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Equal Opportunity Meaning Nothing These Days

Updated on May 1, 2012

In the last few weeks I have been banned on some Facebook pages, have received some not-so- nice messages, and have become an enemy of some social groups. I have been called names, called a liar and even been accused of being a bad mother. My favorite thing was when someone said I put the lives and welfare of animals before my child.

I hold my pets' lives equal to my children's lives. I will fight for both when they have done nothing wrong or are justified in their actions. I will always teach my kids to stand up for things that they think or know are wrong. I will also always teach them that facts and statistics will always go further then personal feelings.

When I fight for something I use logic, common sense, laws, and information provided by governing agencies on the matter. I don't just let my feelings run wild and make up "truths" while gathering supporters on false information.

I have taken then time to research all the information on both sides of a topic before I explain my reason for my stance on it. The topic lately has been American Pit Bull Terriers and there aggressiveness and on the dangers associated with them. I have spent countless hours reading information and media reports on dog attacks and bite statistics. I present my finding to others just to be hated for having an opinion that is different.

The same people who want to ban this one specific breed of dogs tends to be the ones yelling for equal opportunity. However, they look down on people who want the same things for their animals. We can't abuse kids but beating a dog is fine, if that do is Pit Bull. We can't confine a person in prison without directly linking that person to a crime, but we can do that to a dog that is a Pit Bull.

Without knowing who they are talking to, if you mention that you don't hate Pit Bulls they will label you as bad parent, even if you don't have kids. They want equal opportunity in every aspect of life, but only if you agree with every view they have. You must stand next to them on every issue or they will ban you from their sites, they will send you hate mail, and they will stick together against you until you are quite.

If you have an opinion, they don't want to hear it. And they say equality. If you believe in reason and logic, they wont tolerate you. And they say equality. I you stand up and say that they are wrong, breaking the law (copy write infringement), they will accuse you of not having a heart. And they say equality.


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