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Energy Conservation

Updated on December 25, 2009


Now until the early 1970s did our society come to realize and appreciate that fossil fuel energy would soon be in shortly supply. Before energy cost began to rise, it was not always economical to preserve energy sources. For example , it was cheaper to buy fuel or use electricity to heat homes than it was to install heavier insulation.

Today, the situation has changed. We must find ways to save energy. We know that eventually there will be less fossil fuels. At the same time their cost will become higher and higher. The purpose of conservation then become:

· To reduce the cost of energy to individuals and to industry.

· To save precious supplies of fossil fuels so they will be available to future generation.

Energy conservation and management are the keys to using fuel and electrical energy in most efficient way. Proper energy management can lead to big savings on the operational costs of a building. If fuel and electrical energy consumption are reduced, money will be saved as a result.

The advancement of science and technology has brought about a large number of very important changes in the basic structure of a building and the equipment that is used to keep it operational. Most building equipment has becomes some - what complex and require skilled personnel to keep it in operation. Technicians are called upon to analyze this equipment, maintain it in good operating order and recommend energy conservation measures. A wide range of experience is needed in different areas to cope with these situations.

Energy management is a continuous planning process that is used to accomplish to efficient use of energy in a building or system. Energy management for buildings requires business decisions based on initial cost of new equipment maintenance cost of equipment and payback time for the investment.


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