take a look. Some days it is etched across, back and forth over the whole extent of the sky, with these angry white streaks. It’s very strange. It’s like some gigantic mad child has scribbled across the sky in white crayon.

My guess is that you think you already know what causes this. It’s the exhaust trails from high-flying jets, of course. What is peculiar is the sheer number of them, and the length of time they seem to hover there, spreading out across the sky in a complex geometric diagram of intersecting lines, before dissipating into a thin white sheen of cloud which then covers the entire sky.

Depending upon your point of view you might call these lines “contrails”… or you might call them “chemtrails”.

What you call them is dependent on what you think they are.

Contrails is the official name, and the official explanation is that they are water-vapour trails from the exhaust of jet engines which freezes in the cold thin air of the upper atmosphere, forming a stream of condensation behind the plane. Effectively they are man-made clouds.

If you call them “chemtrails” on the other hand, then you believe that the explanation for their existence is much more sinister. You assert that the content is a vile mix of toxic chemicals - including aluminium and barium, amongst other things - and that their presence in our skies is evidence of a vast conspiracy against the very atmosphere of the Earth itself.

You are a “chemtrail believer”.

The word “chemtrail” is not accepted in the official media.

However, if you put the word into your search engine you will come up with an alarming number of websites devoted to this particular world-view. Over 8,000 at the last count.

Actually I wouldn’t recommend that any of you enter any of these sites, not unless you are very bored and have a lot of time on your hands. You are soon lost in a maze of information and disinformation, argument and counter argument, accusations of fraud, of threats and counter threats, of lies and distortion.

It’s hard to make out what is going on, exactly.

You have chemtrail believers who believe that they are evidence of a conspiracy by government agencies to alter the climate in some way. Others believe that it has something to do with navigation systems, while yet another group believe that they are part of some sinister programme of depopulation which is seeding the skies with biological agents meant to wipe out large segments of the human race.

A fourth group think that they might be filling the air with Valium and Prozac in order to turn us all into zombies.

Some members of he first two groups think that the last two groups are disinformation agents who enter the chemtrail chat rooms in order to discredit the entire scenario, while a fifth group, the chemtrail debunkers, believe that the whole argument is a fraud from beginning to end.

There is no such thing as a “chemtrail” they say. They are just frozen water droplets left as a natural by-product of jet engine emissions. The fact that there are more of them now than there ever were is simply evidence that there are more planes in the sky.


Steve Andrews will need no introduction here. He is a well known conspiracy theorist. He is the guy who introduced me to the word “chemtrail” in the first place. But has recently gone through a conversion. He used to wear a tee shirt saying “Stop Chemtrails”, but he has since changed his mind. It’s not that he wants to start chemtrails now. It’s that he now thinks the whole thing is an illusion.

And having been a person who once hung around chemtrail websites and chemtrail chat rooms discussing the phenomenon with other believers, he has since taken to entering these same websites in order to put forward the opposite point of view.

His erstwhile chemtrail co-conspiracists are alarmed.

Has he been drugged or hypnotised? Are the chemtrail agents holding a gun to his head? What evil conspiracy is afoot? Have the dark magicians of the world-wide Illuminati conspiracy been projecting their evil spells on to him, controlling him by remote mind-control devices in order to undermine the righteous forces of the anti-chemtrail underground? Has Steve, in fact, been “got at”?

Well no.

He just changed his mind, that’s all.

Dark Overlords of the Soul

Steve wrote a long article on HubPages about the phenomenon, and, as usual, it became populated by all his pro-chemtrail associates leaving comments. But then a chemtrail debunker entered the fray and began posting abusive material laced with scientific explanations of the contrail phenomenon. And it’s a measure of Steve’s open-mindedness that he managed to ignore the abuse and to take on board the science.

He had a sudden revelation. For as long as he had been chemtrail watching, observing those mysterious streaks and streamers across the sky, he had also been noticing another related phenomenon, something known as “Sun Halos”.

Sun Halos are vast arcs of coloured light surrounding the sun. You tend to see them in the sky at the same time that you see chemtrails.

What he realised is that Sun Halos could not possibly be caused by barium dust or Valium, or by any other kind of dust in fact, but could only be caused by water vapour in some form. Sun Halos are like rainbows. They are caused by ice crystals suspended in the upper atmosphere. Therefore – he reasoned – the traditional scientists must have been right all along. Chemtrails aren’t “chemtrails” at all, but contrails: condensation trails created as a by-product of the burning of hydrocarbon fuels by jet engines in an atmosphere already drenched with water vapour.

Nothing sinister at all.

The only question is, why is the atmosphere so full up of water vapour that it is creating all this strange phenomena of late?


None of this is to undermine the basic theory however. For a start, how can you be sure that Steve and I aren’t actually agents of the conspiracy?

You see, there is a conspiracy theory which underlies all the other conspiracy theories: the “Mother of All” conspiracy theories as it were. This is the one to which most conspiracy theorists refer, regardless of which particular conspiracy they subscribe to.

It is this.

That the world is not as it seems.

That the whole world is in thrall to a dark and sinister force, a secret alliance of evil magicians who control our world using ritual magic.

They go by different names. Often they are called the Illuminati, which means “the Illuminated Ones”. They are worshippers of Lucifer. “Lucifer” means “Light-Bringer”. Therefore the Illuminati are the ones to whom Lucifer has brought the light, who he has illuminated with his presence.

You will be hearing a lot more of this in future hubs.

The Illuminati rule the world. There is no such thing as democracy. The politicians you see on your TV screens, gathering together at their summits, with their dark suits, and their expensive ties, are really only fronts for the conspiracy. They are paid agents of the Illuminati, put there to do their bidding.

Different people have different theories. Some think that the Illuminati conspiracy goes back to the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society which was formed in the 18th century, but which has since either disappeared, or gone underground. Others say that they are much more ancient than this and in fact go back to an aristocratic bloodline from ancient Sumer, in the region of Iraq, sometime in the 6th millennium BC.

The bloodline has been passed down, through Babylon, through ancient Egypt, to the Roman Empire, through the various highways and by-ways of history, to the British Empire, and then on to the Americans, with whom it currently resides.

But not with the American people. It doesn’t matter who the American people vote for, the bloodline always gets in.

The real rulers of the world are the same ones they have always been.

The Illuminati Brotherhood.

As to how they have achieved this extraordinary feat of mass deception, you will have to wait for another time to find out…..

© 2009 Christopher James Stone


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