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Equality of Outcome

Updated on February 11, 2016
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When he's not writing poetry or political articles, Ralph fills his time by researching various topics that are influencing society today.

Bernie Sanders - Mr. Equality Himself
Bernie Sanders - Mr. Equality Himself

When you hear a Liberal politician start speaking about equality, please take time to listen to what they have to say as it will give you an understanding of reading between the lines. The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal,” so why the need to continue discussing equality hundreds of years later? It’s because, in fact all men and women are not created equal. Some are smarter, more athletically gifted, stronger, craftier, or a multitude of other inherent talents that make that man or woman different from the mainstream population. Still, that kind of equality doesn’t really matter to Liberals; they are focused on several key areas that in their opinion need equalizing. And when they start talking about it, the earlier statement about reading between the lines becomes important.

All those Equalities

Liberals are saying they want equality of income and wealth, but what they really mean is they want to redistribute the existing pool of wealth across society. This will be done by taking wealth from those who earn it, through heavy taxation, and giving it to those who they feel are in need of it through various social programs. They also speak about making sure everyone is paid an equal wage and of course raising the minimum wage so that everyone can earn more. Along with the false promise of jobs through massive government public works programs, free education, and universal health care, the liberals believe that they will be on the way to reaching the Utopian equality they so love discussing.

Another liberal talking point is marriage equality. No matter that marriage has always been between one man and one woman across the globe, across civilizations, and across history. The liberals want to make sure that anyone can marry, regardless of what sex they are, or what so-called gender role they wish to place themselves in. Right or wrong, it’s just another log to add to their equality bonfire. They really don’t care if two ladies want to be married, they just care that those two ladies are Democrats and are voting for them.

Also there is the complicated bundle of things we can call, structural equality and it’s the “big spend” when it comes to your tax dollars. Equal housing, equal access to social security, equal access to education (meaning free,) equal access to healthcare (meaning government controlled single-payer,) and on and on. Structural equality to the liberal is the Holy Grail of society; millions of Democratic voters all getting their needs taken care of by the government, who could at any moment change those benefits unless they keep voting in who they’re told to vote for.

Of course, there is racial equality to discuss for a complete understanding of the liberal mindset. Regardless of the behaviors of any minority, they are to be given a pass, because of their skin color (government sanctioned discrimination.) There are disproportionate numbers of blacks and Hispanics in prison, therefore we need to “equalize” them by letting some go and not prosecuting others, regardless if they deserve to be there or not. Because minorities are more likely to end up in jail, we need to change our criminal justice system – meaning a total overhaul, with of course liberal guidelines. We must also rewrite factual history to make it more black, gay, female, and socially relevant so everyone studying it feels good. Learning isn’t necessary; it’s all about feeling good to the liberal.

Also, our immigration laws are not right in the eyes of the liberal. Why shouldn’t foreign born people be able to just freely cross the United States borders at will? And why should they be denied all the rights an American citizen has, just for making the trip? In fact, the liberals believe that they should get favorable treatment, even if they did not contribute a single cent to our tax base, and even if they take their earnings and wire them to other nations instead of spending them on American goods and services, and while we’re at it, let’s just go ahead and make those lawbreakers full-fledged citizens and save ourselves the trouble of arresting them.

Reading Between the Lines

Liberals do not want equality. They want equality of outcome or equality of results. Equal opportunity won’t get it done for liberals as that concept requires hard work, sometimes luck, and a lifelong commitment to reach a high success level. Equality of outcome basically means everyone lives in a similar state of being across all spectrums; economically, housing, employment, family status, and every other thing they can identify as important, even mundane things like Wi-Fi and cellular phone access. Equality of outcome is purely a political concept and although closely mirrors Socialism, doesn’t actually achieve it. It’s based on a moral notion that everyone “should” be equal as it’s for the common good. The fact that a Liberal policy would be based on anything even closely tied to the word moral is humorous, but I digress.

Destined to Fail

The major problems with the concept, other than it being virtually impossible to achieve, are that it’s be design destructive to a society. With the opportunity to gain more material wealth or social prestige comes the desire by some to work harder as basic human nature compels some to rise to the top while others are destined to lazily stand by and drop to the bottom. Overall life expectancy drops when the only goal to life is to live in a state of averageness. The liberals seem to always miss the forest for the trees. When they try to create a social utopia, they spend all of their efforts focused on the underprivileged or lower classes of people, totally overlooking the rest of society. A “perfect” world has to be perfect for everyone; it’s not just a tool to bring up the poor to make them middle class. This fictional equality would degrade medical care, manufacturing, education, and stamp out the arts completely. The world would become dull and grey, moving at a sludge-like pace, with each person basically a walking corpse until they uneventfully collapsed and died.

And if the narrative I’ve just laid out isn’t enough convincing, then give this notion a thought. When we measure anything, there is always a high, a low, and a middle ranking. Society is made up of upper, lower, and middle class. Poverty is measured using a mathematical scale with above, below, or at the poverty level. School grades are above average, average, and below average. The point is that if by some herculean effort, you bring hundreds of thousands of people above the poverty line, and you’re really doing nothing but adjusting the poverty line to a new, albeit higher, mark. There will still be people below it and still people above it. If everyone studies harder and gets better grade, there will still be some students in the upper half of the class and some in the lower. It’s impossible to change the laws of math just because you want to. So, the next time you hear a Liberal or Progressive speak about equality, remember this lesson on reading between the lines and clarity of thinking will get you past their speech.


This will certainly make some people ready to fly off the handle and call me everything you're mother warned you against saying. Others will agree wholeheartedly. Love to hear your comments, just do try to hijack my thread for your own sounding board.

Blessed be!


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