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Escalation of Our Civil Freedoms into Crude Impulsiveness

Updated on June 26, 2017
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Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

Rioting or Street Socializing?
Rioting or Street Socializing?

Immaturity on a Big Scale

We usually call kids impulsive, immature, prone to act at a spur of a moment, disrespectful (until corrected), and generally uninhibited. Then we - more or less - do our best to mould them into something "socially acceptable".

But what happens when that line between "socially acceptable" and "social freedoms" becomes so obscure that some of the values of civil interactions get compromised? The fundamental tenet of those values being "respect", what happens with rational reasoning when that respect is gone?

The hippy movement of the 60's appears like a big socio-political joke when compared to freedoms of these days when we can publicly call a presidential candidate a "bitch" or a "Hitler", along with a whole line of obscenities that are supposed to be descriptive of their characters.

These same days when our music is turning into screaming to notes and monotonous recitals without a tune to it, and when we are getting away with massive robberies as long as we can call them "looting-with-a-message attached" - civil freedoms are something that is supposed to define our national progress and advantage over those oppressed nations.

Why Breaking Free Has to Involve "Breaking"  -  Especially if We Already Are Free?
Why Breaking Free Has to Involve "Breaking" - Especially if We Already Are Free?

What Does "Freedom" Mean to Us?

Then we proudly wave flags of a "free world". Free? Let us think a little what this word really means to us. Is it a synonym for "anything goes"?

Or, does it mean to us that we should feel "free" to invade any country under any imaginable pretense, as long as it serves what we call "our national interests", strategic, economic, or political? Or, does it refer more to something that we are calling "freedom of speech and press" - even if both freedoms are heavily abused for mindless insults, lies, intrigues, and propaganda?

How about our freedoms to produce all kinds of foods that have been known to harm us? Or what about those freedoms given to Big Pharma to poison us with all kinds of chemicals, while their long hand of influence is suppressing natural modalities of healing? Try to discover a natural cure for cancer and see what will be left of your "civil freedoms".

There Is a Junkyard of Questions to Be Best Left Alone
There Is a Junkyard of Questions to Be Best Left Alone

Does It Matter at all if Our Freedoms Are Hurting Others?

Indeed, what happened with respect if we have a freedom to express ourselves regardless of how much our words may hurt others? Which reminds me of one of my discussions where I was continually insulted, and when I protested, a dude who claimed to have a couple of university degrees advised me: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". What a pearl of wisdom it was!

To him, and quite obviously to many of the same mind - we should not question abnormalities of this world, but prevent being exposed to them. So, buy bottled water and don't ask why the faucet water has residues of pharmaceuticals and other harmful solids. And go live in some pristine wooded mountains, but don't ask why the city air is so polluted. And grow your own veggies, don't question why you have to buy "organic" produce.

Our Kids' Favorite Games Have to Do with Violence
Our Kids' Favorite Games Have to Do with Violence

A Cultural Anarchy, Not Freedom

Indeed, are we sure that our freedoms mean our progress - not our immature, impulsive, anything-goes-attitude? We allow all those harmful substances on our markets - like sugar, tobacco, alcohol, and - please, don't tell me that those illegal drugs are really illegal. The way it looks so far, they are likely to become legal pretty soon. And it all falls under the umbrella of : "We are not telling anyone to overdo it".

So, we, proud westerners enjoy our cultural anarchy where "free expression" triumphs over rationality which is the only thing making us officially different from apes. Violence became so much a part of our culture that even kids are enjoying those games of killing and destruction. And porno videos are just a generation or two away from becoming "family programs".

The philosophy behind it seems to be based on argument that "no one should limit our freedom of expression". It seems to be more and more a fact that the only limit to our expression is something for which we could end up in jail. As long as we can get away with something - we'll do it, and that's a pathetic form of reasoning spurred up by that primitive part of our nature that refuses to get civilized.

When everything gets sized down to hedonism of satisfying our urges and appetites, then we might as well start wearing diapers again, because our next level of "free self-expression" might make them a hygienic necessity.

One of those Healthier Ways to Get Rid of Agression
One of those Healthier Ways to Get Rid of Agression

Rebels with a Questionable Cause

What ever happened with those intelligent emotions; I mean those refined ones? Are they to be limited to those few intellectually advanced folks in the society - or they should become a norm of sanity? Of course, this word "norm" may not sit well in minds of those who are pushing for more and more freedoms.

These mass tantrums and their many aspects - from those that seem "socially appropriate" due to our standards of freedom to those that are downright crazy - could be replaced with something more dignifying for humans.

