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Enlightened Americans - Once And For All Let's Evolve And Learn From Our Mistakes

Updated on April 3, 2013

It Only Takes One Bullet At A time

Enlightened Americans believe that In the wake of the unthinkable tragedy that happened in Connecticut recently, it is time for us to finally recognize, accept and address two very serious issues.

The first is that human beings are extremely complicated. While, for the most part, we all have the same physical structure; bodies that have heads, eyes, ears, arms, legs, we don't all have the same mental capabilities and we all weren't influenced in the same ways by our environment and those responsible for our development. What family we were born into and what parents we ended up with is obviously not a matter of selection and can't be exchanged like a sweater that doesn't fit. The belief system we developed and our level of self worth is shaped by a number of different factors many of which were inflicted on us and while physical disability is mostly apparent, mental disability is not. The affects of a lifetime of physical and psychological abuse will and does manifest itself in a variety of ways; failed relationships, lost opportunities and in the case of the boy in Connecticut, the senseless murder of others. When a person's ability to discern right from wrong is distorted, they are not be able to understand and apply accepted legal and moral standards and operate in ways outside of the expected norm. And for the more normal ones of us who choose to believe that these troubled folks should be controlled by the the same people who might have made them that way in the first place and not on some level society in general, we are ignoring our responsibility . As human beings we need to recognize that we all are exposed to the same malfunctions and sometimes need to join together to come up with solutions for the common good when the issues we're facing can and do affect all of us. While we seem to agree on some principals, we disagree on others. When people don't have the ability to use common sense and caution on their own, especially when it comes issues that can wreak havoc on others, then the collective us has an obligation to do something. We need to recognize that prudent and sensible gun safety is not a violation of our right to bear arms, it's just an attempt to understand and set standards for the types of arms.

The second issue we need to finally admit and address is that when those who are, for whatever reason, either mentally disturbed or intent on doing evil things, have access to things that they either don't understand or understand for the wrong reasons, they unfortunately will either unintentionally harm themselves or intentionally harm others. While we are okay with laws protecting us against crimes, we're not okay with forcing those same people to undergo a little more scrutiny when it comes to getting their hands on the things they use to commit those crimes. It seems like we've come to the point that we're more interested in defending our point of view then protecting our lives, until it happens to us. Enlightened Americans understand that the constitutional rights we are given are academic if we or our children are dead. We also understand that it doesn't take a machine gun to defend ourselves, it only takes one bullet at a time.


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    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 5 years ago from The Midwest

      car... you technically need to approve comments so that readers can see them. Did you miss one of mine?

    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 5 years ago from The Midwest

      I can completely agree with the concept of being pro-abortion and still take issue if someone says, "Abortion is no problem because it is only a watermelon growing inside."

      Facts are facts, no matter which side of the issue one is on. I may love your retail store and still have a problem with your advertising that claims "we have the largest men's selection in town" when you actually only have three suits and a pair of designer jeans for sale.

      I am not real sure why you are defending your willingness to mislead people with your statement that implies that fully automatic firearms are common place and used in general self defense.

      Do you often have a problem with just saying, "I mis-spoke."

      And here is all the example you need of someone who doesn't know "anything" about guns, and the sad part is that she is telling everyone else just what they should be allowed to have.

      And here's a whole host of politicians that have absolutely no clue about firearms...

    • carmenise profile image

      carmenise 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV


      You're obviously missing the point of the entire Hub. You either agree or disagree with the over-all message and obviously disagree. I respect that. And by the way, who are those people who don't know "anything" about guns?

    • carmenise profile image

      carmenise 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Jack, thanks for your comment, but it was just an example, not literal.

    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 5 years ago from The Midwest

      car sez: We also understand that it doesn't take a machine gun to defend ourselves, it only takes one bullet at a time.

      Jack replies: Errrr.... car.... do you know that "machine guns" have been highly regulated since 1934 and it takes special permission from the federal government to own one? The special permission takes about six months to get approved and it includes the sheriff of your local county signing off that he approves it also. And that the cheapest possible legal "machine gun" that you can buy is about $6,000 dollars, assuming that you can find one for sale.

      These are not weapons that the local thugs are using to knock over the neighborhood 7/11.

      And that the firearms that are currently mis-labeled "assault weapons" do just what you want... fire ONE bullet at a time, the same identical way as deer rifles, plinking rifles, and target rifles do.


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