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Epstein Web Connects to NXIVM

Updated on August 11, 2019
Temple-like structure on Epstein's private island
Temple-like structure on Epstein's private island | Source

Independent researchers have uncovered yet another startling connection in the Jeffrey Epstein web of intrigue, the billionaire-convicted-child-molester who has hobnobbed with presidents. It has been discovered that Epstein's main benefactor, Les Wexner, who is his largest and perhaps only client, founded and is a member of Mega Group, along with Edgar and Charles Bronfman. The brothers are heirs to the Seagram's fortune.

In April of 2019, Edgar Bronfman's daughter, Clare Bronfman, pleaded guilty in the criminal case of #NXIVM, in which women were hot-branded as sex slaves. Epstein has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at Wexner's Ohio mansion.

Mega Group is a small and tightly-knit philanthropy club of billionaires, which can be joined by invitation only.

The benefactor, Leslie "Les" Wexner, is founder and CEO of L Brands, a line of clothing which includes Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Abercrombie & Fitch. He is consistently described as one of the richest men in America.

The connection adds to the mystery and reach of a powerful circle which apparently surrounds Epstein. Two years ago Esptein was given a sweetheart deal by a Florida prosecutor for crimes that would have put almost any other man in prison for life. This month Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward reported that former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta once allegedly referred to Epstein as someone who "belongs to intelligence." The remark was never clarified.

Seagram's founder and Bronfman family patriarch, Samuel, was himself entangled with former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and Hoover's associate Roy Cohn, who employed sexual blackmail as their main source of political power. The Bronfman family fortune is rooted in Prohibition Era bootlegging. In a recent special report in Mint Press News, the reporter details. at length, the connections between Samuel Bronfman, the Mafia, and the US government.

The tangled web of the powerful in the Epstein case has brought to mind, for some, the case in the 1980s in which a high-level pedophile network was documented in a groundbreaking Learning Channel documentary, "Conspiracy of Silence." The case is widely known as the Franklin Scandal. The documentary was pulled from the air schedule at the last minute and all film copies of it bought up by an anonymous party.


Possible Blackmail Photos With Names Found in Epstein Residence

After Epstein Arrest: Why Did Hillary Clinton Break Policy to Help a Child Kidnapper?

Conspiracy of Silence - Trailer


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