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Ending Abortion in America

Updated on April 4, 2015

Ending Abortion in America

If we were epidemiologists trying to eradicate a costly disease we would search for the source until we found it and attack it. The problem with abortion in America is that we have refused to come to grips with what actually causes abortions - unwanted pregnancies. Now here’s the rub and precisely why all of the efforts over the past 40 years to eliminate abortions have failed. We refuse to acknowledge (and to accept responsibility for) how an unwanted pregnancy occurs. To stop unwanted pregnancies we must cut off the source. What is the source? Men. Men’s sperm to be more precise. There has never in the history of man been a single human pregnancy, wanted or otherwise, that didn’t start with a man’s sperm. Control the sperm and you control pregnancy. Control pregnancy and you control abortions. Pretty simple. And yet in nearly 40 years of pro-life activism I have never heard a single person trying to address the problem at the source. If men will simply control their seed, unwanted pregnancies become a thing of the past (as do abortions).

Interestingly, I have had this conversation with several of my male friends, both liberal and conservative. Unbelievably, neither the liberals nor the conservatives were willing to concede that the source of the problem was men. They rejected the assertion that men freely, and often indiscriminately, spread their seed. The blame was, the argument went, at least shared. Women often try to use pregnancy to trap men into a commitment, I was told. My counter was that if men refused to distribute their sperm, those women‘s plans would be foiled before they could even be hatched. They still weren’t persuaded. It’s the woman’s responsibility to protect herself. Protect herself from whom? Men. Exactly. But if men controlled their sperm there would be no need for women to protect themselves from a potential unwanted pregnancy.

It is the same with promiscuity. Women get stigmatized. Men get a pass. I personally know one young man who fathered four children with three different women in two years. He’s a stud. They’re sluts. They’re welfare moms trying to milk the system. The mothers chose to keep their children but all those could have been abortions. Instead young mothers are saddled with the responsibility of raising those children. Well, I’m told, that’s the price they pay for having sex. Really? And what’s the price the man pays? Child support? What are the odds that those children and their mothers will need public assistance sometime in their lives –perhaps all their lives? In the end the man has no real responsibility for his sperm.

You don’t have to be anti-abortion to appreciate the significance of this fact. If men would finally take responsibility for their seed not only would this virtually eliminate abortions, it would save taxpayers billions of dollars in public assistance programs. Not only that, it would add untold dollars in tax revenue from women who would now be free to work, earn a living, pursue an education and pay taxes. Talk about a win-win.

It’s time to recognize that abortion is a man’s issue and men have the power, and the moral responsibility, to end it. Liberals claim that a woman has a right to her own body. Conservatives tout the sanctity of life. But neither seems willing to acknowledge that men are the source of the problem, that it all starts with men. And that is where it needs to end. Until that happens men will continue to get a free pass and women will continue to pay the price for men’s outrageous selfishness. Everything else is meaningless rhetoric. It’s time to recognize that every single abortion in America is ultimately caused by a man. For men to try an outlaw abortion for moral reasons is the height of hypocrisy. It’s time for men to own up to their actions (and the actions of their fellow men) and pay the consequences for their own behaviors. Women have born this burden for far too long.


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