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Esclating World Events

Updated on March 2, 2010

 Ever consider that maybe world events are spiraling out of control at an increasing pace, like what a woman experiences in the build up to giving birth? These contractions slowly increase over time and at closer intervals with more intensity.

Whether you are a firm believer in End Times, the Book of Revelations and the seven trumpets that are sounded, or the Mayan calendar stating 2012 is the end, one must admit that there is something going on, something is different and the world has plunged into one crisis after another since 2009. I see that the intervals between world crisis events are coming in closer intervals.

Take earthquakes: Haiti in January, Chile in February. Tsunami's in Chile and one reaching Hawaii. Will California be next? The last big one was in 1989. The Golden Gate Bridge swung back and forth. Then, the tsunami in Indonesia a few years back created by a huge earthquake in that same area. Volcanoes silent for hundreds of years, become active.

Take the environment: Global warming effects are happening, huge chunks of ice break off in the Artic or Antartica, polar bears having problems finding food because ice melts, vast ocean areas have become trash dumps as mankind seeks a spot for all of its debris.

Take epidemics: The Swine Flu migrated from animals to mankind, something startling enough to cause the governments of the world to unite. Luckily, so far, mankind has dodged this serious pandemic.

Take economics: Until now, one never heard of whole States in America or whole countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. We're not even talking about the cities or towns that have had to make serious budget cuts that do impact life. The whole economic situation in a US State or country is almost unfathomable, incomprehensible. How did this happen? Why does it continue to slowly have a domino effect. The rich countries put themselves at risk when bailing out poor countries. German and France are bailing out Greece with loans. If they don't, Greece will collapse, after them, Portugal, then Spain. Who will bail out America? China? Oddly, they are securing our debt.

Take geopolitical issues: The endless Middle East issue, been around since 1948. Now, Iran is and will become that area's regional power with Israel when it has the nuclear bomb or warhead. Just having the bomb puts them in a new league. They would be able to influence Iraq, Saudi Arabia greatly. The United States must find a way to counterbalance Iran without an open-ended deployment in Iraq and without expecting the re-emergence of Iraqi power, because Iran is not going to allow the latter to happen. When the US leaves Iraq, there is little doubt Iran will try to make Iraq a "satellite" of Iran. Iraq could not withstand Iranian aggression. Both the US and Israel need to accept the ugly fact that Iran will get the bomb. If they do not, military action is the last resort. The coming economic sanctions will fail because China and Russia will not endorse them. China gets 11% of its oil from Iran. The only effective sanction is to cut-off refined gasoline that Iran cannot refine itself. If Iran is attacked, the world will go berzerk from the oil prices, fallout, Hezbollah terrorist attacks on Israel, Israeli counterattacks and so on. This may yet happen. Armageddon.

As world events send the world into a crisis, just consider the frequency and the seriousness of each event. Ask yourself, maybe there is truth to the Book of Revelations, prophecies, the Mayan 2012 event. The world is becoming a much more dangerous place globally.


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