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Equality Is God's Will.

Updated on November 20, 2009

Equality Is God's Will.


The spirits of all people on this planet

were meant to rise together as one

in a huge steeple of equality

always reaching in vast proportions

to the cathedral of God's heavens.

Each of us are a part of his temple,

many colored flesh bricks

who congregate in the sanctuary he granted us.

God is color blind,

he intended for us to be likewise.

Our souls are gifted to us as transparent,

gossamer, and they all shine the same

No colors divided them,

only human bigotry taints them.

We are infused at birth

with an eternal spirit,

crystal clear and flawless,

it can only remain that way with the

silky warmth of compassion bathing our souls.

Those who give in to hatred of others

stain their precious souls]

with the colors of their victims.

red, black, yellow, white and brown.

Many have turned the purity of their soul

into a kaliedascope of ugly swirls.

Only God's forgiveness and a renewal

of love for all mankind will remove

the stained glass that is not welcome

in his holy place above.

The black of hatred and despair,

the red of angst and war,

the greens of envy and lust,

the purples of illicit passion,

the yellows of being afraid

to take a stand against men's prejudice,

plus so many other colors

that can skew God's view into our souls,

till he no longer sees you.

Hell now has and will hold a vast menagerie

of hopelessly pigmented,

pigheaded souls

awaiting the endless remelting

in the kilns that will grant them at long last

a clarity they could not grasp on earth

as each one is blended together with

other black, white, yellow, and brown souls

becoming a part of what they abhorred

and condemned to share equality

with great suffering

in a sea of molten fire

that will burn everlasting.


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