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Updated on March 6, 2015

Escalation in Chemical Dependence

Across the nation, our media has been reporting the Heroin epidemic. The drug has no compassion for race, socio-economic status, or cultural heritage. The complaint should focus more on the "Enablers" that allow drug consumption in their homes, schools, and communities. An Enabler can be a spouse, parents, grandparents, friends, communities, institutions, or anyone/entity that enables the 'users/abusers' to be non-productive parasites in our society. Webster defines enable df= to make possible, easy, to help to bring about. Thus anyone who allows a person, be it relative or not, live in their home, eat their food (baby's food) use their home facilities to survive as the 'user' continues to feed a chemical dependency is an "Enabler." that old clich├ęs " while Grandma is watching "The Price is Right," her grandson is shooting heroin in the bathroom and her granddaughter is smoking crack in the bedroom. Many Enablers turn a deaf ear to what is going on in the house, many out of fear, intimidation, or other reasons. The Enablers truly believes that he/she is helping the user, in fact dearly loves the user they enable. What the enabler does not realize is that they are in fact the culprit to the problem, by allowing, making it possible for users to live rent free, non contributing in the Enabler's home. One of the hardest things for an Enabler to do is say NO! especially when the users have children, or little ones living in the house with them at the Enabler's expense. Some Enablers believe that they are the 'last and only hope' that the user has, it is difficult to direct a user and their family in some cases to outside resources. For some users have mastered the system, abused the agencies, to extort: money, commodities, food, clothes, etc. so that the user can continue to get their chemicals. Recently the national news stated that many prescription drug abusers are switching to heroine because of the availability and the lower cost. The psychology of an Enabler, states that an Enabler is mentally delusional, and may be actually 'sicker' than the people or user they enable. For instance, if the user ask grandma if she would buy drugs/heroin for them, grandma would say no, yet not realizing the $20.00 she just gave her grandchild, supposable for gas money, will actually be used to support the user's chemical addiction. We have such problems across the country, yet each person must decide if they are in fact an Enabler. What acts do you do that enables others to do what they do? Are you an 'Enabler?' Are you constantly, giving money, depositing money, writing checks, etc. 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' to provide the financial support of an adult child, adult grand child, spouse, lover, or friend with the financial resources, unknowingly to be used to continue their chemical dependency? We have a problem with addiction and chemical dependency throughout the US. Each of us must ask ourselves, if we are part of the problem or the solution.

Dr. J. Watson


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