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Ensuring Voter Integrity

Updated on August 19, 2010


     Voter integrity in this election year is a critical aspect to having integrity in election results.  The election process we currently have must have the mechanisms in place to validate those casting ballots.  There are areas of the country that do have a system to validate voters while others do not.  It is important that there be consistency in the manner in which voters are validated before voting.  In some cases there have been lawsuits generated stating that voting rights were denied in past elections to valid voters or that the requirements for validating those casting ballots are too stringent.  These are valid concerns and should be properly addressed but examples have also been reported about past elections have indicated that some individuals voted more than once or was a deceased individual.  In these cases it identifies the need for validating those voting in elections.  These are also concerns which need to be address in ensuring voter integrity.  There have even been concerns about past elections that non-citizens have voted.  Voting is reserved for citizens of our country who meet the criteria established not only by the Constitution but by the individual states.

     Issues of voter integrity is something that affects all political parties and those in power must examine complaints brought by either party whether or not it is the party to which they belong.  I have high respect for those individuals who take the necessary actions when voter integrity issues surface during an election.  Voter integrity issues if not investigated creates a lack of confidence of those in office to address such issues.  The main point in achieving voter integrity is having verifiable identification that the person voting is actually the person who they say they are. 

     I personally have no problem with showing valid identification to prove who I am and where I live to substantiate my voting eligibility.  Integrity of absentee ballots should also be a concern as to the methods in place to validate voter integrity.  Those requesting absentee ballots for upcoming elections should be required to furnish proof to validate their eligibility for the location in which they wish to participate.  Our political process depends on voter integrity to ensure those voting is legally authorized to vote and that they are who they say they are. 

     The efforts to validate voter integrity should be more intense this year more based on the importance placed on this election year.  Many things will be decided such as the path our country will take in the future and those who will decide that path.  Our currently elected officials are not seen in a good light based on the low rating Congress in Washington now has.  The voters must have confidence in their elected and appointed government officials to do their job which at this time seems to be lacking.  It is important that those voting this election year be validated with the appropriate identification to ensure those voting have a right to vote and that they are who they say they are.  

     I have no problems with individuals and/or organizations getting people registered to vote in this election year as those eligible to vote should be registered.  In conjunction with these efforts there are certain conditions that must or should be in place.  The most important is that there should not be any monetary reward for each voter who is registered, the pay if any should be based on the time involved.  Many non-profit organizations have voter drives and this is a great thing.  Once registered the information needs to be validated for accuracy.  This involves validating that individuals actually live at the registered address registered and that the address exists. 

     One last point to make is that voter integrity will impact the results in this election year.  Voters who are not properly verified according to the acceptable identifications established within each state will cause the results to be unreliable.  I applaud those states who take this issue seriously.  Voter issues identified in the last election must be properly addressed to ensure they do not happen again.  In the beginning of this article I mentioned that there were complaints regarding valid voters being denied the right to vote and that some requirements to validate the individual voting were too stringent.  These conditions must be addressed with all states before the election and for those that have actually taken action I applaud.  Those that have not taken action must remember that all political parties are impacted by the lack of voter integrity as it is an issue that crosses party lines.


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    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

      I hope our vote is secure and counted. It feels as if we need to become more grass roots and really work hard to be heard making leaders accountable. Our Gov. needs to be outted, he claims to be doing so many wonderful things... claims!

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