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Empty Threats of Law Suits

Updated on April 19, 2015


It serves the wrong doer to control the publishing of information. To threaten 'law suits when the truth is exposed. To expect the recipient of such warning to immediately remove the offensive information.

This is the modus operandi of Scammers.

Most site owners, receiving an email threatening legal action, will panic and remove the offending information, in one of the most remarkable turn abouts of freedom of speech.

Publishing sites on the Internet practice more censorship based on these empty threats than North Korea.

Scammers, aware that the owners of most publishing sites have zero legal knowledge,
will send emails of this nature.....

Typical 'Legal Action email

To whom it may concern,
Please disregard this email if you are not the account owner at the websites corresponding to these URLs:
I am sending this email because our company, Soca Com Farce, has obtained evidence that the owner of this email address (, is making defamatory claims about our business online, as well as defamatory claims about me personally.

If this is in fact you, this is an initial, documented and formal request that you remove the content listed above from the websites at which they are published immediately to avoid further action.

We have retained counsel to advise on our options relating to the defamatory claims published above. Removal of this content is our primary concern, however we have been advised to seek damages enumerated by harm done to our reputation and revenues lost as a result.

We have disclosed your xxx and Paypal account and IP information and are currently filing for early discovery to obtain your contact information via xxx and your ISP.

If you are in control of the pages listed above - deleting them immediately is the best way to avoid further action on this issue.

Donald Duck
Slime Road. Suite69
Sandy Frisco, CA 94105

Knee Jerks

The Site owner or writer of the items, almost instantly, will delete the 'offensive' submission without thinking.

Triond is a prime example of this kind of knee jerk response. The Owners of that site, will, without glancing at the 'offensive' item, delete it without a word to the writer.

Other sites will contact the writer and warn them to remove the 'offensive' portions so that the article is eroded of all value.

But some sites and some writers know the law and will simply yawn.

Dog Poo is Dog poo

Hannibal Lecter might not like
being called a cannibal.
But he is a cannibal.
He can not sue you for
calling him a cannibal,
because it is T R U E.


When one writes the truth, the clear provable truth, it can not be Libel.

If you, for example, joined a writing site and your work was confiscated and you
were locked out of that site, you can not be successfully sued for libel if you
wrote an article about it. You have quoted the facts.

That the truth isn't very flattering to the Site or the Site Owner does not make it libelous.

There are rip off sites on the Internet.
There are many articles written about them. many of these articles have been
deleted by site owners who, receiving emails as the one quoted above,
automatically comply.

They do this because they don't care about truth or integrity.
They do it because they are ignorant of the law and can't be bothered.

A few sites however do not fold.

A handful of sites will ignore these emails.
They might tell the writer to remove a photograph which could be copy written,
but will not delete the item.

They know a fart when they smell it.

Why Scams Persist

The cowering of Web Sites
and cowing of Writers is why
so many subsequent people
are ripped off.

Although one might have
posted warnings about the
site in 2010, the Lawsuit
threats have had them deleted.

Writers who join the dodgy sites
in 2011 and 2012 have no idea
that they are about to join a Scam and be ripped off.

The Scammer is so totally aware of his power that he is shocked when Web Sites
do not instantly comply with his 'Law Suit' threat. The Scammer is stunned when
the writer persists in attack.

He knows then he must do something radical to maintain his Scam.

Often the Scammer will create a new site assuming that those who were offended
by the previous will continue to attack it, allowing him free reign.

However, in most cases, Hannibal Lecter will win.

What To Do If You Are Scammed/Threatened With A Law Suit

Firstly, I infer that what you have posted is true, and can be proven to be true. When you are posting the Truth, you have to post it everywhere you can to Warn others.

The majority of sites, especially those in America, or as Triond, in Israel, will fold. 99.999% of sites in these places would, if threatened by Bernie Madoff for publishing an article about his Ponzi, Instantly delete the article. A few will warn the writer to delete the offending portions, or will ban/gag/kick the writer. (Real Options, huh?)

Sites outside of America and Israel may take a different view. Some won't even read the email, others might advise the writer and see how the item can be 'edited' so as to say the same thing in other words. Some will respond in unprintable manners, because the Owners know an Empty Threat when they read one, and don't take kindly to it.

Hence, if you are a victim, tell your story every place you can, so that at least you won't be a co-conspirator.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      When one tries to expose a Scam on the Internet the Scammer usually contacts the Site to have the Expose' removed. Threatening law suits is how Factoidz was able to persist so long.