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Environmental problems

Updated on August 4, 2016


The desire of perfection
The main part of the world's population lives in the cities, and almost all of current towns appeared long before the invention of the car, the phone and the discovery of electric current. So, the majority of cities is overpopulated, polluted, the energy is used very inefficient. Because of the rapid development of technique of designing better cities - a thankless task; every project may become obsolete before building will start. In order to rid of poverty and misery of the 19th century, architects of the 20th century came up with the concept of "cities-gardens", where the production areas and houses are separated by significant spaces.

But then people had to sit in cars, and to industrial pollution added pollution by exhaust gases. The resettlement of people on the outskirts provides good home, but boring atmosphere causes the increase in crime. "Liu Chia Tsui" - a new project of Shanghai region, created by "Richard Rogers Community" - attempt to build a city of the future, devoid of such problems. In a district "Liu Chia Tsui", which was built around a park, trams and narrow gauge railways with frequent stops solve the transport problem, so nobody had to walk more than half a kilometer. A project "Liu Chia Tsui" allows you to make amendments in the number of parking lots, power consumotion, to control passenger flows to let them be analized and taken into account in a project. The model of district tested in summer and winter conditions to let as much as possible daylight get into constructions.


Escape underground
With the increasing of world population, space will become more and more valuable. One of the ways of fighting with overpopulation and environmental pollution may be a construction of underground structures. This futuristic project shows, how would the city of the future be like.
A huge glass bath will protect an underground city from bad weather, giving the opportunity to create own microclimate inside.


People consume huge amounts of water. We don't only drink it, but we use it for washing. We irrigate crops and gardens. The flow of water was the first source of energy, that made the machines move. Modern factories are still using water in industry, sometimes only for cooling technique. In some countries the important source of energy are hydropowers. We're building dams on rivers, to save water in reservoirs, but it can make a bad influence on the river. Many human activities pollute the water, and it became one of the most serious problems today. Prejudice of detergents and chemicals is obvious, but the source of pollution may be substances, that contribute ti life - such as fertilizers. They fall into the water and cause the rapid growth of seaweed, and those can absorb all of the oxigen, that is there.


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