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Enlightened Americans - The Problem With Politics Is Politicians

Updated on May 14, 2012

Whatever It Takes To Get Elected

Enlightened Americans know that as we start yet another political election process there is one thing that is painfully clear, politicians are the problem with politics. In order to be re-elected politicians are spending all their time studying polls and pandering to any constituency they can whether they truly agree with them or whether they intend on delivering on the promises they make to get their votes. It would not surprise me in the future to see politicians trying to go after the obese vote by promising to tax by the pound, the lower the pounds the higher the taxes, or the smoker vote by promising to give them a federally funded cigarette allotment or the short vote by lowering their taxes if they're under a certain height or the tall vote if they're over a certain height. There are a multitude of groups that could and will be pandered to, none of which have anything to do with real leadership.

Politics today has become nothing more than a popularity contest with the goal to make your competitor less popular and more risky by any means possible whether the accusations are true or not. In fact, the rule of thumb has become to make outrageous statements then beg for forgiveness or retract it after the harm has already been done. In politics today the abilities to deflect and blame have become the standards we use to judge the quality of our leaders. No one in politics is actually held accountable for their actual performance and results, because when it goes wrong it's the other guys fault or when it goes right it was in spite of the other guy.

Think about it, in today's politics, "like ability" is the trait we use to determine the success of leader. Not performance or results or stance on issues, but like ability. There were a lot of people who liked Bernie Madoff and look where it got them. Enlightened Americans know that while it's nice to like a leader, it's critical to trust them and know what they stand for and what they actually did or will do to make the country or business better or worse and then to be held accountable for the results. If politicians had to present a literal, verifiable "resume" of actual previous positions held and voting records demonstrated, like in the business world, before they were allowed to even run for office, then Enlightened Americans would at least see the truth of their performance instead of just their promisies before we entrusted them with our votes.

Enlightened Americans need to recognize that we are all major stockholders through our taxes,in the biggest corporation in the world, the US government, and that we determine by our votes who the leaders of that corporation are going to be. Therefore it also our responsibility to make it crystal clear that the leaders of that corporation have only one job and that is to make the right decisions on the critical issues of the country that benefit all Americans, now and in the future, no matter their political affiliation, and then we need to hold them accountable no matter how much we like them.


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