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Empowering People of Pakistan to Change Lives

Updated on March 3, 2016

Empowering Pakistan Society

A very wise man once said: "It is better to teach someone how to catch a fish than to merely give them a fish." This statement is accurate and true and it applies to much more than just catching a few fish. The best way of helping poor in society is to empower them with the skills and the resources they need in order to be able to improve their lives for their future. Just merely giving someone money is very much like giving them fish because the moment they squander it, they run back to you for another handout. On the other hand, when you empower someone with skills and resources, they can use both to better themselves.

Poverty in Pakistan has reached an epic and notably alarming rate. One of the menaces that results from poverty is that the youth often tend to turn to crime. The recent wave of violence in Pakistan might not be unconnected to the poverty in the country. Except for in several extreme cases, it is unreasonable to see people that earn a good living stoop low to crime and violence.

Though it is the duty of any government any country to create jobs for her citizenry, but to be realistic, it is impossible for the government to shoulder this burden alone without the help of the private sector. Most countries are encouraging her citizens to become micro –entrepreneurs. Seed Out is an online crowdfunding site that is dedicated to empowering Pakistani citizens by helping to raise the funding they require to better their lives and their future.

Most of the big name companies you hear about today started as micro-entrepreneurs but with the right policies and determination, they grew to become what they are today. However, giving skill alone may not go far in solving the problem except it is backed up with soft loans.

The loans in this case must not necessarily come from the government. Loans and grants can be generated through fundraising and donations. The beauty of the internet is that it has bridged the gap of distance. It is now possible for you to raise money on the internet by soliciting from friends from all over the world. All it will take is a good fundraising campaign strategy and probably one or two free or paid ads to achieve.

What is the use of going through all the stress to get money if its use will not be justified? To ensure that the money generated is put to judicious use by those who have acquired the skill, grants should be given in phases, rather than in a one-time release.

The person should be given a small amount of the total set aside fund to enable him or her put the acquired skill into use. If the person is perceived to be serious, then the remaining part of the grant comes to help them expand. A loan is a different case, because the person already knows he or she will pay back the funding someday, though it still needs some form of collateral to keep the person reminded that he or she will be responsible for repaying the loan amount.

Crowdfunding to Help Poverty in Pakistan

Do you feel that crowdfunding can help empower Pakistan citizens to improve their lives?

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