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Energy Efficiency Solutions|Ways To Save Energy.

Updated on October 9, 2015
Ways to save energy by implementing energy efficiency solutions
Ways to save energy by implementing energy efficiency solutions

Ways to save energy to improve company’s bottom line

Here in this post I am going to show the ways to save energy in business facilities by implementing energy efficiency solutions and bring significant reduction in energy costs.

Most of the company owners are not aware of the importance of energy efficiency. For many businesses, the cost of energy is quite high and improving the energy efficiency of their business operation can be the key to remaining competitive. It would be apparent from the discussion that follows that it is possible to achieve considerable energy cost reduction in business process by implementing the effective ways to save energy through innovative energy efficiency programs, which would eventually go right to the company’s bottom line.

What is energy efficiency solutions

Energy efficiency solutions in simple term suggest ways to save energy specific to your business by efficient use of energy, which in turn reduces energy consumption and costs to produce goods and provide services.

Importance of energy efficiency solutions

With operating costs on the rise, one of the easiest ways to cut expenses is to reduce energy cost. Now how to save energy to reduce energy cost. This can be achieved by increasing knowledge among the employees about what is energy efficiency and awareness about the importance of taking up energy efficiency solution programs to lower energy consumption and bring about energy cost reduction. The high dependence on energy is putting the future of your business at risk. As a market strategy and corporate vision, a commitment to implement an action plan to put into operation the effective ways to save energy should, therefore, start at the highest level for lowering future business risk. The employees can initiate the process, but to steer this through the company culture must start at the top management level.

Energy savings by improving energy efficiency

The energy service providers have several recommended steps for improving energy efficiency in your business operation which can reduce your company’s energy consumption by up to 30%. They have adequate management tools, techniques and procedures to account for economic benefits of efficiency improvements upon implementation of a program. The results of such efforts by the service providers are found to be quite impressive and it is reported that some of the companies could achieve cost savings of several millions of dollars by implementing innovative energy efficiency solutions. That is why, creating awareness among employees at all levels about what is energy efficiency and how its improvement is important as a means to maximize profit of a company, needs high priority.

Action plan to provide total energy saving solutions
Action plan to provide total energy saving solutions

Finding ways to save energy by implementing energy efficiency solutions

How to save energy by implementing energy efficiency solutions? In order to ensure that your business meets both its short-term and long-term efficiency goals it is crucial to develop a comprehensive energy efficiency program tailored for your company by researching baseline data from energy audit report, studying investment costs of various technologies and associated savings, and incorporating company-specific data. The following four step process could be a guideline for developing an effective action plan to provide total energy saving solutions for your business:

Measurement: Energy efficiency starts with accurate measurement and analysis of baseline data generated from energy audit. Therefore, primary step for an action plan for energy efficiency solution for your company is to carry out a detailed energy audit of your business operation with the help of recognized energy efficiency consultants. By evaluating the energy usage pattern and the acquired base-line data from the energy audit report on the current operational practices, you can know the major problem areas of energy inefficiency in your business operation. The audit report also identifies the required corrective measures appropriate for the facility supported by sufficient details like projected cost savings through energy cost reduction and investment criterion, to justify project implementation.

The primary requirement in implementing a program to boost energy efficiency is, therefore, reliable and quality energy meters and an in-depth energy audit report;

Solving the basics: Use of low energy consuming devices, proper insulation material, and implementing ‘power factor correction’ are some of the effective and immediate ways to save energy. However, these measures can somewhat help to ease energy losses but cannot make genuine reduction in energy consumption in absence of proper control;

Implementing automation: Auto control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning etc in changing environment what we call active energy efficiency, is one of the key elements of energy efficiency solutions. This process achieves long-term reduction in energy consumption through measurement, monitoring, and control of energy usage;

Energy monitoring and management: It represents a structured attempt by commercial and industrial users to address the issue of preventing losses by driving energy efficiency. Energy monitoring and management system comprises data acquisition, data analysis and preparation of an actionable report on energy saving on a continuous basis. Such system would help businesses to see continued results setting the stage for the next level of improvements;

Viability of energy investment

Among several decisive factors to justify implementation of an energy efficiency action plan in your company, the leading one is how quickly your business can see the return on such energy investment. Though the results may differ, it is generally found that a good energy efficiency program pays back within two years of completion of its implementation. The energy efficiency solutions specifically developed for your company in consultation with your energy consultants can provide total energy solution for your business. It can effect cost reduction up to 30 to 40% by putting into action the ways to save energy, which can translate into a reduction of 10% in overall operating costs. While efficiency is a long-term process, your business can start deriving the benefits of it right away. In fact, your business can lower energy bills by about 10% even before it has made any capital investment. Simply by getting familiar with the operational practices and the usage of energy can yield up to 10% savings by identifying glaring areas of inefficiency and using only procedural changes without even any capital investment.

Energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy bills
Energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy bills

Benefits from energy efficiency programs

Why improving energy efficiency is important for your company would be apparent from the several benefits that your company can derive by implementing the energy efficiency solutions as recommended by the energy consultants for your company. With the detailed energy audit report in hand the following major benefits can be obtained by implementing effective energy efficiency programs by target setting, monitoring and evaluation after analysis of the base line data generated from the energy audit report.

  • Energy cost reduction;
  • Reduction in atmospheric emissions due to lowering of energy consumption;
  • Effective control of energy costs ;
  • Better reliability and availability of power;
  • Enhanced productivity of workers;


From the discussion above it would be apparent that unlike in many companies, creating awareness among the employees at all levels about how an effective energy management system is important as a means to maximize profit of a company, needs to be given high priority. It needs no special mention that in order to maximize profits from your business operation, energy cost reduction by implementing innovative ways to save energy by applying energy efficiency solutions specific for your company, should be at the core of corporate approach.


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    • radharenu profile image

      radharenu 4 years ago from India

      Hi HSchneider,

      Thanks for your well thought out comment. I fully agree with your view that it is high time for us to take a concerted effort to protect the environment through proper use of energy in all areas.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent Hub, Radherenu. It is essential for all companies, individuals, and governments to concentrate on energy efficiency. Our environment is being destroyed by fossil fuel energy and the supply is finite. Cleaner energy and less use is clearly the way to go both for economic and environmental reasons.