Maybe that surplus of nervous energy could be discharged by taking up sports, a physical hobby, or simply buying a punching bag - rather than embarrassing ourselves publicly with a crude display of bad manners, looting, insulting people on social media, and so on.

On the other hand, I can imagine how addictive is involvement of those who would never give up their public bitching passion and replace it with something that wouldn't call for verbal arrogance and a whole repertoire of names-calling.

When Bottled Up Anger at a Parental Figure Gets Projected onto Authority
When Bottled Up Anger at a Parental Figure Gets Projected onto Authority

Projecting Inner Issues onto Social Ones

Then, there are also all kinds of shrinks available for those folks who are waiting for anything like a social upheaval to come out on the street to discharge their accumulated load of being pissed off. Those that are feeling lonely maybe shouldn't use such street socializing as a surrogate for a good social life.

Likewise, those that may be pissed off at their bosses or spouses might find some healthier outlet for venting it out, rather than use the excuse of "civil freedoms" - while projecting their anger onto something that they can't change anyway.

I would find it hard to believe that I am the only one seeing the connection between personal issues of those protesters and their passionate exercising of their "civil freedoms". Please, someone educate me in your comment below if you know of any instance in any country where governments gave in to the protesters' demands.

"They have to know how we feel" - I have heard as an excuse. Well, sorry to give you some bad news, but no one really gives a damn about how you feel - so why don't you be the first one and start doing something about those feelings other than yelling in the streets, looting and burning the cars of people who didn't do anything to you. For, look how silly is your "push for justice" while you are doing injustice to others.

The only Healthy Way to Catch a "Big Fish"
The only Healthy Way to Catch a "Big Fish"

Those "Freedoms" Are Not Healthy

I would seriously suggest to all such individuals to stop embarrassing themselves with those immature and childish displays of their "guaranteed freedoms". Especially, I would suggest them not to get hooked on online videos of those many political instigators who are cashing-in on the public mood which they are creating with their provocative and hateful political theorizing.

Remember, it is their job to keep their viewers pissed-off - not their "noble call". So, get yourself a hobby and express all your "freedoms" there. I am sure there is something that could come handy for taking care of your excess emotional energy.

Find a channel for your self-expression that is not hurting you more than helping you. For, yelling on the street in a chorus with other candidates for high blood pressure doesn't really resolve anything. Please don't deceive yourself that your voice "counts" in the whole colossal political scheme.

Do not take "democracy" literally. You know, and I know that it's a cute name for something unattainable - for as long as those richest ones are calling all shots.

So, why not pack up your fishing gear and take your son, or join a bunch of good friends in a fishing adventure where you may even catch a "big fish" after all that useless targeting those big fishes in politics. Let all your "freedoms" simmer down to those aspects of creativity which promote your emotional health, not an illusion about your "participation" in government affairs.

This Ambient Looks Better than a Political Convention
This Ambient Looks Better than a Political Convention

Getting to Know Our Limitations

Like Clint Eastwood said in "Magnum Force": "Man should know his limitations". Next to being unable to fly like a bird is this inability to affect something in public life - of course, unless you are officially in a position to do it.

"Freedom of speech" is a double-edge sword, and unfortunately, the edge being closer to your throat is bound to be more effective than the other. When the election time comes again, why not just vote or not vote, without making all that fuss of dragging a candidate's name through crap.

Let us all start minding our own business more, by first making "our business" more interesting to ourselves than the public business. That way, the day may come when a friendly card game, or a pool competition will sound like more fun than that presidential race, which ultimately won't bring about any tangible changes in your life - no matter who wins.

And only then, my friends, will you qualify to call yourselves "free" - and I mean free from the stranglehold of all collectivistic illusions.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 14 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers - You said it. It wouldn't even be so bad if they were not so many and all over the globe disturbing the crap. They just can't focus on making the best of life for themselves in any given circumstances; because if "some" of those people in the same circumstances could do it - what makes their needs so special that their misfortune is always the fault of someone else. Freedoms get badly abused, and they provide the green light for any loser to unload their personal issues loud enough to make it everyone's business. - Thank you for commenting, and have yourself a very Merry Christmas.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 14 months ago

      Good analysis, Vlad. It's called "herd mentality". People can blame their poverty or lack of opportunity that didn't fall into their laps on someone else. Which usually means someone else who has created an opportunity for himself or herself by getting an education and making one if they weren't born wealthy. I'll bet many of those of whom you write have never held a real job. They join with others of that mentality and destroy the freedoms of others.