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Enforce Realism

Updated on December 18, 2014

Believe and Receive, Doubt and Go Without

As anyone reading this may know, I've been through a ton of crap. This world is a very intricately-connected place that reflects our own realities back upon us much like a mirror. If we believe in demons and aliens, then that is going to seem to be the case for us. The best way to see this place is like people did decades back. If you refuse to see the portal to Hell, you won't wind up getting sucked into it.

I DO believe that this world has become a psychically interconnected one, but you can choose to break your psychic connection via DOUBT. You can choose to believe in inherently good things and just like mental-seeds, these ideas will grow within/around you to become your mental habitat. Things that alter reality usually cause you a great deal of trouble. Unpleasant realities seem to manifest themselves to people taking drugs. Hypothetically, these unpleasant viewpoints/demons/aliens will "show themselves" because you won't be able to refute their existence in your mentally-compromised state. A good "prosthetic reality" could be that people who use drugs or believe in "magic" are "punished" in today's society with the mother of all synthetic bad-trips.

It is a whole lot like the movie Constantine where the twin-sisters started out seeing demons/spirits. At some point, one of them refuses to acknowledge these alternate-realities. By choosing to close her mind to the possibility of these creatures, she eventually stops seeing them. The other one who believes in them winds up in a mental-hospital and takes her own life. Our world is a whole lot like this scenario. It is very easy to believe in a multitude of things that will seriously fuck with our heads. Once you believe in anything that cannot be proven to anybody else, you are more vulnerable to being kicked around by it. If you are perceiving something outside the normal parameters of what is real.......ignore it until it goes away. It took me 8 years to finally say "enough is enough" and turn my back on the many negative things that I was perceiving.

Maybe there are things beyond ordinary reality. Maybe these things want to make "contact" with our reality and choose to manifest themselves when our minds are weakened through stress, psychosis, drugs or belief. All I can tell you is that if it cannot be proven, it is best not to believe in it. You wind up getting branded as "crazy" and are continuously mentally-sodomized by these unprovable concepts which are assaulting your consciousness. I am more or less free of all the BS I went through by INSISTING ON "NORMAL" REALITY. Whether aliens/demons exist can never be proven........but if you DOUBT LONG ENOUGH, whatever troubles you are experiencing will eventually go away.

The reality I now believe in is based solely on fact. I talk to many who are still struggling with these most unpleasant realities. My advice to them is to not believe in the reality of stalking/harassment. I'm not calling you crazy, I'm merely pointing out a way to see the world that will in time rid you of the torment you are experiencing. Believing in anything outside conventional reality is like picking at a sore on your body. Not only will it not go away, it will GROW and become more prominent in your life. If in fact such beings exist, they will suck out everything that is good in your life through the hole in your mind composed of your belief in them! There's a saying that goes: "Believe and receive, doubt and go without". I'm here to say that this saying CUTS BOTH WAYS! I've chosen to "doubt and go without" and boy does it feel better!

You might feel stupid ignoring something as seemingly tangible as stalking/harassment. All I'm going to say is THIS: if in fact they do exist, they'll hound you until you suffer a psychotic break if you continue to believe in them. To those who believe, see them as interdimensional, psychic bullies. They kick you to hear you scream because it amuses them. They DO eventually tire of tormenting someone who utterly refuses to believe that they exist. BE NON-RESPONSIVE. INSIST that NOTHING IS WRONG. Stand on your DISBELIEF and like high-school bullies, they will walk away because someone who ignores them isn't feeding them emotionally-speaking. This might feel like walking through a fire...........endure the pain, but do not so much as flinch. Response feeds that which torments you. Do not respond in any way, shape or form and you'll eventually get free of this!


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