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Enlightened Americans - The Things We Can All Agree On

Updated on July 12, 2012

We Can All Agree ...

No matter our political or ideological points of view, there are a number of things we can all agree on:

- No one should die to proliferate insanity and evil.

- Good ideas should be acknowledged and adopted no matter who comes up with them.

- We can turn our backs on poverty, hunger and sickness, until it happens to us.

- Loss is difficult and we're all in some stage of experiencing it.

- Compassion is good when "we" get it, but great when we give it.

- We can disagree, but should not ignore the truth.

- If all you care about is winning, you've already lost.

- God helps those that help themselves, but blesses those that help others.

- Tears are natures way of telling us we're human.

- You can take back the words you say, but not the damage they do.

- Bigotry and hatred only breed more bigotry and hatred.

- If you can't say anything nice, at least be nice when you say it.

- The journey is really all the matters, because the end is just the end.

- He who dies with the most toys and keeps them to himself just dies. But he who shares his toys, lives on even after he dies.

- Taking responsibility for your actions and admitting your mistakes says more about the quality of a person than failing and blaming others.

- Fight for what you believe in as long as you truly believe in what you fight for.


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